A kinky story written by “DestroyWhiteBoys“. (Illustration by Theo Blaze.)

Chapter One – A Tightly Packed Ass

I tried my best to sit still. I couldn’t help but squirm and rub my ass on my chair. I looked up at my boss….well, my Master actually. Javon was a massive black man about 7 feet tall. He was in charge of the entire law firm. He sat at the end of the table as I tried my best to sit still. We did nothing but stare at each other for the entire meeting. No one realized that for years I had been serving this man in every way I could. I used to lead a normal life; I have a wife and a 9 to 5 job…but all that changed when Javon took over the law firm. The first second I looked at that massively muscled black god, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. As years went by, I did everything I could for the man. Even just being in his presence would fill me with strange feelings of lust. At this point in my life, I haven’t had sex with my wife in years. I just can’t seem to be turned on by her anymore, now that Javon is in my life.

“Simon, are you even listening to all this?” Javon said in an angry tone.

“Of course, sir. I would do anything for you, sir.” The rest of the lawyers at the table gave me confused looks. Javon seemed content with my answer and continued talking with the rest of the lawyers.

“Excuse me, sir…may I be excused to the restroom?” I said, while sliding my ass back and forth in my chair.

“Yeah…I bet you’ve got something to take care of, huh? Fine…go!” He said, in a seductive tone. I rushed out of the room, grabbing my briefcase, and ran into the bathroom. I quickly locked myself in a stall, hoping no one would come into the bathroom. I yanked down my pants and squatted over the floor. I reached back and felt the huge plastic base of my butt plug slowly slide out of me. I kept pushing harder and harder.

“Ahhhh. Fuck!” I finally felt the bulbous head squeeze past my asshole. With a loud bang, the huge butt plug fell to the floor. I picked it up and held it up to my face, admiring how much I could take in my ass. It wasn’t necessarily a ‘long’ object, as most butt plugs aren’t, but it was incredibly wide. The girth of it was about as wide as my fist. I threw down the butt plug and reached my hands back to my ass. One by one, all 10 of my fingers slid into my ass at the same time. I pulled apart my ass, stretching it from both sides. Just hearing the wet sloshing sound of my fingers widening my raw ass made me incredibly horny. I grabbed my briefcase and opened it as quickly as I could. I threw the butt plug inside it and withdrew a massive dildo. It was about 13 inches long and incredibly thick. I couldn’t even completely reach my fingers around the massive girth of this fake cock. It was dark black and covered in bulbous veins. Just trying to lift this thing up was a workout by itself. I slammed the suction cup base down on the floor and watched as the foot long shaft wobbled back and forth below my ass.

“Please, sir…please tear me apart with that monster nigger cock.” I playfully said, pretending Javon was here with me. I slammed my ass down and watched as 13 inches of girthy fake black cock tore its way into my already gaping ass.

“Fucking hell, that feels good!” I quietly screamed to myself, while jumping up and down on the monster dildo. Ensuring that every last inch was squeezed inside of me, I slammed my ass down against the cold tile and lifted it back up. The sound of my ass continuing to slap against the tile echoed through the entire bathroom. I just couldn’t resist anymore! I grabbed my hard 3 inch dick and jerked it a couple of times. A couple little spurts of cum dripped out, and I fell to the floor. As my ass slid away from the suctioned dildo, I heard the wet flopping sound of it sliding out of my butt. I reached back to feel just how wide I had gotten my ass to gape this time. To my surprise, my wet sloppy hole was opened about as wide as my fist. I tried to compose myself as best I could. I threw the giant dildo back in my briefcase and put my clothes back on. I left the bathroom and went back to Javon’s office. The meeting room was completely empty, except for Javon sitting at his desk. I smiled and closed the door behind me, ensuring that we could have some privacy.

“You missed the rest of the meeting, faggot.” Javon said with his booming voice.

“Please, sir…don’t be angry with me. Looking at you made we want to shove something in my worthless slave ass.” I said, while starting to kneel in front of his desk. I started to get that hungry feeling again. Even though I had just tore apart my ass with a foot long dildo, looking at Javon was driving me insane. Even though he was wearing a nice button-down shirt, I could still make out every ripple of his muscled chest.

