A kinky story written by Pete Brown.
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Illustration by Theo Blaze

FranKly, I was embarrassed at having the Kid start to touch my body. Well, I mean – it’s one thing, I suppose, to go with a guy your own age, but quite another to have an eighteen year old start to use you.

I’d been Kind of feeling his ass whilst he half sat, half sprawled across me – I’d sort of hugged him closer to me, then hiKed his legs up over mine to give me access. But there was no way that he could do this to me, as I was so much heavier and more muscled than he was. We both sat there for a moment, then he said “You’d better bend over the chair, Steve…”

I looKed at him almost in astonishment. He was only a Kid, and yet he was taKing charge. “Yes, bend over the arms of the chair, and spread your legs… Come on, the instructor’s watching us…”

So I stood up, then stood behind the chair and bent forward. I felt the top of the chair bacK pressing into my belly, and I leaned forward and gripped the arms with my hands to give me more support. I felt his hands between my thighs, and I could feel his breath on my ass – he must be Kneeling down behind me. “Come on, Steve, spread ‘em”, he said, and I felt his warm hands on that soft flesh at the top of my thighs, moving them apart.

Actually, he seemed to Know what he was doing – his finger only probed down my cracK for an instant, and then I got a little thrill of expectation as something warm and moist ticKled my hole

  • the tip of his finger. He probed around for a moment or two, then almost whispered “Easy now, Steve…” And I felt a remorseless pressure, a pressure I couldn’t escape, a pressure I wasn’t sure I wanted to escape, as his finger pressed home and slid into me. I got that exquisite feeling of pleasure you get when you have a really good crap, only this time something was sliding in to me. Then not just sliding in, but sensuously slipping in and out, in and out. I understood now why the Kid had been breathing hard when I did it to him, and I felt my own breath becoming at once more ragged, and deeper, as he carried

I cried out when he first touched my prostate, and I suspected that my cocK was now leaKing pre-cum all over the chair bacK it was pressed against, but I didn’t care. I just couldn’t help moaning when his second, and then third, finger went into me. Was it in ecstasy, or was it with some residue of pain, or even shame – I don’t Know. I just Know that even in this bare room, surrounded with other guys, I simply ceased to notice anything as my whole being focussed down on to what was happening to my ass. It was absolutely unliKe anything else that I’d ever Known, and my brain somehow isolated itself as it processed all the sensation flooding in to me.

“Right, guys!”, the instructor finally said. “Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? All OK? No one bleeding, or writhing in pain, or strucK down by the ju-ju in the sKy? Right…. Time to move on to the real thing! Now, there’s no difference from a guy’s cocK going up you from his fingers, except that it’s much, much better. A hot, thicK, soft, strong cocK sliding in and out of you is one of the best things you’ll ever experience. Now, we’re going to have a demonstration, so I can talK you all through it. Come on you two, out to the front….”

He pointed at the Kid and me, and we really didn’t want to go.  It would have been bad enough if we’d been allowed to experiment by ourselves, but having to be the example for all the others… Well… We tried to resist, shaKing our heads, but he was insistent. The Kid and I went out to the front and stood there, and I was very conscious that all the other guys were looKing at my cocK, which was semi-erect after all that messing around with my prostate. I wish I’d thought to wipe away the cocK snot that was dribbling out of the end of it – I mean, you don’t liKe showing that sort of stuff to other guys, do you?

“Right – I thinK that we’ll have Steve, with his magnificent big ass, as the first one to get fucKed, and young Randy here to do the fucKing. It’s always good to see a young guy fucKing, as they’re so enthusiastic. And don’t worry, Steve – for the first time, it won’t go on too long. All our experience here is that the young guys just can’t hold themselves bacK. Once Randy feels your hole gripping his cocK, he won’t be able to resist shooting.”

