A kinky story written by SkinPowerFighter | Chapter 8

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The Conversion Continues

“Hey, Chokee, wake up and stop dreaming weird stuff!” Seth as usual acted rough, but still was quite gentle for his standards, putting his right arm around my shoulder and got very close to me with his mouth. “Come on, brother, get the fuck up! No reason to worry. You’re mine and I’ll fuck everone who wants to mess with you.” And then he gave me one of his very aggressive kisses. Immediately I felt like in heaven again. I returned the kiss wildly and then couldn’t hold back any more and said: “I’m addicted to you!.”

For Seth and his extremely manly character this was a bit too much. He looked a little bewildered and then said:

“Wow, Chokee, you seem to be confused. Don’t let everything get too close to you. I don’t want you to get hurt, understand? Anyway, as long as you don’t become a backstabber, I’m here to protect you. You can be sure of that. There is nothing that will keep me from it, ’cause I want your ass.”

“Seth, I will never ever betray you, please believe me. I’m really going through a dramatic change in my life, but all this is because of you. All this feels very good and even more it feels right to me – for the first time.”

Seth with his blue eyes gave me an affirmative look and by doing so he made clear that he understood and accepted. But not even a second thereafter the old cool Seth was back again and said: 

Picture provided by the author

“Anyway, let’s stop behaving like drama queens, ok. One thing by the way is a rule that you will follow strictly. I know that because of your cock addiction there will be many others with whom you will want to fool around. That’s fine with me, cocksucker. But you ask in advance and tell me everything and nothing will happen before I approve. Is that clear, enough, brother? There are only two exceptions for now: Phil and Lars. They are like real brothers to me and we’ve been together for decades now. With them you can play around as you wish.”

I intervened: “Seth, I want to be only with you. Others are not interesting to me. And by the way: Phil and Lars both have girlfriends.”

“Chokee, these bitches are definitely not enough for them. They love fooling around and both – I saw that yesterday in the kitchen – also have quite a crush on you. Be proud of it! So with the two: do what you like, but tell me everything. And with the others: I am sure that a lot of opportunities will come up and it will be your dick that will guide you. So again: nothing without my permission, ok? If you ever breach this rule, everything will be over immediately. And I guess meanwhile you believe me when I say that I stick to my promises. Is that understood?”

I nodded.

“That’s not good enough. I ask you once more: Is that understood?”

“Yes, brother, completely. I will never have sex or anything close to it with others except for Lars and Phil without your explicit prior permission.”

“Very good. Everything seems to be set then. And by the way: I need to have my fun, too, at least once in a while. I mean, with you it has become quite different. Sex with you is connected to a kind of feeling, if you know what I mean. And it’s good this way. But there are times, when I just need rough and dirty sex and get rid of my aggressions. It’s a normal male instinct, since I can be a pretty wild animal.” He was laughing about this and then continued: “And for this, Chokee, you’re not the right person. At least for now. I don’t wanna hurt you, you understand?”

I nodded again, even though at that point it was difficult for me to imagine that sex and love needed to be completely separated from each other. But I would learn quickly and also enjoy it.

“Fine. Let’s go to the kitchen and have lunch then. I’ll prepare a quick salad. You lazy rat stayed in the bed all time whereas I was working my ass off downstairs. So, your afternoon program needs to be a little harder. Be sure, I’ll take care of that.” 

Picture provided by the author

He smiled, gave me one more hug and then gave me a hand to stand up from the mattress. Then we both walked to the kitchen. Seth started the preparation process and I sat down on one of the wooden stools close to the bar and watched him. Shortly thereafter Phil came from downstairs and joined us. I had a look at my cell phone and saw that it was about 1.30 in the afternoon.

“Hi, brothers,” Phil said and, as it was typical of him, joined preparing the food. He also looked amazing. He only wore extremely black slim fit training pants with the MARTIAL ARTS regular logo on it and sports shoes. His whole upper body with all the tattoos was a piece of art. Just as Seth he had very defined jaw muscles, white teeth and dark brown eyes. One could immediately see that the two had the same attitude towards life and were true fighters. But Phil, at least on the surface, appeared less threatening and more outgoing, when you met him for the first time. Phil came closer to me and hugged me from behind. I don’t know whether it was on purpose but when he did so, I could clearly feel his semi-hard dick on my back. And since I knew it was Phil, it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, on the contrary it was nice. Phil kind of sensed that I didn’t retreat and stayed in this position for a while. Obviously he didn’t have any problem to show his interest also in front of Seth who also seemed to be ok with it. Clearly between the two there must have been a special bond, I thought. Only later I also learned that any form of possessive thinking vis-a-vis a brother was considered a deadly sin by the brotherhood. As Seth would tell me almost all the time everything in the brotherhood was based on unconditional loyalty and help and a strong detesting of any materialistic view. 