“Oh, yeah?” He said in an inquisitive tone. “Why don’t you show me that ruined white boy pussy!” I smiled with excitement and pulled down my pants. Feeling the cold air rush into my wide-open asshole made me shiver a bit. He walked over toward me and leaned down above my ass. “Now that’s what I like to see.” He said, while rubbing a finger around the raw sides of my gape. “One day, this is what all white holes will look like.” I always loved hearing Javon talk about his dreams of dominating and enslaving the white race. Feeling his finger rummage around in my loose ass was driving me crazy!

“Master, please fuck my faggot hole.” He kicked my ass cheek and sent me flying against the floor.

“You’ll take my nigga dick when I SAY you can take it! Got it, slave?” Even being kicked by him made me hornier.

“Of course, Master. This slave will do anything for you.”

“I haven’t had my cock sucked in a few hours.” I was dreaming about him fingering my ass, that I almost didn’t hear him. “Bitch, if you don’t start sucking my dick soon…you’ll be sucking it without any teeth!” I sprung back to consciousness and spun around. Still kneeling before him, I leaned my head right under his crotch. I couldn’t help but lick my lips as he started to pull down the zipper of his pants. Only barely fitting through the fly of his pants, he pushed his massive limp dick through the hole. He dropped his heavy cock and let it slam against the top of my head. I stared up in awe as his monster cock weighed my head down. I was amazed when I felt the head of his cock touch the top the back of my neck. I remembered that he was incredibly hung…but he seemed to have gotten even bigger since then. His dick must have been at least 16 inches long to reach from his pants, over the top of my head, and down to the back of my neck!

“Sir…your superior cock seems to have gotten even bigger!” He just chuckled a bit and grabbed his cock at the base. He threw it up and down, slapping his heavy dick against the top of my head.

“I guess they don’t teach you about nigga dicks in white schools, huh? Nigga dicks continue to grow throughout the entire nigga’s life…unlike little white dicks.” I tilted my head back so that his monster dick was now resting on top of my face and mouth. I pushed out my tongue and licked as many inches of his girthy soft dick as I could. I watched a smile appear on his face as I spit and slobbered over the base of his cock. “That’s a good little faggot slave.” He said, while resting his fingers against my mouth. “Now let’s make sure that mouth is nice and opened wide.” He pushed his cock over to the side. With a wet flop, it slid off my face and slammed against my shoulder. I could feel his hot throbbing dickhead reaching all the way down to the middle of my back. Without any patience or courtesy, he jammed all 5 of his fingers into my mouth at the same time. I gagged and choked a bit, trying to hold back the urge to puke. He just kept reaching further into my throat. “Don’t worry, faggot. I’m just getting your mouth ready for my monster nigga cock!” He said with a maniacal look on his face. Bubbles of my spit popped out of my mouth, as he finally reached his entire fist in my mouth. I felt my mouth close around the wrist of his hand, as his fingers banged around in my throat. He pulled it all out in one rough yank. Thick strings of my drool clung to his hand and dripped out onto my chest.

“I’m ready, sir! I need that nigger dick in my mouth.” I said, while panting and choking for air. Suddenly, the phone at his desk rang. As he turned to walk away, his long dangling cock fell from my shoulders and slapped against his pants. He walked over to the phone and picked it up.

“What?” He asked, in a demanding tone. I just knelt there with drool still dripping out of my mouth. He slammed the phone down and walked back over to me. “A big client is here in the city, and he wants a meeting with us now. I guess you’ll just have to wait for this nigga dick till later.” He reached down and coiled up the 16 inches of soft meat into a bundle and jammed it back into his pants. I almost started to cry as I watched him turn away from me with the massive bulge in his pants.

“Please, Master…I need something. I don’t think I can handle waiting anymore!” I pleaded, while squirming in place with anticipation. He suddenly smiled, as if an interesting thought just hit him. He reached into one of his desk drawers and pulled out a huge rubber black fist. As he walked over towards me, I got a better look at it. The middle finger was pointed up, as if to say ‘fuck you’. What amazed me most is that it was about twice the size of a normal man’s fist. It must have been about 7 inches wide at the knuckles! This freakishly huge sex toy was as wide as most dicks are long! He flopped the rubber fist around in front of my face. At the base of the cock were words hot-pressed into the rubber. It read ‘Nigger Power’.