So there I was. He told me to lie across a table, and then, as the class watched, he told Randy (so that was the Kid’s name – or was it a nicKname? It’s funny isn’t it how these stupid ideas go through your brain at times liKe this?) to slide his fingers in and out of me once more, then to slicK his cocK with the lube.      And then I felt it – something the liKe of which I’d never felt before, something soft and yet hard, warm, sensuous, sliding up and down my ass cracK.

“That’s it, Randy”, I heard the trainer say. “Slide your cocK up and down his ass cracK first. Let him experience what a cocK is really liKe. You’re in control, Randy… How does it feel?”

I could hear Randy gasping as his cocK head slid up and down me, and of course I now Know why – that tingling, ticKling excitement you get when you’re using your fingers to guide your cocK up and down a guy’s ass cracK.. It’s fantastic, isn’t it – the way that your cocK head sends sensations flooding through you. Personally, I just can’t help starting to leaK pre-cum, but I didn’t Know that then, and wasn’t aware that that’s what must have been happening to Randy.

“OK, boy…. Now, get positioned…. Bend your Knees slightly to get the right height, or maKe him spread his more to lower him slightly…. Now, push the tip of your cocK head at his hole… Then push in, very slowly, very gently. We’re doing the exercise most men liKe in this part of the course – mutual fucKing, where both men want to prolong the pleasure. We’ll deal later in the weeK with the situation where it’s just a question of giving the other guy a good hard fucKing, where the objective is to get in as quicKly as possible. And, Steve…. As Randy pushes in to you, you pretend you want a good crap and Kind of push outwards – it’s paradoxical, I Know, but trying to push out actually relaxes your sphincter and maKes it easier for the cocK to slide in…”

I felt a thrill go trough me as something warm and moist was nudging my hole, and then I tried to move forward as the pressure on my increased. I almost panicKed as the gentle assault on my hole continued, but hearing the trainer’s words I tried to do what he’d said – and was rewarded by a flood of exquisite pleasure as Randy’s cocK popped through and slid a couple of inches in to me.

And then it was just pure pleasure – he slid in and out, in and out, and I found my breathing almost synchronised to his stroKes, and I was giving little moans and gasps as his cocK ignited all the nerves in my anus and gave my brain things to experience that it never had before.

Overlaid on all of the stuff coming from my ass was sensation from my body, too –  I was vaguely conscious of the Kid’s belly slapping against my ass muscles as he thrust in and out, and of his thin, but hairy, legs pressed close to my thighs as I lay there. I’d never really experienced another guy’s body liKe this before, and somehow the sensation of it, the sweat, and the heady smell of male sex that was now flooding all over me just made the whole experience so intense, so erotic.

The trainer was right, of course – I could have let it go on for ever, but Randy suddenly started to shout “Oh, Jesus Christ… I’m cumming….”, and then it was as if he wanted to bury his cocK as deep as possible inside me as he could, as he thrust forward as far as possible, stayed still for a few seconds, and then collapsed forward on to me so I could feel his sweaty chest lying all along by bacK (which was also soaKed in my own sweat). His head was right by my ear, and I could feel his hot breath coming in great drafts as his body tried to recover from the effort.

“Feel anything then, Steve…. Did you feel Randy’s semen shoot up you?”

I lay there, analysing everything I did feel. But having him shoot up me hadn’t been one of them.

“Sir, no, sir.”

“Right!  You guys, that’s worth remembering.  There’s a lot of crap written about the feeling you get when hot semen shoots into you. But it’s not true! The only time you feel hot semen when you’ve been ass fucKed is if the guy draws right out just a the last minute, and shoots it all along your bacK! There just aren’t any nerve endings right up inside you, so you don’t feel the guy shoot. You’ll Know he’s doing it, of course, as Randy exhibited perfectly normal reactions – a great shout, the stiffening of his whole body and the final thrust forward: it’s all reflex, programmed into you. When your balls start to contract to shoot the spunK out of you, it tells your body to do all of that.”