Seth and Phil started smoking a cigarette and offered me one which I of course accepted. Then all of us took deep puffs for some moments and remained quiet.

“Chokee, from all the noise coming out from Seth’s bedroom, I see that you have a really good time, don’t you?” Phil continued the conversation and gave me a dirty smile.

I blushed. He burst out laughing and went on: “That’s fine, don’t get nervous! We all have our urges, haven’t we? And maybe there will be a time when also we can try out something. Not a bad idea, isn’t it?” 

He started to laugh and put one of his hands between my thighs. And, whether I wanted or not, this treatment also had an effect on me, because I felt my dick growing slowly.

“But Phil, what about Semi and Liv? You also had quite a good time with them yesterday in the bar?” I asked quite curiously.

“Oh, these cunts, you mean. Well, I sent them home for the weekend. They can be a lot of fun indeed, but it sucks now. For the next few days I wanna be with the brothers only.”

I looked at Seth who started to laugh loudly. 

“Well, brother be my guest, I told you many times that cunts do not make up for all the effort you have to put in them. It’s just a short straight fuck that can be fun. But the longer it takes, the more burdensome it is. But you never listen to me, you little shit hole!”          

They started to have some show fight in front of me, which looked amazingly hot, because the two knew a lot about wrestling. And they tried to provoke each other a bit. When it turned out that Seth was in a slight advantage they stopped, hugged each other and went back to preparing lunch. By demonstrations like this I started to learn the fine difference between a brotherly show fight and real action – something an outsider wouldn’t be able to tell.

The salad with chicken and tuna tasted amazing and I ate it in no time; I really felt hungry like a lion and chomped the salad as if it was my last meal.

“That’s because of your hard training. Eat as much as you want. You need the energy for the afternoon and we wanna see some meat on your bones, too. And drink a lot of water and your energy drinks of course!” Seth told me.     

“Not only for the training, I assume,” Phil went on. 

I could smell now the fresh sweat on him coming from the fight and also his breath; again, both were very agreeable. Once more, he placed his hand on my back directly above my ass and continued to move his fingers so that I could feel his fingertips. It didn’t feel bad at all and meanwhile I had gotten really hot. 

“I guess, brother, when you go on like this, you’re going to be a top performer in our brotherhood. But for that, some complementary training from me would be helpful. Think about it, Chokee! I’m ready at any time,” Phil whispered into my ear and put his other hand on his crotch where you could easily see his growing interest. I laughed, looked at Seth who seemed to be completely fine with the situation and said: 

“Well, let’s see what the weekend brings then.” 

Phil gave me a slight slap on my ass which he could reach easily when making me stand up in front of him. He and I took a deep puff from our cigarette and then exchanged our heavy breath. This kind of affirmation had become quite standard with Seth and I loved doing it with Phil and later with Lars as well. When we were done and had a final look in each other’s eyes, Phil said:

“That’s at least something. Listen, guys! I have some more customers downstairs shortly. So I guess I have to leave, but we’ll see each other later. Seth, did you talk already to Chokee that he needs to help out at Stealth?”

When he saw my surprised face, he stopped for a while, went to the stereo and put on some good music and then went on: 

“Well, not yet obviously. It’s a really good opportunity and finally we will work together there. Not bad, huh? Ok, I really have to hurry up now. Hail to everyone!” He stubbed out his cigarette and off he went.

I looked at Seth who smiled: 

“Well, you see, you are obviously interested in Phil too, aren’t you. And that’s fine, really. Doesn’t change a thing between us, ok. Well, and regarding Stealth, the situation is plain and simple. Lars has some other stuff to do on Friday and Saturday. So you’re going to help out. I’m sure you’ll like it. On weekends the crowd goes quite crazy and on Saturdays you may also have some beers and enjoy yourself. And by the way, Saturday in one week from now, we have a special band event. The guys from Screwdriver and Kommando Skin are coming and will play live. I’ll give you some songs to hear in a bit while we will do our training. You’re going to love it. Are you in, comrade?”

“Guess so.”, I said. “But someone must show me what I’m supposed to do.”

