Jackie Bond

1962 | 170 cm | 65 kg
Bangkok (Thailand)

if I become interested than I become crazy and addicted To something !

Twitter: @JackieBondTwitt

A Talk About Fetish & Age

Hi Jackie. You’re living in Bangkok (Thailand). How popular is SM in the Thai gay scene? Are there a lot of people into the kinky lifestyle?

We have to say that in Bangkok it is much easier to be gay than in other regions and countries in Asia. It is legal and the people doesn’t see us as evil. Of course for some it is strange  but I think that you find such kind of people all over the world. A little different is it with SM and Fetish. People don’t understand it and they think it is abnormal, just a sick sexual fantasy.

Believe me even in “open” western societies as here in Europe the majority don’t understand what SM is. They have a wrong picture of it. For how long are you into SM and can you tell us, how you have done your first steps into this kinky world?

You’ll not believe me, but I am 55 years old and a newbie. 🙂 Ok I’ve made my first experiences more or less 10 years ago but not really seriously. It has just been some sessions to try. But I wasn’t really interested in.

That changed more or less three years ago. I have seen some hot SM pictures on internet and I became really interested in. I’ve had a big desire to try it and one of my characters is, that if I become interested than I become crazy and addicted to something. I wanna try everything and explore it as much I can. Ok it is not always easy to find guys to play with as I’m not the youngest guy but I think I look not so bad!

You really don’t look bad, Jackie. Your twitter account is just showing pics of you. So if you’re a newbie than you have to be nonstop at sessions and there seem to be a lot of masters in Thailand to find so many guys to play with. 🙂 It seems that you really love to show yourself. Can you tell us about your motivation to show you being used and tortured to the public on Twitter?

As I have told you, I can become addicted if I like something. 🙂 I search on internet for contacts and interesting masters from all over and as you see, I can find them. 🙂

I love to show my experiences on social networks because it is fun and of course I’m also proud of it. I do it for myself. Please don’t think that I want to become an internet idol. It is just fun. If I post it I have the possibility to remember the scene and to live it again in my thoughts. …. And probably I have to say that I’m a little exhibitionist. I love to know that people can see me in such moments. Even better are sessions with a live audience. Uhhh.

Hehe. You’ve told us before about your age. I know there are a lot of guys who are thinking that they are too old for SM. I think it is a stupid way to think. What would you say? How can we encourage people to live their desires and sexual fantasies in every age and even if they don’t look as perfect as they probably think that they have to look like?

I agree totally. It is stupid not to live your own fantasies just because you think that you are too old, too ugly, too young, too fat, too thin, … Try to do what you like to do. You have to accept yourself, how you are, how you look, your health, etc. … and make the best out of it. There is for everyone a market somewhere. 🙂

You’re totally right, Jackie. Self confidence is imporant and even more to be just yourself and not the guy you want to be. But now we’re really curious about your experiences. Can you tell us some of your hottest experiences and tell us, why you have liked them so much?

Oh this questions is really difficult to answer as every session is different. Of course there are better and less good sessions but every experience is at the end a good one. I am happy if masters want to play with my and my goal is to please them the way they expect it.

One of my best experiences was a real hard session but the connection to the master was so good and he was doing such a great job, that it hasn’t felt really hard. I just felt comfortable and safe so that i have just followed the flow which has become harder and harder without noticing it. You are just accepting what happened without any bad feeling of being in danger. That are good sessions, if it is going on this way.

If you feel uncomfortable, if you have the sensation that the master is not knowing what he is doing or that he doesn’t take care about you as slave, than you can be sure, it will become a bad experience and you should really listen to your feelings and stop the session.

Of course everyone has his sexual preferences. You can drive me crazy by playing with my nipples. One of my other kinks is of course bondage as you can see on my pics. Bind me and I am yours! Then you can use me hard and also torture me. This kind of pain play and being helpless at the same time is much more important than the sexual parts.

Now you know a lot about my desires. If you are able to combine it and do it at a place with a audience of hot guys watching us, than you’ve made my perfect session.

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