“Now – Randy – taKe some of this tissue and wipe Steve’s ass for him. Pull out slowly – don’t want to maKe an air locK – then wipe all along his cracK for him where you’ve pumped lube, to get the sweat and his ass juices out. Then go over and wash your cocK, as it’s covered in Steve’s crap.”

I almost blushed as I felt the toilet tissue going along my cracK – well, you don’t get wiped there, do you, after you’ve grown up? That’s something moms do, when you’re a Kid. But the trainer was going on “You should remember that the guy you’ve fucKed is feeling pretty tired, and just wants to lie there and remember the experience.  So cleaning him up a bit is a real courtesy.

He’s going to be leaKing your cum for a couple of hours anyway, as the sphincter isn’t designed to stop something smooth and liquid liKe that leaKing out.  But, at least for the next few minutes, he’ll be comfortable, and when you’ve washed your cocK you can go and lie by him, on him, with him…. And just share the sensation of being with another man, a man with whom you’ve done the most wonderfully intimate thing that two people can do together.”

“We’ll get on to how to avoid all that shit on your cocK in a later lesson”, he continued. “It can be a courtesy o your partner to maKe sure your inside is really clean before you start, and we’ll get on to enemas later.  But thinK, Steve and Randy, how nice it would have been if Randy could have immediately come and caressed you as he wasn’t worried about crap all over his cocK. Or, of course, if he was a total dominant, he might appreciate getting Steve to clean his cocK for him… To sucK and licK it to get rid of all the cum and sweat. You really shouldn’t do that when the cocK is covered in shit… Too much risK of infection!”

“However…. On with the show! Now, Randy, across the table. Steve… You Know what you’re supposed to do… Get in there and taKe young Randy’s cherry!”

I really did fail to notice all the other guys watching, honest. Once I’d slathered my cocK with lube and almost cum as I slid it in and out of his ass cracK, I slowly and sensuously pushed myself into him. LooK, I’ve had a lot of experience, right? I was really used to fucKi ng women, and I thought I Knew what it was all about.  But once in to Randy, it was all different – no, not different, utterly fantastically fucKing marvellously different. I fucKed and fucKed and fucKed. It wasn’t just all the stuff coming from my cocK, but the feeling from my thighs and ass as my muscles pumped away, the raised heart rate, the rapid, deep breathing, the droplets of sweat spraying off me, the sound of the slap, slap, slap as my body crashed into his… I could have gone on all morning. But my body Knew otherwise – I felt my balls tightening, then that incredible rising excitement as your whole metabolism gets ready for that act that the male is supremely designed to do – I gave a great cry, and felt myself pumping gallons of my seed up into him.

Once you’ve done it once with a man, in front of an audience of other men, it all gets really easy. I’d got nothing to be ashamed of, after all – my body was easily the best there, and I had the second or third biggest cocK. So as he day went on, I got to enjoy it more and more. We had to fucK all the other guys, and be fucKed by them, and of course there’s a problem: even I just can’t shoot eight times in the space of two or three hours. So the trainer thoughtfully provided us with some pills, and after we’d taKen them there was just no way you could get your cocK to go soft – in fact, he made us all piss first, as it was so difficult afterwards.

As we all showered that evening after the class, a definite change had come over us. We were now somehow close, intimate, real buddies, even though we’d not Known each other all that long. And instead of standing there in the showers, trying to Keep a “respectable” distance between each other, we now joyfully bunched together and actually enjoyed the feeling of another man’s flesh sliding and slithering over our own. I also discovered the fun of helping another guy shower, too – sliding my hand up and down his ass cracK and running my finger along between his hole and the bacK of his balls. Just thinK – all those times I’d been in the showers at school, and at the gym, and I’d never Known how good it could be if only there weren’t the stupid inhibitions and prohibitions on touching another man.

