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Hi guerillapudding. You call yourself a fembo, a mix of femboy and himbo. What are for you the essential characteristics of a femboy and which of a himbo and how would you describe the fembo mix you are?

Hi Marc. Well, the fembo thing is more of a joke to be honest. But i do kinda like the himbo stereotype. For me a himbo is someone who is a classic jock type, but incredibly gentle and loving. Someone who could hurt you if he wanted to, but never would. He also views the world with a kind of childlike amazement.

A femboy for me is someone who doesn’t care for the gender expectations of being male. Embracing femininity even though you are a man, breaking up old gender norms, and most importantly being comfortable with yourself, that’s what i think being a femboy means. Or atleast what it means for me.

And well, as i said, it was meant more as a kind of joke, the fembo thing. I think the origin of it was me talking with some others about how i am sometimes really stupid. I asked what the femboy variant of a himbo would be, and someone said “fembo, femboy + himbo”, so that’s how that term found its way into my twitter bio.

When have you realised that you would like to wear female cloths and can you tell us about your first steps into cross dressing? Have you been one of the boys searching through the drawers of your mother?

Haha, let me answer the second one first. No, i have never searched through her drawers or tried wearing her clothes.

Realization about all of this, traditional female clothing included, came maybe two years ago. I was never the most secure person regarding my looks, and naturally, i compensated by not giving a damn entirely. I also had for a bit some trouble with my gender identity, thinking about if i may be trans and this kind of stuff. At some point i found out online what a femboy is, and that, together with generally getting more knowledge about how gender stuff is basically made up, really helped me find myself.
Being feminine and liking feminine things as a boy is really ok and no problem, no matter what some people may say.

And no, until now i haven’t really had any experience with crossdressing, although i’d like to soon. But not living alone obviously makes this a bit difficult.

Yes that makes it more difficult. I think that is a problem many kinksters with different fetish know. To be yourself and to live what you feel is the most important. But many young kinksters are first also ashamed about the desires and needs they have. Have you had the same problem and how have you solved it?

Oh, difficult question to be honest. I have to say that i have been lucky that my parents were always rather open. I had never big problems like that, no conservative or christian moralism that told me i was wrong for who i am. In that sense i was very lucky.

I wasn’t really ashamed about my desire, it was more kind of a “not understanding” feeling. I didn’t understand why i didn’t feel as happy with the label of “man, male, boy, etc”. That’s why i thought for some time i may be trans, because i really didn’t understand it.

But, in the end, learning more and having time to reflect did the most. As i said, finding out what a femboy was, and generally that femininity in men isn’t a bad thing massively helped me into accepting, and recognizing, my desires.

And to any one who may be ashamed of themselves, for whatever reason, don’t be. As long as it is consensual and nobody gets seriously hurt then it is a-ok in my book. You are valuable and precious as you are, and as the one you want to be, don’t let any one tell you any different.

I am a femboy because I want to be one

Now I’ve really to ask you what makes you a femboy?

Well, what makes me a femboy is that i describe myself as such haha. But i know that that isn’t quite what you wanted to hear.

If you ask my twitter followers, then probably my body. I really came to recognize over the last year that i am in fact attractive. I look cute in the typical, boyish way. I have a great butt, nice dick, generally small frame and so on, what many people would consider the “normal” femboy characteristics. Although obviously you can be a femboy if don’t fit these criteria.

I think more important for me being a femboy is that i view myself as such and like to act as such. Being a bit shy, blushing, generally acting cute, i think that is what being a femboy means to me, and what want to be more.

And honestly, other than these i can just again say that i am a femboy because i want to be one and like to act the way i think would fit that category.

Hehe. Seems that to be a little brat bitch makes you a femboy :))) Let’s talk about your sexuality. What kind of sex are you into and how do you live it?

Ah, that is kind of awkward, because i am still a virgin, so i can’t talk from personal experience 😛

But, judging from my interest in porn and stuff, i’d definitely like soft and loving partners, where i could feel safe, who loves me no matter what. On the other hand, i do kind of fantasize about just being a fucktoy for others to use. Not hurtful or such, but degredation and just viewing me as a tool for pleasure seems really hot.

Overall i’d probably say that i am somewhere around bottom-switch territory. I don’t think topping would be really my stuff except for special someones.

To be submissive means that I like pleasing others

What is the attraction you feel if you imagine that you get degraded to a pussyboy who just exists to satisfy real men?

Hmmm, i don’t know if i can really put it into words. I think for me it is the desire to help and serve others. The thought of pleasing others, and through that getting my own pleasure is just really hot.

Seems you have a very submissive side. I like that. But I hope you’re not only looking for dominance but also to be protected. Another thing I’ve seen and I do really like is that you’re totally smooth. Can you tell us why you like to shave you totally?

Yeah, i guess i am rather submissive sexually speaking. Outside of that probably not so much though haha.

And yeah, sure. I like to be completely shaven because i absolutely hate my body hair, although i am lucky to not have thaaat much of it anyway. For me it is just a form of disgust for it and if i could i’d probably remove it entirely. Maybe i’ll laser it at some point when i have the money.

If I check out your twitter it seems that to expose yourself is also one of your kinks. What is the attraction of it?

Hmm, hard to say. I think it ties back to pleasuring others, and this is ofcourse one way. And besides, all the positive feedback is really nice to hear. And hot too.

Cross-dressing – I like to be cute

You’ve told us, that don’t have any experiences with cross-dressing. Is it not so important to you or why haven’t you done it yet.

Well, important is relative. I definitely want to try it, and if i like it then do it more often. The real problem for me is that i don’t live alone, so getting the necessary stuff is a bit hard. Second reason would be money. As a student i don’t really have that much spare money, so there is that.

But yeah, as i said, i definitely want to try it in the future. For now i’ll just wait for a good opportunity.

What is the attraction of cross-dressing?

I don’t know if i can give you a good answer on this one. It is a bit like asking why i am gay, it’s just the way it is.

But if i had to pin it down probably because of the breaking of gender norms. That is not neccessarily the attraction, but maybe the fascination? But besides that i can just say that i like things that look cute and i want to look cute in them. I think that would be my attraction towards crossdressing.

So what kind of dress would you like to wear? 😉 More the bitch style or would it be more the princess outfit?

Heh, tough question. Probably something cute first. Maybe a cute schoolgirl outfit, or maybe an Astolfo cosplay or something like that. Though definitely some cute thigh highs together with that.

And maybe i’ll try sometimes such a poofy princess dress, who knows, although at the moment i can’t see myself in it haha.


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