MasterMarc: Hi Tom (Sissyboy-Slut19). You’re a 21 years old kinky guy from Austria and you call yourself a SISSYBOY. As everyone defines his fetish differently I have to ask you, what makes you a sissyboy?

sissyboy-slut19-161203-014Sissyboy-Slut19: Hello Master Marc. I am definitely a Sissyboy. But i have to say that i am just an amateur sissy. Because I am living a normal live. But when i am horny, I turn into a little sexy girl. Not with a wig or MakeUp, but sexy clothes like straps, latex corsettes, collars, skirts and so on. Thats what makes me a Sissyboy. When I turn into this Sissy-Mode I am totally hungry for cocks. If i am not a sissy, I also like girls.

MasterMarc: So you are bisexual? Probably you have an answer to the question then why the sissyboy fetish is so much more popular in the bisexual world?

Sissyboy-Slut19: Yes i am bi. But I think I am more gay. I really dont know why this is so popular for bisexualls. I think because we are more open minded. We do not have much limits. We are more kinky. We do everything, unless its naughty. So we also crossdress, sometimes for both sides.

MasterMarc: I know that you really love to be treated like a cheap slut. Can you tell us, what it makes so attractive to be treated this way?

Sissyboy-Slut19: Thats a pretty complicate question. I think I love it to be treated this way because thats what I dreamed about. As a child, I saw whores standing on the street. They were so sexy. I liked them. Later I also wanted to be like them. In time this fantasies turned into a passion. The dates got hotter and the guys got more aggressive. So now, here we are. I turned into a slut who loves to get bossed around.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, how you want to be treated, what kind of action you’re into?

Sissyboy-Slut19: Of course I can, and I will. I wanted to get blackmailed to do things, getting stalked and threatened. I love to get forced for doing things. Forced feminization, forced rape, forced street whore. I love it. I have no limits for doing this to me. I love to get raped by a gang, and when they taking pics and clips to blackmail me for more. My dream is to get kidnapped into a house in the woods. Getting raped a weekend by dozends of men.

MasterMarc: That sounds like experiences real women don’t want to have :). How important is humiliation for you?

Sissyboy-Slut19: Humiliation is very important. Whitout getting humiliated its just normal sex. I dont like normal. Its boring when he doesnt abuse me like the cumdump I am.

MasterMarc: Do you like this treatment just during the time you’re hot or would you like to live this lifestyle also longterm, also in moments you’re not hot?

Sissyboy-Slut19: It is my dream to be treated like this for all the time. But to get there it is a very long way.

sissyboy-slut19-161203-003 sissyboy-slut19-161203-002

MasterMarc: To live the kinks in daily life is never so easy but of course a very satisfying idea. Let us talk a little about your experiences. What kind of experiences do you have?

Sissyboy-Slut19: I think I can say that i am very experienced. This reaches to really brutal rapes. My most favourite experience was a rape when i was 14 years old. I found him in a chatroom. We made out a location. He said that i have to wear slutty things and stand on the street corner. I did this and put over a Trenchcoat. He then found me and asked me how much blowjob. I said what he wants because i am a cheap slut. He got out of his car, took my neck and dragged me into his car. He then drove into the forest. He didnt say anything. When we arrived he punched my face. Dont know why. He put on a collar and a leash on my neck. Then he tied me onto a tree. He slapped my face several times, choked me until i nearly passed out. He whipped my body until i cried. At least he fucked my ass bareback, cum onto my body and lied me tied up, onto the ground. Then i drove away. I nearly could not free myself, it needed about an hour. Then i walked home and cried. I loved it.

MasterMarc: You really started too early but the main responsiblity has had the older guy who was using you. Haven’t you been afraid that something you don’t like can happen? And would you really recommend other young guys to do the same?

Sissyboy-Slut19: Oh god. I was totally afraid. Sometimes I hoped that this will end but in the end I always loved it getting raped. I wouldn’t do it again in this age. Look at me. Now I am 21 years old and I am totally dick addicted because of this. Sluts like me should wait for a few years to become that slutty. Its too early with 14. I wouldnt do it again with 14 but i have to live with it now.


MasterMarc: It seems that you wanted and needed it, that’s good, but it is an age in which it is difficult to estimate the risk and handle it. But now you’re 21 and you still like rape roleplay. Can you give some advices to others with your desires, how to be safe even if you have this need of being helpless and abused? 

Sissyboy-Slut19: I don’t do roleplay. I do these things real. Without safewords. Of course its very dangerous but now I have a membership of guys I trust. And they rape me when they want. Seldom I take a new rapist. If I do its just for a single rape.

You never can be safe if you do things like this. Boys who wants to do this have to be very sure if they really want it. This could break you. It is a dangerous game woth your life. But i love risk.


MasterMarc: Ok … I’ve to ask in another way … How do you find guys you trust to rape you?

Sissyboy-Slut19: Thats a real hard question to answer. I didn’t trust them in the beginning. But now i know them better. As I said, it is a big risk. One guy nearly killed me with strangulation. Sure I love breath control but I dont want to die. It was brutally. I didnt met him again becuase he doesn’t know where the limits are. You can never trust a guy for 100% when he rapes you and you dont have a safeword. The trust comes with time when u meet the rapists oftener.

MasterMarc: Seems that your sexuality is a dangerous lottery. But normaly if there is a danger of a big loss the jackpot has to be very attractive. Can you tell us about the feelings and experiences you win with your way to live sexuality?

Sissyboy-Slut19: Your questions are getting more complicated. There is no jackpot. No win. It is just a passion your were born with or not. It is a lifestyle, being a whore and love getting raped and doing thing youre forced to with brutal violence. I cant say what i won with doing this other than much experience and getting more limitless. Thats it.

MasterMarc: Hey Tom, it was great to talk to you to get an insight into your kinky world. What you’re doing is quite dangerous and others who want to try it should really be aware about the risks. We don’t want to trivialise your kinks and neither what you have done as you have been a 14 years old boy but we shouldn’t judge about the fetish life of others. It is important to say again that your fetish is DANGEROUS. It is ok, as long as you are satisfied and you don’t border or hurt others with your desires. That is something I can’t say about the guy who has used you for the first time. Please take care and we should continue our talk soon as you have to tell us a little more about your experiences.

You can find Sissyboy-Slut19 on Tumblr.

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  1. Excellent interview with a most unusual young man. Yes, what he does is dangerous. Yes, the passions which drive him are irrational to the rational mind. Yes, he makes a very poor role model for the conventional by-the-book mind. Notwithstanding all of this, I would rather count him as a friend than any ‘rational, cautious, by-the-book’ young stud you could cull from the common herd, any day of the week.

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