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From London is a young alpha and lives with his boyfriend Jesse. We wanted to know what the fetishweather looked like over there and how their view on BDSM is. Koby gave us a good weatherforecast.

Sleverin: Hi Koby. You are a real London citychild and one of the lucky guys with the big fetish scene there.

Koby: Haha yeah its great being a stone’s throw away from events and fetish shops.

Slev: Yeah. In which of them do you usually go shopping? Can you recommend us some?

Koby: Yeah sure, there’s a lot of stores all over London. Regulation I find is the best for custom made rubber wear they are based in Angel. Also there’s another large fetish store based in Old street that sell a large variety of leather, rubber and skin gear. Finally there’s a smaller shop based in Oval called FetishFreak that sells some great gear for all fetishes.

Slev: If we’re talking about London, we have to talk about pubs and bars as well:) Do you know some good ones?

Koby: Yeah there’s a lot of bars and clubs, if you’re looking for dancing id go to XXL nightclub, it’s got great music, mostly club and house, but 80’s and 90’s as well, and although it looks like a bear club its full of 100s of different types (not just bears).

Kink wise you have a few options, there’s a social club that’s relatively small based in kings cross area called Club Collared which is great if your new to kink and what to make new friends and meet new people. Finally if your looking for a kinky cruise night I’d suggest Hardon which is full of music sleaze and whatever else you might be after haha.

There are other clubs such as GAY in Soho which attract a twinky more queeny crowd who are not fetish friendly, but also there are a lot of smaller clubs around Soho and Vauxhall like the Eagle, Barcode and Heaven.

Slev: On your twitter PupKoby you are quite on the go in the fetish scene, have you already been on some of the events like the fetish week?

Koby: Yeah my boyfriend and I have been to a lot of events including the London fetish week. We are planning on going to all the events at this year’s one in the summer. I just find it great for meeting new people, you have a vast variety of guys from all over the world all in one place.

Slev: On all of them? Wow that’s ambitious. What’s going on there?

Koby: Fetish week is held by the company Recon and they host multiple events for a whole week across London to cater for all Fetishes, such as rubber nights, leather nights and even sportswear cruise nights. They have a welcome party at the beginning of the week and then have one big event at the end of the week which everyone usually attends. Some of the events are for cruising and have play spaces and some are just social.

We only go for the social side of things 🙂 I personally like the welcome party the most as it’s a great start to the week and you get to plan with everyone 🙂

Slev: Sounds like you’re a total fan and prepare for it 🙂 Do you have other events besides the FWL you want to go to?

Koby: Yeah lots of events, there’s the BLF event in Berlin and Folsom at the end of the year.

Slev: Well that sounds like you’re going to be pretty busy 🙂 For how long have you been living out your kinky side?

Probably around 3 years now, I got into it when I was just 19.

Slev: Well and after 3 years of experiences in the dark fetish universe, what do you like most?

Koby: Haha that’s a tricky question to answer, in that short time I have had a lot of different experiences and met a lot of different people. Although my favourite fetish’s would have to be pup play as I still enjoy rolling around on the floor with my boyfriend Jesse, but also being a dominant and strapping him down to the bed and playing with him that way is still just as much fun.

Slev: Oh yeah, you’re in an interesting relationship. You and your boyfriend both enjoy to be a pup right?

Koby: Yeah we both like the headspace and that’s one of the reasons we knew that we were right for each other, it’s a big common interest.

Slev: Good thing you found him. But you said before that you are the dominant type as well?

Koby: Yeah as much as I enjoy being a bit submissive, I do really enjoy taking charge and being “the boss”, which is why I’d say I’m an alpha pup.

Slev: So you kinda have both sides in you. What exactly do you mean with being the boss? Most people always mean being a sir/master with that.

Koby: Yeah I suppose I do have them both. I don’t think I could ever call myself a sir, it sounds far too serious for me.

Slev:  How do you let the alpha out as a pup?

Koby: Hmm difficult to say really. I suppose I just need to get in the head space, it really is just as easy as flicking a switch.

Slev: Human brain off – alpha on How do you have it with sessions with other people? Do you mostly just go alone, talk about it before and/or go as couple? Or don’t you do that at all?

Koby: We pup play with others as in roll around and chase balls etc. But everything sexual stays between us

Slev: So you’re quite devoted to each other, that’s really cool. Say what exactly do you find so interesting in fetish and bdsm in general?

Koby: Well I suppose I’ve always liked kink since I was younger. I had always liked football kits and sportswear and as I got older my likes grew and I enjoyed wearing rubber and leather to. I like the idea of someone giving control to me and trusting me.

Slev: Now what do you like to do as an alpha with a beta/sub to control him?

Koby: If he misbehaves or doesn’t do what I ask I usually wrestle him on the bed and pin him in an uncomfortable position, that’s my pup way. Or if he does something wrong, I wait until he is helplessly tied to the bed and maybe go for a bit of ball squeezing, tickling or even just leaving him tied up for a long period of time whilst I play on my Ps4.

Slev: And if he’s well-behaved? Does he get to play the PS4 then with you too?

Koby: Haha yeah he does

Slev: Hehe. Now jokes aside, punishment and reward are important for many bdsm people and they have specific rules and such. How do you stand to that? Do you have that too?

Koby: I suppose I have standards that I expect, but I’m not too harsh, I suppose that might be my passive side easing off Haha

Slev: But surely it wasn’t easy for you to find someone, as you have to fight a picture that many subs have of a dom in terms of age and such. What would you advise other young alphas who are single?

Koby: Like you said a lot of subs have an image of how a dom should be but I think that is a bad way of looking at it. There shouldn’t be an age range or look a dom should have the same as a sub shouldn’t be stereotyped either. I think a kink relationship can be whatever you want it to be and there aren’t rights and wrongs you should follow, as long as both of you are happy it doesn’t matter

Slev: I think this is a great statement to end on. I wish you all the best in your relationship, I hope Jesse gets himself some PS4 time and thank you for your time.

Koby: Haha no problem and it’s been great talking to you.


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