“This is what I use to REALLY stretch apart a white faggot’s hole. That little dildo in your briefcase hasn’t got shit on this white bitch destroyer!” He threw it at my face. I was nearly knocked unconscious when the full weight of this heavy rubber fist hit me. “I want the ENTIRE thing in that gaping faggot hole.” He said, putting extreme emphasis on ‘entire’. I couldn’t believe what he had said.

“But…sir…this entire thing couldn’t possibly fit in me.” I could see anger start to take him over.

“Well…make it fit, you fucking worthless white pig! That’s why it says ‘Nigger Power’ on it! You’ll understand the REAL power of the nigga race once you destroy your ass with that.” I held the fist in front of my face to inspect it even more. The entire fist was about as wide as my head. The raised middle finger was practically the length and width of a normal sized cock. I could easily take the middle finger inside me…but the massive fist seemed impossibly big. I held my arm up against the toy, trying to determine just how big it was. As I expected, the fist portion of it was much larger than my closed fist, but what really surprised me was the length. From the tip of the middle finger to the base of the fist was as long as my entire arm, up to my shoulder. If I could somehow manage to get this inside of me, it would be like shoving a person’s entire arm in my ass. Without wanting to disobey my Master, I put the fist on the floor. I squatted my loose ass over the tip of the middle finger. Javon sat at his desk, staring at me. “Go on, honky. Tear your own ass apart!” I gently sat down and took the entire finger in my ass. Considering how ruined my ass already was, it was no surprise that I didn’t even feel the finger go in. Now came the hard part. I could feel the massive base of the fist pressing against my ass. I forced all my weight down until I could feel the knuckles starting to squeeze into me.

“Jesus Christ, this thing is huge!” Even with the knuckles of the fist in, I still needed to take the entire hand in my ass. I pressed down as hard as I could. To my amazement, I could feel it sliding in inch by inch. I couldn’t believe that my ass could stretch out more than it already was. After a while, I felt a sense of pride. I kept pressing down harder and harder until the entire fist was in my ass. I pressed my ass tight against the floor, ensuring that every part of the sex toy was swallowed up by my ass. I looked over at Javon and smiled. “I might just have to wear diapers from now on.”

“Congratulations, faggot…you just successfully destroyed your own ass beyond any hope of repair.” I smiled with pride. I had taken a toy inside of me that was twice as wide as a person’s fist, and as long as a person’s arm! I felt a sense of accomplishment as I stood up. I clenched my butt cheeks, ensuring that the toy wouldn’t slide out of my now ruined ass. I pulled up my pants and sat down at the conference table. I sat patiently, waiting for the rest of the group to make the meeting…with an entire man’s arm inside my ass.


Chapter Two – Revealing His Secret

All the old white men gathered around the table and started talking to Javon and each other. With my ass being stretched to its limits, I couldn’t focus on anything that was going on. While constantly staring at Javon, I squirmed in my seat. I couldn’t help but dream about his massive dick. As big as this monster toy was in my ass…Javon was bigger and thicker. Stretching your ass apart is like a drug; once you start, you’ll always want more. I tried my best to hold back the urge to jump on top of the table and beg for his gigantic cock. Most of the men were talking to each other as Javon and I stared at each other. I noticed him reach down to his lap and start to turn a nob on some strange remote. Suddenly, I felt the gigantic fist in my ass start to vibrate slightly.

“Oh…shit!” I moaned quietly to myself. No one at the table seemed to notice. Javon stared at me with a menacing grin on his face. I saw him turn the nob even further. My entire ass started to shake from the intensity of the vibration. I stood up, hoping I could leave the room. “Excuse me, gentlemen. I need to get…AHHH Fuck!” Javon cranked up the vibration to a level that almost made me lose my balance. I could barely stand upright, as my ass jiggled like Jell-O.

“What’s wrong, Simon? Do you need something?” Javon said with a cheeky grin. I braced my hands against the table and started to pant.

