Max | 1992 | 180 cm | 68 kg | Manchester (UK)

I think a lot of people might see it on the extreme end of the scale

Twitter: @alphapupmax

MasterMarc: Hi Max. You’re a 25 yo pup, living a kinky life. Can you tell us at which age do you have realised, that you’re kinky and what have been your first steps into the fetish world?

Max: Hey MasterMarc, I think the first time I experienced anything kinky was when I was 18, this is when I first experienced Pup play, I was dating someone at the time. I remember the exchange of messages over Grindr, he sent me lots of photos of toys and things.. and I was a little apprehensive but I figured why not try something new,m Anyhow, after a couple of dates, he presents me with a tail, which at the time was far too big for me, so I took time working on that and developing my puppy mentality and mannerisms a little, see if it was really for me. Turns out I had a lot of fun with it, the tail felt great and it was a nice fun break from life to be puppy! We then did some sensory deprivation play, where I was tied up in a house that was mid-development Unfortunately we didn’t last very long so I ended up taking a long break from any real kink, as the partner I dated after that had zero interest in kink. I still held onto part of my puppy personality, my collar, my tags and tail Moving to Manchester is probably what really allowed me to be the kinky piglet I am now, I tried rubber in what is now ManWorxxx, met some amazing people and just developed from there!

MasterMarc: If you tell yourself a kinky piglet, what do you mean exactly? As what do you see yourself? And as development is part of the fetish world, what are your goals for the future?

Max: Ooh.. so I describe myself as a piglet, as I consider some of my activities as quite piggy and I’m told by others I’m quite piggy, and as you suggest there is always room for development and I’m still quite young so I call myself piglet cause I’m young and not a fully developed Pig… yet! As for how I perceive myself, I’m not sure, I know that my style and what I’m into isn’t exactly mainstream but I’m just doing my thing and being me and hopefully people like that 🙂

My next development.. well I have recently tried saline, that was really fun, so I will probably play with that for a while, become more confident in that. In terms of fetish goals, I have many things I still need to try, more bondage session, more sensory deprivation sessions, perhaps try scat properly. I want to develop my current kinks too, fisting for example, you can always learn more and get better so I’d like to keep on doing that

MasterMarc: You have done your first experience with SALINE. Can you tell us about the feelings you have had with? What makes it special and what kind of sensations do you have had?

Max: Yes! I think the initial fear for a lot of people is the use of needles, of course it’s gonna be a little sore, but if you can handle a piercing then you can handle the needle, it’s really not all that bad.

It stung a little when the saline was added and ached a little, but the pain over all is tolerable. Though this could be just my balls getting used the fluid and stretching a little 🙂 The whole process isn’t very long about half hour and you have some really full balls! The sensation when you get up after the filling is amazing!

There is just something really nice about having the weight between your legs. I found my self just stroking my balls constantly.. the skin is more taught so is nice and sensitive to tickling. I refilled the day after as it starts to absorb overnight, the rate this happens varies a little, but usually mostly gone overnight.

MasterMarc: Can you describe your feelings a little more, so that our readers without saline experience understand it a little better?

Max: I am yet to try ball weights, but when you use things like cock rings, where it adds a little extra to your package, saline is a little like that, only so much more!

I felt sexy, it was just really nice having them filled that big, you can’t help but play with them and stare at them, i would compare it a little like when you get a new hair cut, you become a little obsessed with it, styling it, taking lots of photos. its similar to that, the weight feels so sexy, for me i felt more confident, but rubber also works like that for me. i think when i try something piggy, which i turn out to love, i feel more confident in myself and more “me”

MasterMarc: How much liquid have you got and do you think you will increase the quantity with the time?

Max: The first infusion was 500ml, and the second was another 500ml but has residual from the previous filling so was about 750ml. I think for now I will stick to 500ml a time until I’m well practiced. I have enough stuff left now for 8 more infusions so plenty of practice 🙂

MasterMarc: A good boy needs a lot of practice, that’s right. Now we know, that boars have big ballbbags, but let us talk about the other image of pigs: How dirty are you?

Max: Well I love natural man-scent, specifically after wearing rubber. The smell of sweat mixed with rubber is amazing. Especially balls sweat! I like water sports, I have a paddling pool for this purpose and sometimes like that I pee myself a little when I play sometimes… kind of like to soak in it 🙂 I have also been trying scat, though this has only gonna as far as Shit fucking.. it’s breaking the taboo thoughts I have in my head so that I can get into a little more. I have been also known to skip showering a couple of days and wear a Jock a while so I can share my scent with others

MasterMarc: Before we talk about scat just tell us a little more about your water sports activities. 🙂 What do you like exactly, just that people pee over you or do you drink it too? And can you tell us, why you love it?

Max: Well that depends on the situation, I’m not a fan of strong pee, so I’ll only really drink it if it’s weak, I’ve been peed on in clubs which is hot when it’s in the moment. I quite like the warmth of being peed on in general, makes me feel extra piggy. This works great for when I self play, as I can push myself as I get in a really piggy head space. I’ve actually called myself a filthy pig a few times while I self fist

MasterMarc: Has it also a humiliating aspect and if yes, can you describe it for us?

AlphaPupMax: Not really, I wouldn’t say I’m that submissive, I have had some submissive moments, but not with pee, I just enjoy being peed on

MasterMarc: And what about scat?

Max: So I have a very close friend who is into scat, and the more I talk to him about it the more interested i become. I’ve gone from not really liking it anywhere near me to being able to enjoy the scent Sometimes, it’s conditional, not always nice. And also liking the squishyness on my feet. I’ve topped him when he hasn’t cleaned as it was very in the moment..instead of stopping to clean up I just kept going.. and turns out I enjoy the warm sensation when he lets go. I think the next step for me is to break my own mental perception of it and allow myself to enjoy it

MasterMarc: And what kind of scat action can you imagine to do? And what do you think is the turn on of it?

Max: I think I really enjoy being deviant, so to me this is another way for me to be even more deviant than I am. Part of the reason I have opened my mind to doing this is because of my close friend, it’s another way you can enjoy each other’s body’s. I think I would like to try smearing and maybe feeding 🙂

MasterMarc: It is always interesting to ask guys without any feeding experience, why this aspect of scat play is so interesting, what makes it so desirable to eat scat?

Max: I think for me this part is a curiosity thing, I don’t know if it’s gonna be desirable, but I like to experiment. In my head I think “someone gets off on this, I wanna see what the fuss is about” and worst case scenario I won’t like it, but I’ll know that and I don’t have to wander about it anymore 🙂

MasterMarc: Is to eat shit a submissive behaviour? Is it humiliating? Or what do you see in this kind of action?

Max: I don’t see it as humiliating for me, but then I haven’t done it yet, perhaps it is when I actually do it. I can see how it can be done that way. I think for me it’s more about enjoying someone’s body that being humiliated

MasterMarc: Many of our readers would say it is an extreme action. Do you think do you still have upward potential after it? And what could be the next steps?

Max: I think a lot of people might see it on the extreme end of the scale, I’m not exactly sure what the upward potential is, I guess that would be perhaps better involving more people, so something like a group session. But it’s difficult to say when I’m not sure if this is for me yet, it’s something I want to try, i like the idea on being covered more than eating 🙂

MasterMarc: You have really to tell us more about it as soon as you have made your first experiences. I think there are many readers who are interested to know more about.

Max: Haha yes! I’ll have to get back to you when I’ve done it and let you know how it went. Btw. I’d like to thank my friend Oakley for helping with saline.



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