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A form of role play where a person likes to get into and play the role of a child, and take on typical characteristics. The portrayed age can vary greatly, and often changes situatively. The main goal often is seen as getting the feeling of being safe and being taken care of like when you were that age. Diapers are a common element, though they are also a fetish on their own.

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Rubber Collar

Data Sizes: S/M or L/XL Material: 2.5 mm LatexTrim 0.8 mm Colour Latex Colours: Black with custom colour trim, or fully custom colours on special order Features: Front...

Lockable Fist Mitts

Data Sizes: S-M / L-XL Circumference S-M22-28cm L-XL28-32cm Lockable: YesMaterial: Leather, Leather Padding, Strap, 2 D-Ring, Buckle, Lock Pin P Statements Great design. They have good padding which makes it keep the...

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Cam Boys

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