A kinky story written by “DestroyWhiteBoys“. (Here you can find Chapter 1&2.)

Chapter Three – I’ll Take Your Wife

As I arrived at the door to my house, I rubbed against the outside of my dress pants. I moaned a bit, as I fondled my own sloppy gape. Trying my best to contain myself, I opened the door and greeted my wife.

“Hey, sweetheart.” I happily smiled at my wife, Becca, as any normal couple would do. She was wearing an apron and a nice low cut top. Her massive tits were practically spilling out of the top of her shirt. I remember being obsessed with her monstrous tits…back when I used to be turned on by women. Buying a bra was the hardest part; Turns out her tits are NNN size. They hung down to about her bellybutton, but were still firm and plump enough to bulge out about a foot from her body.

“Simon, I’m so glad you’re home.” Becca ran over towards me. Her tits were flopping around like crazy; I was surprised she didn’t slap herself with one of them. She gave me a great big hug, her tits almost reaching around my entire body. “Supper is almost done!” She skipped off into the kitchen, as I felt my ass start to hunger.

“I’m…ugh…just gonna go wash up before we eat.” I ran up the stairs and into the bathroom. I quickly undid my pants and threw them off. With one hand I rubbed at my loose wet butthole, and with the other I looked for something to shove inside me. I glanced over at the trash can…it was an odd shaped one; narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I grabbed the trash can and flipped it upside down. The way it was tapered almost made it look like a traffic cone. I squatted above the huge black cone and pushed my ass down. The narrow tip entered inside me without even touching my ass at all. The tip of the trash can simply hovered in the middle of my wide gape as I pushed down even further. Finally, I felt myself make contact with the cone. My ass was so widely opened that I had to insert about half of the entire cone before I even felt it touch my insides. I jumped up and down like a happy school girl, pushing more of it into my ass each time I landed on it. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring. Knowing Becca would go and answer it, I continued to hop around on the trash can. Finally, after about 10 minutes, I collapsed onto the floor and panted with exhaustion. Even though I had not satiated my anal hunger, I threw my clothes back on and ran downstairs. I stopped dead in my tracks as I stared at the kitchen table with pure shock.

“Honey, look who it is! You didn’t tell me your boss was coming over for dinner.” Right beside my wife sat Javon. He had a maniacal smile on his face as he looked over and stared at Becca’s bulbous tits.

“Simon, you never told me that you had such a beautiful wife.” She smiled at him, blushing a little bit. I sat down at the table and tried not to look at either of them. A buzzer went off in the kitchen and Becca jumped up.

“Oh…that’s right! I forget to take out the mashed potatoes. Excuse me for a second, guys.” She ran off into the kitchen as I quietly began to talk to Javon.

‘What are you doing here? I…I already pleasured you today.” I quickly realized the mistake I had made by talking to him like that. He rose from his chair and slapped me across the face.

“Watch your mouth, faggot. You’ll pleasure me as many times as I command you to, you stupid fucking slave.” He sternly said, quietly enough that my wife didn’t hear it. “I’m here to finally take everything from you.” I looked at him with confusion. “I’ve taken your ass, your dignity, and even your freedom…and now I’m gonna take your wife.” I looked up at him, standing there looking like a Greek god.

“Please…please don’t take her. She’s so sweet and good to me. I promise that I don’t have sex with her. I haven’t touched her in years…I just like being around her, that’s all!” I quietly pleaded, hoping Becca wouldn’t hear me from the kitchen. Everything I said was true; I haven’t been turned on by women for years now. But just because I love shoving huge black dicks in my ass, doesn’t mean that I don’t like spending time with my wife.

“She makes you happy?! I don’t give a shit about your happiness! You’re my PROPERTY! Don’t you understand that? Your entire existence is dedicated to making ME happy!” He reached down and slowly undid the zipper of his pants. I could see the seams of his jeans straining against his throbbing bulge. “You’re my slave, faggot. You’ll do whatever I want, whenever I want…and soon…so will your wife!” He reached into his pants and threw out his soft coiled up meat stick. I watched his dick unravel on the table and finally slap down against my plate. I had never realized just how big his 16 inches of black meat was. Standing across the table, his flaccid dick reached the entire width of the table and rested on the dinner plate in front of me. My wife walked through the doorway holding a bowl of mashed potatoes.