They’d been very clever at building on this new intimacy, too – when we went to our dorm that night half the beds had been removed, and we were told that we needed to double up, or half of  us would have to spend a cold night on the hard floor! The Kid, Randy, seemed still to be a bit shy and I hadn’t noticed him fucKing and being fucKed as enthusiastically as all the others, and he Kind of sidled up to me and muttered that perhaps we could bunK together.

I’d never shared a small bed all night with another guy before, and at first it was difficult – how could we arrange our arms and legs and bodies so that we were both comfortable? We ended up Kind of “spooned” together, and I wondered what Randy felt about my breath flowing in and out on the base of his necK?  It seemed pretty special to me, as when it wafte d bacK towards me I got a faint tang of ‘Randy’. My cocK stirred, and I could feel it Kind of nestled in the cracK between his ass cheeKs.  It felt so good, so right.  My arm was thrown over him and I spread my fingers and laid my whole hand flat on his young belly – he didn’t have a six pacK, although I supposed that would come, with training and exercise, but his sKin was taught, warm and firm over the underlying muscle and there was the delicious feeling caused by the tiny trail of wiry hair that spread up from his cocK to his navel.

We didn’t sleep for long – a couple of hours later my cocK was rocK solid, and almost aching. I moved my hand down Randy’s belly and felt the wiry brush of his pubic hair against me, and then felt that he, too, was massively erect.                                                               Well, why not, I thought.  I inserted one l eg between his, then raised my leg to open him up a bit as we lay there nestled against each other. He was wide awaKe now, and he Knew exactly what I planned, and he made no effort to stop me. I Kind of shuffled closer to him, and managed to get the tip of my cocK positioned at his hole – his hole still hot and wet from all the other men who’d used him that day.

“No, Steve…”, he whispered, but I Knew this was only a toKen protest. I gave a little jerK and was at once inside him, and he moaned another “No….”, but now I was ready. It was gentle, it was soft, and, yes, I suppose it was almost loving, as I lay there and fucKed him once more. On your side it’s really tiring, isn’t it, as you just can’t thrust hard and it goes on for hours and hours – well, it seems liKe hours and hours – and I was exhausted and soaKed in sweat when I finally shot. I wanted to go to sleep then, but Randy wanted to do the same to me – looK, I’m not sure I liKe taKing cocK all that much as I’m more of a top, but when you’re that close and intimate with another guy, you’re not going to turn him down, are you?     And we didn’t seem to be the only guys fucKing away that night, either – it was as if we’d all discovered something about ourselves, something new and exciting, and we wanted to do it, over and over again.

After that first day of fucKing, it was almost as if the rest of the course was a bit of an anticlimax. I didn’t liKe the enema lessons one bit, but I have to admit it’s really nice after you’ve fucKed to be able just to pull out and lie there with the guy without all that jumping around to wash your cocK and clean him up. And the lectures on the tell-tale signs of disease in your body, and the other guy, were pretty scary! They really did go on and on about condoms, too, but the whole class agreed it really spoiled it for us – there’s no substitute for the feel of real warm cocK-flesh against you, is there, and covering it in plastic just isn’t right. And the instructor was right – after you’ve spent time fucKing guys, the rest of it is easy – I did Know a bit about cocK sucKing, as you Know, but the lessons we had on throat fucKing were a whole new ball game: I really enjoyed controlling the guy whose throat my cocK was rammed down, watching him gag and choKe, then pulling out to let him breathe a little before thrusting bacK: this was living, doing the thing a guys is meant to do, showing his superiority over a weaKer, less-powerful guy.

They didn’t have a graduation ceremony, or even give us a certificate. As the instructor said “Hey, guys, you now all Know about sex. You’ll never forget any of the things you’ve learned here. You don’t need bits of paper on the wall – once you get your hands on another guy’s body, he’ll Know he’s got an expert!”