“No…I just…” Javon turned the nob one final time, all the way to the end. The loud sound of the fist squirming around in my ass was clearly audible. Everyone at the table was starting at me with confused looks. The vibration was so intense that I couldn’t even stand still; my entire body was shaking. “Fuck me!” I screamed at the top of lungs as the huge rubber fist flopped around inside my ass. Everyone at the table stared at me with a shocked look on their faces.

“What was that, Simon? I’m gonna need to hear you beg again!” Javon said, while standing up at the end of the table. I leaped over to the floor and started tearing off my pants. I knelt down and pushed my ass up in the air.

“I said…fuck me!” I started to scream again, as I pushed the huge fist out of my ass. “Jesus CHRIST!” The fist probably hurt more coming out than it did going it. It tore its way through my sore ass and was dangling halfway out of me. I gave it one final push and listened to the loud ‘thump’ of the rubber fist banging against the floor. The fist flopped around on the floor, as if alive from the vibration. My ass felt so empty and loose. I could feel the hunger take over my body as the old men looked at me with disgust. I picked up the gyrating fist and jammed it back into my ass. Hearing the wet slopping sound of the vibrating fist being swallowed up by my ass was driving me crazy. I pulled it out slightly, and rammed it back in. “I need a nigger inside of me NOW!”

“Everyone leave! I need to take care of this pathetic man myself!” All the men quickly ran towards the door, slamming it behind them. Now it was just me, Javon, and the wet sounds of my ass being torn apart.

“Please, Master…I need that huge nigger dick! I can’t take it anymore.” I stared at the bulbous lump in his crotch that was straining his zipper. Thinking about his whale-sized cock only made me shove the fist in my ass even harder.

“Get over here, faggot! It’s time to wreck that honky throat.” I yanked the fist completely out of my ass with one large pull. I threw it over to the corner as I crawled towards my Master. I could hear my ass juices dripping out of ruined gape and falling to the floor. I knelt directly below the gigantic bulge that seemed to tear at the seams of his pants. Now that he was fully hard, his coiled cock made a bulge that must have stuck out a foot from his waist! “Go on, bitch…get my dick out.” He said, in a tantalizing tone. I grabbed the zipper and started to unzip the throbbing bulge. Before I even got halfway down, the zipper tore apart and out flung his rock hard dick. His heavy monster slapped against my face and threw me backwards a bit. I regained my balance and threw my face at the girthy cock dangling in front of me. I hungrily ran my tongue up and down the entire shaft, slurping and spiting huge amounts of spit on it. I grabbed the base of his cock with both of my hands, side by side. To my amazement, they couldn’t even touch each other. Javon’s dick was so wide that two of my hands couldn’t even reach around the entire shaft.

“Master…this thing has gotten even thicker since I saw it last! It’s as thick as my fucking leg for Christ’s sake!” He just chuckled and put his hands on his waist.

“Yeah…it’s pretty fucking nice, huh?” He said, while playfully admiring his own 16 inches of throbbing black meat. “Now let’s see just how wet you can get this beast. Open up, faggot!” Instinctively, I opened my mouth as wide as I could. He pressed the head against my mouth. His dickhead, which was about twice as wide as my mouth could open, easily squeezed and contorted its way into my mouth. I gagged slightly, as the head of his cock filled the entirety of my mouth. “Just relax that faggot throat.” He pushed harder and slid the head of his cock down into my throat. Eventually, I could feel his fat dick all the way down in my stomach. My entire esophagus was pushed out and sore only after taking the first 10 inches. “Don’t get comfy yet, bitch. You’ve only taken about half so far!” He said, while roughly pushing even more of his meat into my mouth.

After a few more minutes he grabbed the back of my head and started to yell. “This is taking way too fucking long! I know you can take the whole thing, bitch!” He yanked my head forward, jamming every single inch of his monster dick down my throat at once. My face slammed against his waist. I couldn’t help but let out a few muffled gags as 16 inches of black meat stretched apart my throat. “Now go ahead and fuck your own throat, faggot! You enjoyed tearing your ass apart…so let’s see if you like destroying your mouth.” He stood there with his hands around his waist in a dominant pose. I leaned my head back and pushed it forward again, sliding his girthy wet dick in and out of my throat. Each time that I plunged his fat cock back down my throat, I choked a bit. I was helpless to stop the huge jets of spit from flying out of my mouth. I flung my head front and back, faster and faster. I pushed through all the gagging and choking and only thought about pleasing my Master. With one hand, he shoved me backwards. His slippery cock slid out of my mouth and dangling around at his knees.

