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Hello my dear readers,

This week I want to write again about how important it is to think twice or triple with whom you meet. This is especially valid when it is about TPE or 24/7 commitment. Last week I was chatting with a slave who is looking for TPE. This slave was chatting with some different masters. One of the masters he was chatting with was a guy, who lives in Spain at the Costa del Sol,  with the profile name: “Master4247slaves” from Recon. This master told that slave that he would own a big property and he would live together with several slaves which he would rent out and which he would use to perform at sex parties. To make a long story short. It all sounded like a perfect place for a slave who is interested in TPE.

Thank god this slave did what I always recommend doing. He was asking for some personal details of the man he was thinking about to meet. So the real name of this master from Spain is Serge Lenglez. So far so good. When you start to google for a man with the name “Serge Lenglez” a variety of websites open up. The first website that opens up is from “Gazet van Antwerpen”,

The article from the “Gazet van Antwerpen” is about Serge Lenglez and that he is accused of some frauds that he supposedly shall have done in Belgium and Spain.

The next website that opens up is called “Misdaadjournalist“. In this website it is said that a man named Serge C. Lenglez is not allowed to return to Belgium because he still has to expect a punishment there and it is also said in this article that in France, they are searching for him. But you can read it yourself in this article. If you don´t speak Dutch or Spanish, google translate is a wonderful tool for cases like this.

Also the Belgium newspaper “Nieuwsblad.be” was reporting about this man.

I want to point out that I am not judging in this article but just reporting the facts. Yes, most of the linked websites are about 1,5 years old or older but that`s not what this article is about.

I just want to ask the general question if a person who has supposedly done such scam can be seen as reliable and responsible enough to be chatted with or even to be visited when it is about TPE or 24/7 enslavement. In my humble opinion I definitely would say NO if someone would ask me.

This week you can also find an article on sadosam about a slave who was abused in his childhood. During my first years I was in contact with a young boy from Nuremberg who was so interested in SM. The sad thing that happened to him was, that he met with a stranger in a hotel. Sadly he didn´t tell anyone where he was going and so nobody knew where he was. It happened that the man he met, was a psycho who beat him up in the hotel room. So his first session ended with 3 broken ribs, and a broken nose. Needless to say that it took me years to make this boy having enough trust to meet strangers again and to give it another try to live out his SM desires.

Let´s be clear about the fact that you can´t avoid meeting assholes for 100% but in some cases,  you can definitely get a lot of hints that point in one special direction and that should make you start to think twice or triple. And in general I always recommend that before you make any decision in what way ever and you still have doubts and need to speak with someone than for heaven´s sake speak with people that have a good name in the SM-Scene.

NEWS about slaves:

From 2nd to 4th November I had another Latino slave from Portugal at my dungeon. It was a very good session and we had lots of fun. Two days ago I uploaded the first video at my just4fans.

This coming Thursday slave Chris from the Netherlands will return to my plantation. As some might know from my previous videos on xtube  he is a very masochistic slave and he was begging for a harder treatment this time. I am pretty sure that some very intense videos will be the result of this meeting. I am looking forward to having him back in my dungeon.

In the beginning of December I will meet with a man from the US who usually is a Dom himself. But he was asking to make some new experiences with steal bondage in my dungeon and I am more than happy to provide that to him.

At the end of December a slave from Mexico will spend some days with me in my dungeon. I am also looking forward to that meeting. Will be my first Mexican slave at all.

So that´s it for now. I hope each single one of you will have a good weekend and a wonderful week. Stay safe and sane out there.


Links | Sources

In the article some news-sites are linked directly. If the links don’t work please use the following links:

Gazet van Antwerpen: https://m.gva.be/cnt/dmf20170714_02973375/stortvloed-aan-klachten-over

Misdaadjournalist: https://www.misdaadjournalist.nl/2017/07/serge-c-lenglez-wacht-u-voor-de-meesteroplichter/

Nieuwsblad: https://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20170713_02971303

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