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Dear Advertisers,

We got happy news for you today. Our online fetish magazine just started it’s first advertisement launch sale. “Now why should that interest me?”, you surely ask yourself. That’s easy, because sadOsam is most likely the best platform for you to advertise on right now. Here’s just a few reasons why:

Nr. 1 : With over a half a million views per month we are currently THE MOST READ online gay fetish magazine in the world. Our readers come from all the attractive marketplaces across the globe. And we are still growing.

From kinksters for kinksters: We are genuine. Our magazine started as a private fetish website back in 2015 by 2 enthusiasts, who wanted to spread positively lived fetish. That’s still our mission. We are part of our own target group, and do what we do well because it’s a passion for us. And as we know our followers, and they us, we are both opinion leaders and influencers in one medium.

Coming to stay: Our visitors like our content. They read our articles consciously and often go through several of them in one visit. That shows in our stats. We have an average stay of over 32 secs per page, and a bounce rate of 16% (December 19).

Right on target: Our magazine is tailored to the gay kink community, and delivers articles on a whole spectrum of fetishes, from which you can even choose which to advertise on. With us, your ads won’t be scattered among normal and disinterested people, but hit right on your target group.

Attractive Packages: Our Magazine, with over 1500 collected articles, can offer you many different advertising possibilities. From the conventional ad-banner, to sponsored articles, advertorials and others, we can make sure that your products can be presented in the most attractive way for you and the recipients.

Ok now, if these reasons got you interested in us, just visit our page and check out our Media Data / Advertiser’s brochure.

We would love to hear from you.

Have a great kinky day.

The sadOsam & SOMpublishing team

WHY sadOsam ?

With over 500‘000 views a month we are the most read gay online fetish magazine of the world and are still continuously growing.

Our readers come for the greatest part (78%) out of economically attractive markets like Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

We serve a financially strong, quality-conscious and shopping-enjoying target group. Gay fetish people are often DINKs (Double Income No Kids) and they know that style, quality and safety has its price.

We provide an interesting content mix, where visitors stay on one page for longer periods of time (av. 32 sec.) compared to other available spaces, as for example chats etc. Therefore your advertisments will get considerably more attention from them.

We are insiders, well connected and part of our own target group. As we know it well and they us, we are both opinion leaders and influencers. That’s one of the reasons why we have a low bounce rate around 16%.

We offer attractive advertising possibilities in various forms, so you and your products can be presented in the best way, with high visibility, right to your target group.


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In our advertiser brochure you will find further information to sadOsam, its target group and the possiblities to advertise in the leading fetish magazine for gays.

Should you have further questions or want to put up your ad on our pages, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (mouseover adress to the right) or by phone.

Your sadOsam & SOMpublishing Team


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