A kinky story written by Max Potter

This story is designed for entertainment, it’s a parody, a farce. What if Alphas could take their subs to a court for failings? In a world defined by Alphas and fags, the court system is a tool for Alphas to discipline and control the fags that work for them.

Timmy was nervous, his case would be heard soon. His Alpha was taking him to court for not being suitably obedient. Timmy was hurt that Eric was forced to go so far, but the tasks had been very hard and he couldn’t do it, and some was not his fault. Timmy had admitted his failures and begged for forgiveness, but Eric decided to air it all out in Alpha Court. Timmy was seated at a bench in the hall, holding his papers to his chest. He could see Eric down the way, easily talking to other well-built men.

“Eric versus Timmy, we are ready for you.” A bearish man had walked out of the court room and announced loudly. Timmy got up and waited respectfully by the door, Eric would naturally enter first. Eric strode over, a smirk on his face. Eric bumped Timmy’s arm, causing some of the papers to fall to the floor. Timmy quickly got down to gather them back up. It took him a moment, and the bailiff was scowling at him by the time he was able to go through the door. Timmy could see that Eric was already at his designated table. Timmy sighed internally, Eric was so attractive, blond, and muscular. Unlike Timmy’s scrawnier body and slightly messy brown hair. Eric was in chinos and a tight fitting golf shirt. Timmy was in slacks and a button down shirt that  looked a little too big on him. Timmy scuttered up to his table and put his papers down, keeping his eyes low.

The bailiff next to the judge’s bench said, “Raise your right hands.” Eric and Timmy did. “Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and only the truth, so help you?”

“I do.” Eric and Timmy responded.

“Faggot defendant will now kiss the feet of his superior plaintiff.” This was standard procedure, to show the Alpha was dominant. Timmy got on his hands and knees, crawled to Eric and kissed the top of each shoe. Still following court rules, he crawled backwards to his place before standing and automatically brushing his knees.

“All rise, the honourable Landon presiding.” Everyone stood, and the judge entered. Once he took his seat, the bailiff continued “Eric versus Timmy. Complainants have been sworn, Your Honor. Defendant has shown deference to the Plaintiff”

“Thank you Connor.” The judge replied, looking at the papers before him. “Eric, I see you are bringing your sub to court for a number of failures. Let’s take them one at at time, work for you?”

“Yes, your honor.” Eric said.

“Timmy, are you OK with that?” Judge Landon looked down at the sub.

“Yes, your honor.” Timmy replied, feeling small. The judge and bailiff were attractive men he would be honored to serve.

“So, the first count is failure to obtain a certain pair of shoes. Eric, what were your orders to Timmy.” Judge Landon looked at the plaintiff.

“One day, I had Timmy licking my shoes clean while I was flipping through a magazine. I noticed an advertisement for a pair of shoes I decided I wanted. I actually ripped out the page.”

“Nice of you.” Judge Landon said.

“I know, right? So once I had decided my shoes were clean enough, I let him stop. While I let him get a drink before sucking my cock, I showed him the ad, and told him he would be getting me a pair.”

“Timmy, is there anything incorrect about what Eric has testified to?” Judge Landon looked at the defendant.

“No, Your Honor.” Timmy admitted.

“Good. Eric. continue.” Judge Landon said.

“I didn’t think about it for a while, until one day Timmy came in and got on his knees, confessing he wasn’t able to get my shoes.” Eric finished.

“Timmy, is that correct?” Judge Landon looked at Timmy.

“Yes, Your Honor.” Timmy said.

“Was there something unclear about the order you received?” The judge asked.

“No, Your Honor.” Timmy answered.

“What efforts did you make to find the shoes?” Judge Landon replied.

“I went to the website, they were no longer available. I went to every shoe store in town. I hit eBay and other sites looking for the shoes he ordered.” Timmy held up a stack of papers. The judges waived and the bailiff collected them to hand to the judge. “Here are printouts of my search history, emails to the manufacturer, and emails to warehouses and retailers where I am asking for the shoes.”

“Do you consider that sufficient?” Judge Landon casually skimmed the papers he had been handed.

“I did my best, your honor. I spent hours trying to track them down.” Timmy sounded small.

“Did your Alpha get his shoes?” Judge Landon replied.

“No, Your Honor.” Timmy looked down.

“Isn’t it a sub’s duty to obey his Alpha, no matter what?” Judge Landon asked.

