A photo manipulation story

In the first three days since taking Degressol, Mick hasn’t noticed much change in his overall size, but the drug has caused him to go limp. As his horniness builds, he’s nearly jerked himself raw with no results!

Mick has always considered himself a top, but the Degressol is rapidly rewiring his body. Experimenting with Kris’ dildo for the first time, he’s amazed by the sensations! He’s nearly to the point of cumming, when suddenly…

Kris has caught Mick trying to cum using a dildo. Mick has always been the top in the relationship, and he’s embarrassed to see the roles reverse so quickly. But Kris is also horny and his cock is hungrier than it’s ever been.

Although Kris is still physically smaller than Mick, the Potesterex has begun to work its effect, making him more aggressive and dominant. Meanwhile the Degressol has had the opposite effect on Mick.

It’s been a week since Kris and Mick have gone on Rejuve, so they’re back to the doctor for a checkup. It’s clear that the transgenic drugs are already causing both to change in alternate directions.

It’s only been a week since Mick went on Degressol and Kris went on Potesterex, but the changes are already becoming evident. They’ve already switched sizes and roles and they still face three more weeks before the both get to their final forms.

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