I rode the bus bacK to New Orleans, and stood in the office of my new employer. I eyed him up and down as he sat behind the desK – mid thirties, quite fit looKing, not too overweight. If he’d sent me on this training so that I’d be a good partner in bed for him, then maybe life wouldn’t be too bad.  I wondered  what Kind of business he was in.

“So, Steve – enjoy the training?”

Why did I blush when I said “Sir, actually, yes, sir.”

“We find everyone does. It’s really…. Really liberating, one guy said one day, and I thinK he’s right, don’t you?”

“Sir, I suppose so, sir.”

“Good. Now, you’d better get straight down to worK, then. We run a tight ship here, but provided you obey the rules – and there’s absolutely no exceptions, you understand – provided you obey he rules, most men worKing here really enjoy their worK. You need to, after all, as the one thing the customers liKe is enthusiasm. Even if you’re a bit “off” one day, we exp ect you to faKe it. Understood?”

I shuddered inwardly at the thought of having to obey the rules exactly and completely, remembering the horror of my first employer. But he seemed reasonable, and there was no point in upsetting him, as there, so I said “Sir, understood, sir.”

“Good. I can see you’re going to get along well here, Steve. We needed a body liKe yours to complete our ‘stable’ to give the customers as wide a choice as possible. I’ll talK to you about the targets you need to achieve, but I’m going to get Craig to show you around…”

He picKed up his phone, and a couple of moments later a handsome, fit-looKing guy about my age came in.

“Craig, Steve… Steve, Craig. Now, Craig: this is Steve’s first day, fresh from training. Remember how you felt? I want you to taKe Steve under your wing for a couple of days until he’s understood all our little ways here. You Know how Keen we are to deliver a consistent, high-quality service, with maximum customer satisfaction. So taKe Steve and show him the layout here, explain all our processes…  And tell him the rules, such as you can remember.”

“Sir, yes, sir”, Craig said, and stucK out his hand to shaKe mine. “Come on, buddy… Let me give you the tour. This is in my rest time ,you Know, so you’re specially privileged…”

“Sir, before we go, exactly what do you do here? I’d liKe to hear your objective for the business so I can get properly aligned…”

My employer looKed at me. “Well, boy, the objective is simple: to maKe as much money as possible. To do that by providing a high-quality, reliable, trustworthy service.  A service at a price which is not too low so as to compromise quality, but not so high that we discourage customers as we are in a competitive marKet. ‘Value for money’ is what we aim to deliver, and quality of the customer experience is the measure of that: it costs a huge amount in advertising to attract new customers, and it’s so much easier to sell repeat business.  So we want to maKe all our customers feel that there’ll always be a warm welcome waiting them on their next visit, that the same high standards of quality and service will combine to give them the experi ence that their dollars entitle them to.”

“Sir, yes, sir… I believe in customer service. That’s how I built my own business. But what do we do here, actually?”

My employer laughed. “You really don’t Know?” “Sir, no, sir.”

“You’re now on the staff, Steve, of the most famous gentlemen’s club in the city.  Gentlemen – a lot of locals, but mainly tourists – come here for a relaxing evening. An evening of special enjoyment, something that’s just that bit unusual, different from their normal, humdrum lives… And to provide them with the relaxation and entertainment they want, we have men liKe you: young to young-ish, fit, handsome, smart, nice bodies…. And you do whatever they want. Some of them just want jerKing off, some liKe sucKing, but the majority, I suppose, are into fucKing.

That’s why we’ve had you specially trained at such huge expense.” “No!  I never agreed to this.”

“You did, Steve. You signed up to worK here for sixteen months, in return for us paying off the banK.”

“But I didn’t agree to… to, well…. well, being a prostitute!”

“You’re not a prostitute, Steve. They’re nasty people who hang around on street corners, and treat the clients badly, get diseases, are dirty…. No, you’re a professional entertainer, and we provide the best possible environment for you and your clients to really enjoy all the pleasures of the male body…”

“No! What I meant was I agreed to sex with my employer, not with dozens of men….” “You signed the Supplement, didn’t you?”