“Yes, Your Honor, and I bought 3 pairs of similar styles and presented them to him, but of course, none were exactly right. He kept all 3 pairs, but punished me anyway, spanking me for 10 minutes.” Timmy hoped it would be enough.

“But still not the shoes he ordered you to get?” Judge Landon dashed Timmy’s hopes.

“No Your Honor.” Timmy looked down again.

“I don’t think there is any doubt. Guilty on the first count.” Judge Landon made a note.

“Second count is choking on your cock when you ordered him not to.” The judge continued.

“Correct.” Eric said. “I wanted to face-fuck him in peace and quite, and he kept giving this gagging noises.”

“Gagging noises, like he was having trouble handling your penis?” Judge Landon adjusted his glasses as he reviewed the papers in front of him.

“Exactly. He had been sniveling at me earlier about some stupid shit, something I had ordered him to do was hard or whatever. I told him to be silent. When I wanted to shove my cock down his face, he got into position, I started to pump in. He choked. I mean it’s not like he hasn’t had me in his gullet before. But his coughing and gagging was pissing me off so I slapped his face and told him to keep totally silent. Didn’t stop him, those gagging sounds didn’t stop. I was not in the mood to hear him struggling.” Eric presented his case.

“Very succinct. Timmy, what is your defense?” Judge Landon looked disapprovingly at Timmy.

“I couldn’t breath, Alpha Eric is extremely well endowed. His girth and length is extraordinary. I always strive to provide him with total pleasure in everything. I simply couldn’t keep from choking. He was shoving in hard, and I couldn’t control my gagging. I tried, I really tried. I did my best, but I’m just a fag.” Timmy sounded desperate. “I have bought bigger dildos to practice with, and I’ve been lengthening my time holding my breath.”

“It’s a faggot’s job to take any cock put in them so the man using them gets maximum pleasure, is it not Timmy?” Judge Landon sounded like a teacher schooling a poor student.

“Yes, Your Honor, it is. I can get his massive dick all the way down my throat when I suck him, but when he’s face fucking me, I cannot make my throat relax fast enough when he is using his well toned body to batter my weak body. He’s so powerful and I’m only a cum rag next to him.” Timmy held up a disc. “Here is video of me getting a fag buddy to shove a dildo down my throat so I can do a better job. There are two parts. ”

“Let’s see that Connor.” Judge Landon said.

“Yes, Your Honor.” The bailiff got the disc and played it on the screen set up in the courtroom. The video showed Timmy on his knees, his own hands wrapped around his torso as someone at this side roughly shoving a huge dildo down his throat. Timmy was crying, fleam seeping from his mouth as he struggled with the immense tube of plastic. There was gagging, but it was not constant. The scene went on for some minutes as Timmy shook remembering it, and at his exposure in a full courtroom.

“When did you film this?” The judge asked, seeming almost friendly to Timmy.

“Three days after Alpha Eric kicked me in the balls for making too much noise. I got the new dildo after leaving his place, and started to practice that night. I had a friend come over so I wouldn’t be in control and be able to prepare my throat.” Timmy’s arms had wrapped around his torso, same as in the video. “The next scene shows me a week later, I’m much quieter.”

“Arms to your side. Let’s see the result of little Timmy’s practice.” The judge leaned back in his chair.

The video picked up, same set up as before, Timmy in different clothes. Sometimes Timmy’s hands would release from his torso and make a short movement up, but would be forced back. There were certainly less gagging sounds. “Turn the sound up.” The judge said. An indicator showing the sound level appeared on the screen, rising to the max. Timmy trembled.

“I still hear gagging in that. Eric, do you think the fag is being suitable silent in this?” Judge Landon asked.

“It’s better, but probably too noisy for the mood I was in at the time.” Eric said with a nonchalant air.

“Had you ordered him not to gag before?” The judge looked at Eric.

“No, I usually like the sound of him struggling on my prime meat, but that day I wanted something different. He failed.” Eric spread his hands.

“I can see he did. Did you issue a punishment?” Judge Landon prepared to make a note.

“I did, after I came, I started kicking his balls, and kept on until my frustration eased, then I sent him away.” Eric replied.

The judge turned from Eric to Timmy. “A faggot needs to be prepared for anything his Alpha wants, never having done it before or it being different from previous orders, expressed or not, is no excuse. Guilty on the second count.”

Timmy looked down at the lectern before him. This was going as he expected. There really was no excuse for failing what his Alpha wanted. Quickly acquiring the skills afterwards did not please the Alpha when those skills were first demanded.