“Sorry about that, boys, I had forgotten about…” She dropped the bowl, shattering it against the tile floor. She stared silently at the long black snake that stretched across the whole table.

“I guess you’ve never seen a nigga dick, huh bitch?” Becca didn’t even realize that he had called her a ‘bitch’. She simply continued to stare and stand still. “Come on, bitch. Come and get a good look at it.” Javon said, while motioning her to come to him. My wife slowly walked over to him. When she got close enough, he put his arm around her waist and started rubbing his huge black hand against her plump ass cheeks. “You see…your husband has been slaving after this nigga dick day and night for years now.” Becca finally took her eyes off his monster cock and looked over at me with disgust.

“Is that true, Simon? Have you been cheating on me with this man?” I could almost see the tears swelling up in her eyes.

“Well…I…” Before I could say another word, Javon chimed in.

“Go ahead and show her your gaping ass.” He said with a cheeky grin. Obeying my Master, I pulled down my pants and bent over. My ass was still dripping wet and sore from shoving an entire trash can in there. My wife couldn’t help but stare at the seemingly endless chasm where my ass used to be.

“You’re disgusting, Simon! How could you let this man do something like this to your body?” Javon began sliding one of his fingers up and down the crack of her ass, on the outside of her pants.

“He didn’t have a choice. He’s my fuckslave; he has to do whatever I tell him to.” I could see her starting to succumb to the pleasure of being touched by a black man. As much as I hated seeing it happen to my wife, I understood that there was no fighting it. The first time Javon touched me, I almost came in my pants.

“I can’t believe that my husband has been cheating on me for all these years.” Her eyes welled up with tears.

“Don’t blame this poor little faggot. He was too weak to resist my horse-sized nigga dick.” Javon squeezed his cock at the base and started yanking it up and down, slamming it against the table multiple times. The plates and dishes jumped around on the table as Javon’s monster cock slammed down with incredible force. “Maybe you’d feel better if you gave him a taste of his own medicine.” Becca stared down at Javon’s incredibly long and thick cock. I could see the sadness leave her eyes; it was replaced by anger. She reached one hand out and rubbed along the top of his shaft. She looked over at me with a clever grin on her face.

“How does it feel now, huh? Now the shoe’s on the other foot! It doesn’t feel so good to be cheated on, does it?” Javon leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Without any resistance, she plunged her tongue deep into his mouth. They sloppily kissed for about a whole minute, as I watched her stroke his huge black cock. They finally stopped kissing and pulled apart.

“I bet it would really piss off your husband if you sucked my dick, bitch.” She smiled at Javon and nodded. She dropped to her knees and yanked Javon’s long dick off of the table. It dangled in front of her mouth, swinging from side to side. She glanced over at me with a pissed off look.

“How does this make you feel, baby? Do you wanna see me slurp all over this nigger’s dick?” I was amazed to hear her say that word. She was always such a soft-spoken woman…but I understood what was happening. She just couldn’t resist Javon’s massive dick. The same thing had happened to me years ago. I knew what feeling a black dick would do to her…and I didn’t want to lose her for good.

“Please, baby…don’t do this. I still love you!” She didn’t even look at me as I screamed at her. She just stared at the massive floppy fuckstick hanging in front of her face.

“Shut the fuck up, faggot! She’s my whore now! And now we’re gonna see who can gag on this monster cock better…you or her!” Javon grabbed the back of my wife’s neck and forced her head against his cock. The head of his dick was wider than her mouth could open. He pressed harder and harder, causing his long dick to buckle in the middle and push upwards. “Come on you fucking bitch! Your husband can take more than that!” Javon continued to struggle to get more of his cock in her mouth. With only the head inside, 16 inches of girthy black cock were still hanging out of her mouth. With one final attempt, Becca flew backwards as Javon tried to shove the rest of his dick in her mouth. The head of Javon’s cock slopped out of her mouth as she fell to the floor. Quickly, she sprung back up to her knees and grabbed his cock with both hands.

