Max | 1964 | 175 cm | 74 kg | Milano (Italy)

Our Pictures show our sexual desires and dreams !


A Talk About Kinky Photography and Beards

MasterMarc: Hi Max. You and your boyfriend Marco are the team of 4M Pictures. For how long are you doing fetish photography and can you tell us about the fascination of fetish motives?

Max: We are both into leather/fetish so it is normal we make pictures of this kind. Since the first serious shooting we made 6 years ago, we put a guy naked and bound arms and legs in a X shape under the sun. For us it is not just a fetish pictures but we try to realise some of our dreams. Some of our sexual desires and dreams are displayed in the poses of our models. Someone that is humiliated, or bound or forced. What we try is to put in a picture what is in our head. Sometimes with very good results, some other times not. Another frequent theme of our pictures is the religion and the dead. Some of our pictures are very discussed and we had problem with the Italian catholic church too because we were accused of blasphemy.

MasterMarc: What is important in the arrangements of your pictures so that you can transport feelings like humiliation and vulnerability? 

Max: Mainly we need a very good feeling with the model. He has to be very patient and believe in what we are doing. The rest is almost automatic. Sometimes the model is not into fetish and it is difficult for him to understand what we are going to realize. Once a model said me “I’m worried on what you will do to me, but I see a light in your light, so I’m comfortable with you. For me it’s ok.”

The rest is a fight with my camera. I must see something of exciting through my camera lens. So it is not rare I shoot a situation many times, from different angles and with model in different poses, until I’m totally happy with the result.

MasterMarc: To make good pictures is a mix of hard work and talent, I know.  How can you create this connection to your models you have described before and how do you explain them the message you want to send with your picture?

Max: To be a very easy going guy is important. First of all I must understand that the model is not stressed or nervous. Once I realize this I start to make easy pictures (usually nothing of importance) until I see the model is concentrated in his job. After that I start to shoot what I have in mind. Usually I explain what I wish to do some days before the shooting.

Another problem is if the model starting to be excited. I try to avoid this and mantain the concentration of the guy but sometimes it is not easy.

MasterMarc: I can imagine that it isn’t easy to be not excited during you’re doing fetish shoots. 🙂 As you have told us before you try to realize pictures which are showing your own desires. It seems that you’re totally into bearded guys. Why do they have a special attraction to you? 

Max: Really don’t know. I like bearded faces and hairy bodies. For me they are more attractive and sexy. But I made also a lot of pics with shaved and young guys. The opposite of a bear. Everyone has his type. Now the beard is fashionable so everyone has a bearded face.

MasterMarc: But I am sure you can tell us, what makes bearded and hairy guys more attractive for you. 

Max: There is not a specific reason. If I take a look to an bearded guy (not important the age) I feel a sexual acttraction more that to a shaved guy. Usually the fetish pictures are made using very young guys without hair and beard, Only masters are sometimes with beard. I think that an hairy/bearded slave can be more exciting and give to this kind of pictures someting of new.

MasterMarc: You have told us before that you and your boyfriend are fetish & sm lovers. Can you tell us what are you into?

Max: I like to see guys humiliated, bounded and stripped with coercion. My boyfriend is more into military situations.

MasterMarc: Do you have still some pictures in your mind you haven’t realized yet? And can you tell us a little what kind of pictures that are and the problems are that you haven’t realized them yet?

Max: Of course. I wish realize situations in rubber but I don’t have this kind of garments available. Another situation is an auction of “unvilling” slaves in a very modern ambient of design with rich and elegant buyers (kidnapped guys). In this case I’d need many people and it is always a problem to find a date correct for everybody. Another situation is a little bit porno with a private or sergeant captured by arab terrorists and displayed naked to the rest of the tribe.

MasterMarc: Wow, those seems to be interesting projects, and we are gonna be happy when you show us the pictures as soon as you have realized them. Last but not least: You What the problems did you have with the catholic church? You really gotta tell us.

Max: Ouch…  ok have you ever tried to live in such a catholic state as Italy? I’m totally atheist and I can’t accept the mind whashing the church is making. So I made some pictures of protest. They were published by a spanish newspaper. After that I was amenaced by a ultra conservartive catholic group that is fighting against abortion, divorce and gay marriage. They’re a head pain.

MasterMarc: Amen to that, my friend! Hey Max, it was a great pleasure talking to you. Now we wish you great holidays and sexy boys to make pictures in Gran Canaria. 


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