A photo manipulation story

A Potesterex and Degressol story. Mick and Kris happen upon their friend Derek who has been transformed from a normal guy to a muscle god. They realize that the stories about transgenic Rejuve therapy are real!

Mick and Kris have made appointments to go on Rejuve. But they realize that Potesterex isn’t the only transgenic drug. It looks like Kris is going to have to take a different path.

Mick and Kris arrive at the doctor’s to begin their Rejuve treatment. Mick can’t wait to get on Potesterex and Kris is resigned to his fate. But they learn that they need to take some tests before anything can happen.

The results of the genetic tests are in: both Mick and Kris are compatible for Rejuve therapy, but not in the way they imagined.

Having gone in for Rejuve, Mick and Kris realize they will be going down alternate paths from the ones they expected. The doctor gives them their first shot of the transgenic formula and the results are immediate.

Checking in with Mick and Kris on Day 1 of their Rejuve therapy. This sets our baseline as they will now experience the powerful effects of transgenics.

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