“Please give me another chance. I know I can please you more than my worthless husband can!” She grabbed him by the arm and walked him into the living room. I quickly followed them, my ass still hanging out of my pants. She motioned for Javon to take a seat on the couch. As he sat down, his rock hard monster cock was pressed upwards. To my amazement, it looked even bigger than before. In a sitting position, the tip of his cock reached all the way up to his chin. I never quite realized that Javon’s cock was as long as his entire torso! My wife ripped off her apron and started to unbutton her shirt. I could see her huge tits straining to break free.

“Please, sweetheart…there’s still time to stop this!” She just glanced at me with a look of disgust.

“NO! You cheated on me with this man, and now you’re gonna pay for it.” She looked down at Javon who was sitting on the couch. From her viewpoint, his humongous cock nearly covered his entire face. “I’ve got one thing that my stupid little husband doesn’t.” She unbuttoned another latch on her shirt, causing a bit more of her floppy breast meat to spill out.

“You’re so much better than your stupid white husband. Now show me those fat white tits!” She seemed to take pride in being better than me. She smiled, as if pleased with the compliment Javon gave her. She grabbed the edges of her shirt with both hands and gave it one strong yank. The remaining buttons all flew apart, and her massive tits came flying forward. Finally freed, the tits flew up and smacked her in the chin. Finally, they settled back down against her stomach, reaching all the way down to her hips! Javon reached forward and grabbed each one in his hands. He squeezed them so hard that her breast meat bulged around his fingers. He violently yanked them from side to side, rocking her entire body with them.

“Holy shit! That feels incredible!” She smiled immensely as Javon violently yanked and pulled at her tits. He stretched them all the way to his face, where he started to lick and suck on her swollen nipples.

“Now I see why you’ve been cheating on me with this incredible man!” She said, while giving me a look of pity and disgust.

“And now you know why he’s hopelessly addicted to me. The same is gonna happen to you too…won’t it?” He asked, while slobbering all over her nipples.

“Of course…anything you want. Just please don’t stop sucking my tits.” I could see the pleasure swelling inside of her, clouding her better judgment. She grabbed the base of her tits and yanked them from Javon’s mouth. Her nipples were dripping wet with Javon’s slobber. Her massive tits wobbled side to side, like a waterbed. “Why don’t I take care of that massive cock you have?” Javon just smiled as he propped up his cock, pointing it up in the air. Becca knelt down in front of him. She positioned herself so that the crease between her huge tits was hovering directly above the tip of his huge dick. She threw her tits down and pressed his meat stick through her cleavage. As she finally reached the bottom, her tits slammed against his legs. Her fat plump tits started to spill over his legs and touch the couch. I stared in awe as my wife knelt before a superior black man, with her tits laying on his lap, and his cock being squeezed tightly by her cleavage. The top of his cock reached up out of her cleave and covered up my wife’s face. She grabbed her tits at the sides and started lifting them up and down. Each time she slammed her tits down against Javon’s legs, the head of his cock would peek out from between her cleavage. “I bet my stupid husband can’t do anything quite like this, huh?” She asked, while furiously jerking off his cock with her floppy tits.

“Fuck no! That white loser ain’t got shit on you, girl!” She smiled, almost seeming proud of beating me. After a few minutes, Javon shoved her away. Her tits flung back against her body, throwing her to the ground. “Enough playing around…it’s time to show this whore how good nigga dick feels!” He lay down on the floor, with his massive dick wobbling from side to side in the air. “Once I’m done with you, you won’t even want to look at another white loser again.” Becca seductively walked over and let her pants slide off. Her pussy was so tiny and tight. It was clear that it hadn’t been touched in years. I whimpered with fear, knowing that once she felt him inside of her…she’d never give a shit about white men again. As she gently lowered her body over his cock, Javon just stared at me with a smile. He knew that she was about to be completely destroyed. Once he had his way with her, no white man would ever be able to fit inside her again. Her pussy rested against the tip of his cock. She was so tight that the head of his cock was twice as big as her opening.