“Sir, yes, but….”

“It’s clearly specified. You agree to taKe on worK that is mainly, but not exclusively, sex-related. What did you thinK you were agreeing to?”

I couldn’t reply, could I? I hadn’t read it again. I just wanted out. “Sir, please release me from the contract…. Send me bacK….”

“No, Steve. We’ve paid out too much on your training and education. A contract’s a contract, and if you don’t want to fulfil your part of the bargain, we’ll go to the courts and have them intervene. We can only order a class three punishment here, but the courts… Well, the sKy’s the limit!”

I shuddered inwardly as I remembered the whipping I’d had before. There was no way I could go through that again. But could I stay here and have endless sex with men, Keep taKing cocK up my ass?

Both men were watching me intently, and finally Craig looKed at our employer, who nodded, giving him permission to speaK.

“LooK, Steve, it isn’t so bad, you Know. I thinK I Know what you’re feeling – I was liKe that when I first came here six months ago. But it’s a good life – we’re a nice set of guys to worK with, you get a lot of free time, there’s a gym to Keep fit in, we can go out into the town whenever we want, it’s clean, the food’s good, and the clients…. Well, they’re OK. Any trouble, and they’re out.”

“But I don’t want to be fucKed all the time…”

Craig looKed me up and down.  “LooK, Steve, the reality is that most of the guys who come here want to be fucKed. They don’t want to fucK you. There’s a real shortage of guys who liKe to taKe the fucKing role, and so if you can do that, they’re eager to lie there and have your cocK up them.  Now I do get fucKed sometimes, as I’m slimmer and smaller than you – but most of the guys who come in here through the doors will taKe one looK at your six-something of solid muscle, see that cocK of yours which, even through your shorts is pretty impressive, and just want to lie there and have you possess them!  And you can soon learn to faKe an orgasm so that after ten minutes of pumping away you scream out and tell them you’re cumming, thrust really hard into them, and there you are.”

“But what about the cum….?” Oh, why was I asKing this? My curiosity got the better of me, I suppose.  I wasn’t going to do this anyway.

“As you strip the condom off, just screw it in a ball and throw it in the trash. They’re not going to go poKing around in there to see if it’s filled with your seed.”

I still stood there, and my employer now chipped in. “OK, Steve. This is maKe your mind up time. We paid a premium price for your contract. Since then we’ve spent two weeKs training you at huge expense. If you’re really determined we’ll go through having you declared insolvent, to get our money bacK, and you can be tossed bacK into the heap of unsKilled labourers. But after all the court fees have been paid, and with the time it taKes, and labour rates being what they are, I’d expect your looKing at at least ten years, if you’re lucKy, possibly fifteen. So…

Fifteen moths here, or fifteen years as a labourer. Tell me, how old are you?” “Sir, twenty nine, sir.”

“Well, you’d still be a young man at forty four.  Life begins in your forties, they say….”

Oh, fucK me! What a choice. Could I believe Craig, or was he bullshitting about not being fucKed all the time? He seemed a decent enough guy, and if he could do it, I supposed I could. I couldn’t sticK all that time labouring for someone else – I needed to get out, get bacK to the real world.

“Hey, Steve, here’s a thought”, my employer continued. “Why not give it a try. If you don’t liKe it after a month – you’ve got to give it a month, to give it time to all shaKe out – if after a month you still don’t want to do it, then we’ll go to court to get our money bacK. A month’s worK here ought to slice a bout a year off the amount you’d then owe, so you’d have gained something. OK?”

Well, that seemed to be all right, I suppose.  After all, what could happen to me in a month? And suppose I stucK it out, and then stucK it out for another month, then I’d have two years off the amount I owed.

“Sir, thanK you, sir… Yes, that’s a deal.”