Seth gave me a dirty look and said: “Phil for sure will love to show you all the tricks. Maybe it’ll be difficult for you to concentrate. But just stay focused, ’cause our brothers have a right to relax at Stealth! And we’re providing this kind of relaxation.”

Suddenly I looked at the man who was about to change my life 180 degrees compared to what it was before. Truth was that I had never been happier in my life before and that the only thing I wanted at the moment was being with him.

“Thank you, Seth,” I said quietly.

“For what?”, he asked. “That I did not kill you after all?” He had a slight smile on his face when he said that. When, he saw however that I looked a little shocked after this comment, her tried to be a little more affectionate and continued:

“Well, only very rarely you should think again about a decision that you have made already. But this was definitely such an incident. I’m really happy that I did what I did.” Then he gave me one of his dominant, but irresistible smiles.  

“I really wanna thank you for everything. You’ve made so many things clear to me. The last days still appear like a dream. I really don’t wanna sound melodramatic. But I just wanna say thank you. I love being part of your life and I don’t wanna lose you and the brotherhood ever again.”

Because all this came deep down from my heart, I partially lost the sound of my voice, when I said this.

Seth looked at me shortly, then came close to me and hugged me firmly. When he gave me a very masculine intensive kiss, he shut his eyes. Then he opened them again and said: 

“I know, Chokee. Believe me I know what you’re going through now. I went through the same process more than a decade ago. I’m here and I’m standing. Don’t betray me and I promise we’ll be lifelong brothers.” 

His steel-blue eyes looked straight into mine and the intensity of this short moment was amazing. 

“And now let’s not behave like faggot-like drama queens, let’s go to work. Get dressed, your special training is waiting for you. We start again with a run, five miles this time. A little less than in the morning … and topless of course!”

We finished smoking and Seth turned again into his slave driver mentality and now did everything to bring both me and my body to their absolute limits. We went outside and he ran in front of me. It had gotten even colder than in the morning, but I didn’t want any protection, I wanted to be up to Seth’s standards; this was the only thing that counted for me at that moment. Seth acknowledged that and this guts was something that made me rise quite a bit in his scale of values. He hated pussy-like behavior and my constant attempt to grow over myself made him proud of me. After the run, which I could do in 45 minutes, we went to the weighting room area at the center and Seth showed me the exercises he had in mind with free weights. 

Picture provided by the author

“Today as a starting point we’re doing a full body workout. But from tomorrow onwards we split between upper and lower body, ok? I hope you know at least a little how to work with free weights. Or had you been this pussy-like fitness machine guy before?” Seth laughed at me.

Before going through this exercise I really thought that I was used to free weights. That also turned out to be a huge error. I’ve never seen the exercises that Seth demonstrated to me before, because they always included an additional move to make them harder. Keeping balance turned out to be even more difficult. Seth’s teaching methods were again unbeatable. He only helped me, where it was absolutely necessary. Apart from this, he only commented and made me repeat the exercise again and again until I got it correct. And whenever I was at risk of losing my self-confidence or motivation, he jumped in and became very supportive. No one knew the thin borderline between motivation and total destruction better than Seth, I thought. That strengthened the bond between me and him even more. After an intensive leg, chest, and triceps training, which took a little more than 40 minutes we were done and my body battery was completely discharged. All my energy resources felt like having faded away. Seth waited already with my shake which I swallowed in no time and then as usual I was sent to the steam room. Seth joined me, obviously he wanted to talk to me inside.

“Listen, when you’re done we’re going to Lawrence, the ink man. He’s already here and he has one of his studios in a separate room here on the underground level. You probably haven’t noticed yet, because it’s quite separated.”

“Is this also the place where you kept me last Friday?”, I asked.

“No, that’s again somewhere different. But stop asking questions now. You’re going to get our uniform SS-neck tattoo today. That’s all. And then you’ll get some options, how the rest of your body could look like. Today it’s only about getting some ideas. Obviously this is one of the most important decisions in your life. Because a tattoo is as eternal as your belonging to the brotherhood. So let’s give it some thought and then let’s make a joint decision among all brothers. Understood?”