“I…I don’t think I can take it.” I could see her start to tremble in fear once she realized that his cock completely outsized her entire cunt.

“Don’t you want to ruin your white holes just like your husband did to himself? Don’t tell me that he can take more than you?! Are you really gonna let him win like that?” The fear quickly left her eyes and was replaced with a competitive drive.

“There’s no way that I’m gonna let that cheating son of a bitch win!” She slowly sat down, squeezing the bulbous head of Javon’s cock into her tight pussy. Just the head of his cock was enough to stretch out her pussy to a new size. She slowly sat down and took Javon’s monster dick inside of her, inch by inch. By the time that she sat down against his waist, she was already panting and moaning like crazy. I couldn’t help but stare in awe as 16 inches of girthy black meat disappeared into my wife’s pussy. She rubbed her ass against his waist, rotating the huge cock inside of her. “Holy shit, that feels incredible. I think I’m already about to cum.”

“That’s the kind of effect a nigga dick has on a tight white bitch like yourself. Now hold still, and I’ll make you forget all about those tiny dicked white boys.” He started thrusting in to her, tearing apart her pussy with his horse sized cock. She was screaming her brains out within the first few seconds. As he picked up the pace, his huge baseball sized nuts slammed up against her clit.

“Keep fucking me…keep fucking me with that huge black cock!” I could see she was slowly starting to lose her mind…sort of like what happens to me when Javon abuses my ass. As she was bouncing up and down on his cock, Javon reached up and slapped her across the face.

“It’s ‘nigger’! I don’t wanna hear you say ‘black’ again, got it whore?” A huge smile erupted on her face, as if she actually enjoyed being slapped and called a whore.

“Oh…I see. You’re one of those lewd motherfuckers who likes to talk dirty. Okay…I can be a dirty bitch!” She looked over and me and smirked. “Is this what you wanted, honey?”

“Please, sweetheart. Remember that I still love you.” I pleaded, hoping that she might still care for me.

“Well it’s a little late for that, isn’t it? This nigger has a cock that could satisfy an elephant! He’s stretching my pussy out like no one else could…and I think I kind of like it.” Her tits were flopping up and down on her chest, as Javon continued to pound his cock into my wife.

“Hey faggot…why don’t you get down here and give my ass a nice spit shine?” He pulled apart his ass cheeks, while still mercilessly plowing my wife. I knew that going over there and sucking on his black butthole would only make my wife hate me more…but I just couldn’t resist. I crawled over to him, staring at his airtight and puckered asshole.

“Are you actually going to do this?” Becca asked me with a tone of disgust and shame. I didn’t answer her; I simply crawled between Javon’s legs and positioned my mouth near the bottom of his thrusting cock. “You really are a worthless white boy, aren’t you? You’re not even a real man anymore! Obviously, you’re just a slave to niggers.” Saying ‘nigger’ seemed to fill my wife with as much lust as I get when I say it.

“Of course he’s not a real man! He’s a pathetically weak honky who just couldn’t resist the power of niggas.” As much as I hated to admit it, hearing Javon talk about me like that made me incredibly horny. I shoved my head in the crack of his ass and started sliding my tongue all over his puckered butthole. “That’s a good little faggot. Just keep slobbering on my shithole as I tear apart your wife’s cunt.” Both Javon and Becca giggled to themselves. As he plowed Becca at lightning fast speeds, his heavy nuts flung up and slammed against her clit. Within a split second they flew back down and banged against the top of my head. I continued to get pelted by his nuts as I ran my tongue over his asshole.