Judge Landon looked at the docket “Next charge is failure to maintain a suitable living space for your Alpha. Eric, this is a somewhat subjective charge. Can you give me some examples of what was not acceptable?” Timmy trembled a bit, there was not much he could defend for this point, and he had lost two already.

“Of course, Your Honor. There were wet towels on the floor, dirty dishes in the kitchen, empty glasses in various places. My briefcase was not put in its place. I could not find various items. It was a mess for days.”

“Most inconvenient. I can see why you were not pleased.” Judge Landon said in a sympathetic tone.

“That’s right, your honor. I expect a neat, tidy home. I want to live in a comfortable space, and even more when I bring a girl home, I want it to look nice.” Eric said. “He is supposed to keep my place to my satisfaction.”

“Did you get lucky over that time, even with the place like that?” Judge Landon leaned forward slightly.

“I sure did, got it good, too. I’m sure it would have been even better if the place looked like it’s supposed to.” Eric had an air of pride in his voice.

“Timmy, Eric could have a more pleasurable time with the women he brought back to his place to service his cock if you had been taking care of things like you should have.” The judge entoned.

“Yes, Your Honor. I agree, and I apologized profusely, I even bought him an expensive new watch to show him how bad I felt. Then I spent hours getting everything in order, doing an extra special deep clean.” Timmy put his hands on the desk to feel more stable.

“And why did it get in such a state? Answer me that.” The judge was showing no sympathy for the efforts Timmy made.

“My mother was sick, I had to go to her.” Timmy felt his eyes tear up, a quick hope that his patheticness would get him some mercy. He knew it was an idle hope.

“Is there a particular reason you did not arrange for some other fag to handle your duties? You thought whatever you were doing was more important than the living conditions of your Alpha?” The judge asked.

“No, your honor. I expected to only be gone one day and she took a downturn. I was gone for four days which were very hectic.” Timmy almost felt a real tear form, for his mother and failing his Alpha.

“Well, you have duties, duties you should not let go unfulfilled. Guilty on the third count.” Judge Landon made a note as Timmy looked down again. “The fourth charge is fairly serious. Eric, did you felt teeth on your dick as he was sucking you?”

“I think so, Your Honor. I was getting close to blowing my wad, so I had a good grip on his head and I was really going at it.” Eric did a half-hearted pantomime of skull-fucking with his hands.

The judge looked at his papers. “No reason to go further on that, no excuse whatsoever for teeth. Guilty on the fourth charge. I think that covers it. Guilty on all counts. I am ready to pronounce sentencing.” He paused. “A failure forfeit of $20,000 will be levied to be paid by Timmy to Eric. Furthermore, For a period of two months, Timmy will be prohibited from receiving cum. Timmy will find a fag to provide Eric sexual service. Timmy will still provide housekeeping and other duties. Eric, would you be willing to use this substitute fag in front of Timmy? Watching a different fag service you is a very effective punishment.”

“I would Your Honor.” Eric gave a jocular grin.

“Good. That settles everything. Timmy, do you understand the sentence I have laid down? You are prohibited not only from receiving Eric’s cum, you  may take no cum from any Alpha. It is your responsibility to explain to any Alpha who uses you. If you are discovered to have taken any cum, you are bound to report it for further punishment. I promise you will like it even less.”

“Yes, Your Honor.” Timmy was horrified at the ruling. He understood the money, Eric should have it anyway. Not getting to have any of his Alpha’s cum for two months, he would be starving for Alpha-seed.

The judge stood. “All rise.” The bailiff entoned. Everyone stood up. The judge returned to his chambers. “Timmy, kiss the feet of your Alpha and tell him you accept the judgement.”

Timmy got down and crawled back to Eric, who was smiling in triumph. Timmy gave each shoe a smacking kiss, looked up at Eric from his knees. “Sir, the ruling of the court is just. I naturally accept it as I do your superiority. I will work even harder for your comfort and pleasure.”

Eric strode away “Yeah faggot, you need to step it up a notch. Otherwise, I’ll get me a new fag.”

“Please Sir, I will do everything exactly the way you like it. I’ll labor even harder and longer for you.” Timmy squeaked from the floor to his Alpha’s back. Eric made no indication he heard. Timmy felt chastised, small, and humiliated. He knew he would cry when he got home. First he had to go to Eric’s place and clean up. No, first he had to find a fag for Eric to put his impressive dick in. He wasn’t going to have cum for two whole months. That was like forever. He’d get to see another fag take Eric’s cum and not be able to taste it. He would never fail his Alpha again.

The End

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Max Potter

Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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