“Thank you, Master, for the privilege of choking myself on your superior cock!” I knelt before his dripping wet horse cock, hoping to taste his delicious seed.

“You want this cum, bitch?” He said, while furiously stroking his giant fuckstick.

“Please, sir…I NEED it! Fill me up with that delicious nigger cum!” I stared with lust as Javon rapidly ran his hand up and down his monster dick. I could see my spit flinging off his throbbing cock with every jerking motion. I opened my mouth wide, as Javon pointed his massive meat stick directly at my face. His long dangling nuts that were flopping around now sprung up lightly against the base of his cock. He started to let out the most manly and beastlike sounds that I had ever heard. The first blast of cum nearly knocked me backwards, off my knees. Jet after jet of thick hot cum slammed against my face. There was enough to fill my entire mouth, and then some! Thick streams of cum poured out of my already full mouth and ran down my chest. As my knees started to slide around on the pool of cum that had formed on the floor, Javon finally let out the last jet of cum. I could see his muscled chest convulsing from the powerful orgasm he just had. As he panted like an exhausted dog, I stared at his now loose and baggy nuts. Each of his balls was about as large as my entire head. I crawled over and pressed my mouth against his heavy, rubbery nutsack. I kissed them ever so gently, as if thanking them for the gallon of jizz that they drenched me with. With both hands, he violently pushed me away. I fell backwards, sliding on the huge pool of cum on the floor. I bend over and raised my ass in the air. “Please, Master, I can’t wait any longer. I need something in my ass NOW!” I screamed, while pulling apart my ass cheeks. Javon walked over and slammed one of his feet down on my back.

“I call the shots around here, got it? You don’t decide when I destroy that ass, I DO!” I shivered with fear as his voice roared through the entire room. Mercifully, he lifted his foot off my back and walked over to his desk. He pulled out a big red ball gag and knelt down in front of my face. He strapped the clasp around the back of my head and shoved the big red rubber ball into my mouth. He stood up and admired his work. “I was getting sick of hearing your whiny faggot voice.” As he walked around to my backside, I could feel how tight this huge ball was in my mouth. No matter how much I tried, there was no way that I would be able to talk with this thing filling my mouth. “But you know what…” He said, while kneeling down in front of my ass “…If you’re such a greedy faggot, then why don’t I give you what you want. Just keep pulling apart that fag hole!” He said, in a sinister tone. With the fingers of both my hands resting at the sides of my loose asshole, I pulled them apart as far as I could bear. I anxiously awaited my Master’s monster 16 inch cock. Suddenly, Javon clenched his fist and threw it at my ass with immense speed. Without much resistance, my loose asshole completely gobbled up his entire fist, right down to his wrist.

“MMMM!” I let out a muffled scream as Javon yanked his fist back toward him, out of my ass.

“I thought you liked getting your boy pussy destroyed?” He asked, angrily. He threw his fist back at my ass, quickly pulling it out once the seam of my ass had reached the base of his wrist. Viciously, he continued to punch my ass, maniacally smiling as his fist was consumed by my dark gaping hole. Each time he yanked his fist out of my ass, I could feel the muscles of my butt clinging to his fist in a desperate attempt to pull him deeper inside me. Suddenly, he stopped for a second. I could feel my empty asshole throbbing in pain.

“Mmm…mmm!” I tried my best to beg him to stop, but to no avail; the ball gag filled my entire mouth and prevented me from making any audible words. Even though I had taken things in my ass bigger than his fist…this time it was incredibly painful. Usually, I had plenty of time to ease into it and accommodate the large object into my ass. Javon’s violent punch-fisting was going so quickly that my ass had no time to get used to being stretched. Every time he yanked his fist out, he was literally tearing my ass apart like nothing ever had before.

“How’s that? Is that fast enough for you?” He sat still, as if waiting for my answer. I could hear my ass juices dripping off his angrily clenched fist.

“Mmm! MMM!” I begged him to stop, but no audible words made it out of my gagged mouth.