“Keep fucking me you big dicked nigger…I’m so close to cumming!” I lifted my head out of his ass crack to see my wife smiling with pleasure. Hearing how close she was to cumming, Javon sped up his thrusting. She continued to scream loader and loader, until suddenly his cock flung out of her pussy and slammed against the top of my head. “AHHHH!” My wife rubbed at her clit as a huge stream of clear liquid flew out of her and splatted against the wall. “Holy shit…what was that? I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what that was!” She stuttered with confusion. Even I was amazed by seeing her squirt.

“That’s called ‘squirting’, slut. Most women can’t do it unless a nigga is inside of them. Barely any white guys even know how to make a white bitch squirt.” Even more amazing than my wife erupting with pussy juice was the gaping hole that Javon had left in my wife. Now that his cock had slid out of her and hanged down towards me, I was able to see the damage that Javon’s horse sized cock did to my wife’s tight pussy. Her tight pink hole was now turned into a gaping chasm about as wide as my fist.

“More…I…I need more!” She begged, panting and squirming with pleasure.

“Faggot!” Javon screamed, getting my attention. “Shove my dick back in! I’m gonna fuck your whore wife till she’s bone dry.” He laughed a bit as I grabbed his fat dick at the base. I propped it up so that the head was pointing upwards. My wife squatted back down and swallowed up his entire cock. Getting back into his rhythm, he plowed Becca with incredible speed. Within less than a full minute, I could see a strained look appear on Becca’s face.

“Ahhh….I think I’m gonna squirt again. Keep fucking me you horse hung nigger!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as a torrent of clear pussy juice rocketed out of her. Unlike last time, Javon’s cock stayed deep inside of her. He continued to pound her pussy, as juice streamed out of her clit. Every powerful thrust into her sent a strong jet of juice out of her. I couldn’t help but stare in awe at the endless waterworks display. Her massive tits were flopping around on her chest, as Javon pounded her pussy into oblivion. For a few full minutes, my wife screamed her brains out as endless streams of cunt juices flew out of her like a fire hydrant. Exhausted, she finally collapsed onto Javon’s body. Javon’s cock slid out of her gaping pussy and dangled in front of my face, dripping with her juices. She turned her head and erotically kissed Javon. “Thank you so much! Those last few minutes were more exciting than my entire marriage to Simon.” As the two of them lay there, both covered in Becca’s pussy juice, I couldn’t help but stare at Javon’s dangling cock. Looking at my wife’s gaping cunt made me remember how hungry my own ass was to be stretched out. I leaned forward and started to lick my wife’s squirt off of his throbbing dick.

“Oh…I think your faggot husband is getting jealous. How would you like to see me make him squeal?” My wife sprung up with excitement.

“Yes! Apparently nigger dicks are the only things he loves…so let’s give him what he wants.” She said with a sarcastic tone, clearly still mad about being cheated on. The hunger of my ass had overcome all of my reasonable thought.

“Please, Master, destroy my ass with your gigantic nigger cock!” I yelled with excitement as my wife just laughed to herself.

“What a loser! I can’t believe that I ever thought marrying you was a good idea. You’re not even a real man anymore.” I watched Javon stand up and walk around to my backside. My wife knelt down in front of me. “Is this really what you want?” I nodded my head like an excited child. “This is the only thing that can get you off, huh?…I can tell.” Her voice was now very serious.

“I’m sorry, honey. I tried to find you sexually attractive…but I just couldn’t anymore. Something happened to me the first time Javon tore my ass apart. It’s like the rest of the world just melted away, and all I could think about was his cock.” My wife stared at me with sympathetic eyes as I poetically spoke about a huge black dick.

“Then I guess Javon was right…you really are a mindless faggot.” Javon knelt down behind my ass and positioned his cock against my gaping hole. “Give it to him good…” She said, looking back at Javon. “…I don’t give a shit about this worthless faggot anymore.” As hard as that was to hear from my wife, I was far more concerned about getting Javon’s horse-sized cock inside me. No matter what I shoved in my ass, nothing could compare to the force and power within Javon. He pressed the thick head of his cock against my ass, which instantly swallowed it up. It almost felt like my ass was actually pulling him further in. Without much resistance, his entire 16 inch cock was squeezed tight within my bowels.

