Dear sadOsam Readers,

Normally the New Year’s Eve Party is the last highlight of the old year and at the same time the first climax of the new one. For us, the sadOsam team, the year was a great highlight as we started the magazine officially January 4, 2016. We are happy to see how many people have followed and like us and made out of sadOsam the BEST RANKED GAY FETISH ONLINE MAGAZINE in just a year. We are proud of our team but also proud of you, dear sadOsam followers.


You know how xmas time is, so it was a little calmer here on sadOsam, but as you have probably seen we have also launched WANKDAY – a GAY PORN MAGAZINE. Have you visited it? Btw. if you like it, we would be happy if you follow sadOsam and WANKDAY on social media.

Our love for kinks, our perverted mind and of course the encouragement we get from our readers are motivating us to new projects for 2017. We hope you will like what we are planning and realizing for you in the next year.

Now it is time to give us a break for a 3 days kinky New Years Eve party. So we will be very quiet but afterwards we will restart with a lot of energy and motivation into a new sadOsam year (after we recovered *cough*).

Your sadOsam Team

P.S. If we talk about the CLIMAX, have you ever thought about, what happened in your body when you’re reaching your climax? Here you get an answer we have found on HealthChannelTV (don’t click on updated movie):



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