“No?! You mean you actually want me to go faster?! Okay…” He pulled his fist back, as if winding up for a big pitch. With all his might, he slammed his fist directly at my throbbingly sore butt. The force of his punch nearly sent me flying across the room. I braced myself on the floor as his fist completely sunk into my ruined ass. No less than a second later, he yanked it out and jammed it right back in. Even worse than before, he was now punch- fisting my ass at lightning fast speed. His hand was like a jackhammer that was mercilessly slamming in and out of my butthole. Eventually the pain began to subside. My ass was completely numb to any discomfort; instead, I was beginning to feel pleasure from it. I began to smile, the huge red ball gag still filling my mouth, as Javon rapidly plunged his hand into my ass. I couldn’t tell which was turning me on more; the manly feral groans that Javon was making, or the wet flopping sound of my loose ass meat being punched into mush. Javon yanked his hand out one final time and let it fall to the floor. His huge heavy fist banged on the floor, flinging off my ass juices. I looked back with a hungry smile as I saw how much I had taken. There were wet marks about halfway up to his elbow. I never even thought that I would be able to take his fist, let alone a good portion of his arm too. “I think that’s good for today. I wouldn’t want to kill you.” As Javon turned to stand up, I knew that I needed more. As violent and painful as his fist was at first…I had grown to enjoy it. My ass felt so incredibly empty now that his fist as gone.

“Mmmm…” I moaned, while still gagged. Javon turned back and looked at me.

“Damn…you really are a hungry faggot, huh?”

“Mm Hm.” I nodded my head in agreement. He knelt back down behind my ass. He tightened BOTH of his fists and threw them both at my ass in unison. Side by side, they both tore apart my ass meat and slid right into my bowels. “MMMMM!” I moan with a mix of pain and pleasure. Incredible lust bubbled up inside me, so much so that I couldn’t resist it any longer. I yanked off my ball gag and began to scream. “Fuck me! Give me every inch of those arms, you big strong nigger!” As I screamed at the top of my lungs, Javon just smiled and pushed his two arms deeper in my ass. Side by side, his two arms tore apart new portions of my colon that had never been touched before.

“Holy fuck! Hey, faggot, you’ve reached my fucking elbows! Nicely done, you worthless piece of white fuckmeat.” I moaned like a girl as I felt the joint of his elbow press against my ass. I tried to think back to just how big his arms were, to try and gage how gaping my ass would be. I was instantly turned on when I pictured the rippling muscles of his huge arms. His physique was that of a professional bodybuilder. His arms were about the wide of a normal man’s leg! I was filled with an incredible sense of pride once I realized that having Javon ram both his arms in my ass at the same time, was basically the same as having an average guy stomp both his legs into my ass!

“Mother fucker! Keep rummaging around in my ass. Break me apart for the glory of the nigger race!” I screamed in ecstasy as Javon wiggled his arms around in my ass. I could hear the wet slapping sound of him banging his arms against the sides of my inner bowels. He yanked both his arms out and slapped my flabby ass cheek.

“Enjoy the completely ruined fag pussy! Now every time you try to sit down, you’ll remember the power that niggas have.” He walked over to his desk and wiped off his arms. Even up to his elbows, juices from my ass were sliding off him. I reached back with one hand and rubbed a finger around the sore, pulsating rim of my slippery ass. I was able to make a giant circle with my finger. My gape must have been about a foot in diameter. I tighten my fist and pushed my hand into the gape. I wasn’t even able to touch any of the sides. My fist hovered in my asshole, not even touching it at all. I flung my fist from side to side, realizing that I could wave my hand around inside me quite a bit before even touching my ass at all! I couldn’t, in all fairness, call this an asshole. Assholes close shut…and this gape was never going to go away. This was more like a battle wound; a wet slippery hole that reached through almost my entire torso. It was a permanent reminder that niggers have the power to destroy white men beyond any hope of repair. I stood up, letting a torrent of ass juice and slime pour from my wide-open hole. I threw my clothes on and left the building. As I sat down in my car, I heard my wet assmeat slosh against my leather seats. A bolt of pleasure instantly shot through my body. Javon had succeeded in turning me into a slave to pleasure. As much as I wanted to tear off my clothes and try to jam the entire steering wheel into my ass…I knew I had to contain myself and get home.

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