“Thank you, sir…thank you!” I graciously said, with a huge grin on my face. Nothing I had ever shoved into my ass had ever quite reached the same spots as Javon’s cock. I was already close to cumming, just from feeling his monster dick push its way through my already loose and sloppy ass.

“Damn, faggot! I guess you’ve really been working your ass harder than usual, huh? My horse cock just slid right in. I guess that rubber fist really did wreck your ass beyond repair.” I noticed my wife perk up. She had been standing to the side, viciously rubbing at her pussy as she watched her husband get his asshole destroyed.

What do you mean?”

“It’s a big rubber fist about twice as big as a person’s hand. I made your faggot husband wreck his own ass with it.” Javon looked down at me as he was thrusting his horse cock into my ass. He slapped my ass, making it jiggle back and forth. “Didn’t I, faggot?”

“Yes, sir. It was amazing!” I could see my wife rubbing her hands back and forth, like a supervillain.

“I wanna see him take some fists!” She said, with schoolgirl-like excitement. She ran over behind me and stood beside Javon. “Why don’t I give you a…hand” She cleverly squeezed the base of his cock with both her hands, side by side. His unbelievable girth ensured that her two hands didn’t even come close to touching each other. As Javon thrust forward, my wife’s hands went with him. Suddenly, I felt her hands reach the already jam packed opening to my ass. With a slight giggle she jammed them in, pulling Javon’s cock further in too.

“AHHHHH!” I screamed as my wife’s two hands joined Javon’s horse cock in my ass.

“What’s wrong, honey? I thought you liked getting your ass torn apart.” She said, pushing her fists further into my ass. She looked up at Javon. “How about I jerk off that big fat nigger dick of yours…inside my husband’s ass?” Javon leaned down and jammed his long tongue into my wife’s mouth, saying nothing. I could hear my wife groaning with pleasure as Javon licked the entire inside of her mouth. She began moving her hands forward and backward, faster and faster. Every now and then her fists would slide out of my ass, still gripping tightly around his cock, and then get shoved back in. She was essentially fisting my ass, while simultaneously jerking off a horse-sized cock. Javon withdrew his tongue, letting his drool and spit slide out of her mouth. He started breathing heavily and grunting. “That’s it! Blow your nigger load deep in my worthless husband’s ass!” With her fists still deep in my ass, she started rubbing his cock faster. Suddenly, I felt my stomach and guts start to swell and expand. As Javon grunted and moaned, I could feel my insides being drenched in his thick cum. There seemed to be no end to his huge load. It was like someone had shoved a garden hose in my ass and turned it on! Eventually, Javon yanked his cock out of me, pulling my wife’s fists out too. My gaping ass spewed forth huge streams of his cum that slammed against the floor. My wife lifted her hands off his cock. Dripping with his cum, she raised them to her face. She shoved a few fingers in her mouth, sucking them completely dry.

“You like nigga cum, bitch?” My wife just nodded her head, obediently. He pointed over to my loose ass that was still dripping with cum. “There’s a whole buffet of nigga jizz right there! Why don’t you go suck it out of his ass, you mindless slut!” Although technically an offer…my wife realized that Javon was ordering her to do it. I could see the hunger for black cum take over her reasonable mind. She leaped down behind my ass and buried her face deep in my gaping hole. As my wife slobbered and tongue-fucked my loose asshole, I couldn’t help but notice Javon. He stood there, admiring the destruction he had caused. His cock was still throbbing and pulsating from cumming. His entire muscled body was glistening with sweat. “It’s over now.” He said, staring directly into my eyes. “Your house, your wife, your ass…it’s all my property now! You’re going to do whatever I want…and give me everything I want, got it?” Without skipping a beat, I said,

“Of course, Master. Everything I have is yours. After all…I’m just a worthless, white, nigger-addicted faggot!” Javon smiled, knowing that another white family had fallen into slavery to the black race.

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