I nodded. After the steam room I had a quick shower – supported of course again by Seth’s ice-cold water stream intermezzo. I got dressed and as usual followed Seth who had become quite silent by now. We passed the fitness bar and walked about another 100 meters in this huge ground area. Again relatively hidden, there was one door in the wall that I hadn’t seen so far. Meanwhile I got the feeling that the whole complex was more something like a labyrinth with endless hideouts. Seth pressed the door opener and we got to another stairway. We had to go one floor further down, where we came to a room in which light was burning. The room was equipped as a full scale tattooing room and looked amazing. Seth got in first and greeted the man waiting there very cordially with a huge hug. They seemed very well acquainted with each other. The man himself was in his fifties, slightly overweight, but muscular, with grey hair and a stubble beard. He appeared genuinely friendly and had a cigarette in his mouth. In the studio room a song called PRODUCT OF SOCIETY caught my attention and that song also gave me the confidence that I was ready for my first tattoo and that I really wanted it. The lines that got to my head went like this:

My blood begins to boil from happy faces that I see

When there are people smiling, the beast awakes inside of me.

Some say I’m like the devil but I can be twice as mean.

If you talk about an outcast, I’m the worst you’ve ever seen.

I’m a product of society! 

Why didn’t they just leave me be?

I’m a product of society!

Society created me.

The man introduced himself as Lawrence and then went on by looking both at me and Seth: 

“So you’re the one who softened Chief Seth. You must be an amazing guy. No one has done that so far.”

“Come on, brother!”, Seth intervened more in a choking way, “Don’t scare this poor guy. He’s still a beginner. Chokee, don’t listen to all what Lawrence says, yeah? Anyway, let’s get to work!”

“Ok, you’re right.”, Lawrence said and took a deep puff from his cigarette. He asked me to take a seat and then started to measure my neck. 

“Every brother needs to have this tattoo exactly at the same place. Therefore I have to be careful. As with the others, it should be at all times visible.” 

He found the location quickly and marked it. Then he put the template of the motive on that place and started with his work. The tattoo itself was 5 cm long and 4 cm high, with the SS-sign being placed in a white circle itself being part of a red frame. When he started his work, you could immediately sense that this guy was an absolute professional with much love for the detail. That’s why Seth completely trusted him. The process itself was quite painful, Of course also because it had been my first tattoo. But I stayed focused and I believe not even Seth noticed that I felt pain. Lawrence was smoking during the entire process and appeared extremely focused. After about two hours he was done. From the look in his face, you could tell that Lawrence was obviously quite satisfied with his work. He put a lot of ointment lotion on the tattooed area and then a tape on the treated area.

“I guess from tomorrow afternoon onwards you take the tape off and proudly wear your tattoo,” Lawrence remarked and stubbed out his cigarette. “But use the ointment for at least one further week so that the picture gets really shiny.”

We then went on and discussed possible motives for the rest of my body. Lawrence had a lot of books and photos with his own works and he showed me some photos. And he also gave me the necessary background knowledge on the meaning of the different gothic and Indian symbols. Seth looked over my shoulder and also gave some comments. Back then, I was happy that this was only a testing session and that no final decision or determination had to be made yet. That would change later dramatically when I couldn’t have enough sessions with Lawrence. Seth told Lawrence that we would start with the next session in one week from now and turning to me he smiled and said that I should be prepared for a total period of at least half a year until the ground work would be set.

“Believe me, once you’ve gotten a taste of this, it will never end and become like an addiction. You’ll always tray that your ink reaches total perfection but you never get there,” Seth explained to me, before he went on and turned to Lawrence: 

“Brother, thanks a lot for making all this possible and coming over on such short notice. You wanna have dinner with us?”, Seth continued.

“No, comrade. I have some further customers. Next time for sure.”

I got up from the chair, Seth gave me a manly hug and after saying goodbye we left the tattoo room again. When we got back to the center area at the ground level, I looked through the windows and saw that it had gotten dark meanwhile. It was about 8.30 pm and since I had two very hard training sessions, the only two things I felt were hunger and sleepiness.

Seth shortly looked at me and again used his mind-reading abilities, because he knew exactly what I was thinking. He said: “Let’s have dinner upstairs. If you’re nice to me, I even allow you to have one beer before the weekend. But be prepared for tomorrow morning. You should meanwhile know what I expect from you. It won’t get easier, that’s for sure. I have again put together some nice exercises in my mind to get your lazy ass going.” He laughed out heavily when saying this.

We went straight away to the kitchen and this time we both prepared the food or, to be more precise, I did the tasks that Seth instructed me to do. When I had a look into the fridge, I was amazed how well it was filled. The ingredients in there were exactly made for a muscle-like lifestyle. The service here really did an excellent job.

Seth decided for a huge salad with chicken and tuna. My job was to prepare the onions and the vegetables. 

“You liked your day so far?”, Seth asked.

I nodded and smiled at Seth. “I’m feeling more and more at ease with myself. That’s because of you.”

“Wow. You put it again a little melodramatic, but thanks brother.”

The food was ready in no time. We took a seat at the kitchen bar, but when I wanted to sit down, Seth shook his head and pointed on his crotch area:

“No, you will sit on my lap this time and I will feed you with my fingers. After all I must be sure that you will take in the right amount of calories.”

I did so and was not surprised to feel that below his sweat pants Seth’s dick was already semi-erect with a tendency to grow into its full size. He made sure that my ass was positioned directly on top of his tool. We started to eat and Seth indeed fed me, first with a fork, but shortly thereafter as he had already said before, only with his fingers. When he placed a huge piece of tuna in my mouth, he insisted that I had to lick his greasy fingers clean. Of course I did so with pleasure. With his other hand, Seth was touching me all over my body. He also put his fingers below my pants and fondled both my ass and my cock. Within no time I was fully hard and brought to the edge; I was moaning heavily.

When Seth was done feeding me, he looked up and said: “Well, brother, for sure you need some extra portion of protein tonight. Guess you know what this means.”

Immediately I jumped from the stool, kneeled down between his legs and opened his pants. Seth as usual wanted to control the situation and took my head firmly between his hands.Then he ordered:

“Suck it, you little whore. You better do a good job.”

I guess Seth at that time was no longer really worried about my swallowing abilities. He obviously enjoyed my treatment. He only made sure that I didn’t touch my dick. This time however he did not want to cum in my mouth. After some minutes, he took his dick out and said: “Let’s go to my room!”

We left the kitchen and as soon as we were in his room he threw me on the mattress, brought me in a doggy-style position and then entered me. It was again his typical mixture between roughness, absolute domination, but also protection. While he was entering me, he spoke into my ear and said: 

“You’re completely mine, you understand. You do as I say and I won’t let you down. You better learn to accept your position quickly, bitch! You wouldn’t like to see what happens, if you don’t. So I am your only master, understand?”

“Yes Seth, you’re the only one, I swear. Please don’t leave me. I’ll do anything you say. You’re my master and commander.”

“Good that you get it, brother, because from now on you live only through me. Clear!”

Picture provided by the author

He fucked me fiercely and moaned a lot. He instructed me exactly how to move and where to touch him. With every move he made clear that for now I was nothing but his servant. 

Suddenly Seth got to me ear again and whispered:

“You were a good boy today. I now allow you to touch yourself. Be thankful for this, ’cause it’s an exception, and let’s come together now.”

I followed his permission immediately and being allowed to jerk myself off felt unbelievingly good and meant great relief after such a hard day. At that point Seth had changed positions and I sat on him. With one hand I was keeping balance, with the other one I continued jerking off. Seth touched my balls and made the tension even stronger. Then he insisted on fully replacing my hand and took over completely, ’cause it was only him now who was jerking me off. I was entirely in his hands and that was exactly the message that he wanted to convey. After only a few further minutes the two of us came almost in parallel. As it has become kind of his trademark, Seth shot his whole load again inside me. Pretty much simultaneously, spurts of sperm came out of my cock that Seth continued to squeeze. It was again amazing. My body was all over covered with sweat. After my load had ended, I cracked down on the mattress. Seth followed immediately and held me firm and close to his body. Then he kissed me aggressively.

Seth was the first who found his speech again: 

“Wow, brother. Seems that you have a natural talent. Rarely I’ve had something like that before. Hopefully you little wanker also got some relief out of it! Anyway, let’s have a shower and then be with the others for a bit. Thereafter we can sleep.” 

After the usual procedure in the shower, we went back to Seth’s room. I paused for a while. I felt like I was in heaven and still couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Within only a few days the brotherhood and most of all Seth, Lars, and Phil had become the most important people in my whole life. And never before had I received so much support and respect and had I had so much admiration for others. All that was of course the perfect basis for the next steps of my transformation process.

To be continued …

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SkinPowerFighter is an active skinhead who joined the scene when he was about 15 years old. He knows the culture by heart and still identifies with many of the core values the skinhead scene stands for. All this helped him a lot to develop into a grown up personality for whom true masculinity and clear authority stands Beyond everything. Some of the story elements are autobiographical and therefore give a particular insight view into the classical skinhead life.

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