“So welcome aboard, Steve! Now, we haven’t officially opened yet, so go off with Craig and let him show you around. And, remember, we do need you to obey the rules here – but he’ll explain them.”

“How long are you here for”, I asKed Craig as we went through the door from our employer’s office.

“Oh, I don’t Know. I had to pay off about a year, but when that finished, I stayed on.” “What?”

“LooK, everything’s found here. It’s safe and clean. I get fed, all my laundry done, I’ve got a place to stay in the middle of the city, I meet interesting people, and, as I said, I worK with a great gang of guys.  And I’m saving up.”

“Saving up?”

“Yes. The employer is paying me the same rate as he pays you other guys – except that mine goes in the banK.  With everything found, I’m really clocKing up the cash.  If I didn’t worK here I’d be scrimping and saving and living in some grungy one-room apartment, or out in the ‘burbs. As it is, when I do decide to give up, I’ll walK away with a huge pile of cash, and then instead of going bacK to worKing in an assembly plant, which is what I was doing when I got into debt in the first place, I’m going to go to college.”

“But why…?”

“For me, it’s a good deal. As I said, I liKe the life, and the customers just aren’t a problem. And for our employer – well, looK, he taKes chances all the time, doesn’t he? He buys your contract because you’ve got a great body, and he spends money on training you.  But then you might turn out to be a disaster -the customers might not liKe you, and he relies on repeat business: locals, guys coming into town for conventions year after year. Sure, he can get rid of you, but then the whole thing starts all over again.  How much easier to Keep me on, of my own free will, when I’ve got a proven ability to do the job right, do it the way he and the customers liKe it done.”

“But you’re selling your body…”

“LooK, Steve, what did you do before all this started, before you were indentured?” “I was a landscape contractor.  Had my own business.”

“What did you sell?”

“Well, I tooK all the effort away from householders. I did their yards, their patios, their drives…”

“So you sold your muscle to them, effectively. You gave them labour, they gave you money.” “Yes, I guess so…”

“So what’s different now? You worK away with your body for our customers, and they give our employer money.  And, incidentally, if you do it well, they give us a tip.  All tax free.”

I could see what he was saying, and somehow it all seemed wrong. But for the life of me I couldn’t see exactly where it was wrong.

“Anyway”, Craig went on, “It looKs as if we’ve got you for a month at least. Now, this is where the customers come in…”

The reception area was sleeK and modern, brightly lit, with a reception desK to one side. “We just have a ‘welcomer’ here”, Craig explained. “We taKe it in turns. A handsome guy, neatly dressed, to reassure guys who might be afraid of going into somewhere sleazy. We operate at the top end of the marKet, and the customer expects certain standards. Of course the customers don’t have to register or give their names or anything – we just want someone to come up to them as they enter, say “hi”, and taKe them through into the bar.”

As he was speaKing, we went through a door behind the reception area and were in a medium sized space – a small bar ran down one side, there were easy chairs around tables, and down the wall on the opposite side from the bar there was a Kind of raised walKway that opened at each end into some rear area.      “Now this is where you’ll be spending a lot of time”, Craig told me.  “We all taKe turns to tend bar, and to act as waiters for the tables.  Some customers prefer to sit at the bar, and some at the tables.  Our employer charges normal ‘classy bar’ prices – no gouging of the public – and we get some men who just come in here two or three times to watch the action. That walKway leads out bacK – all us guys on duty Keep wandering along it, or standing there and flexing our muscles, or doing whatever we want to, to attract the clients. We wear big numbered tags around our necKs – as does the waiter and bartender – so if a customer wants to go with one of us, all he has to do is place an order.”

“Place an order?”

“Yes. We don’t touch the money or anything ourselves. He goes to that window over there and tells the manager which guy he wants, and for how long, and then pays. The manager calls us from the bacK, and you come in here and picK up the customer.”

“So I don’t get a choice…?”

“Hey, don’t be so fucKing stupid! What choice is there? You’re on sale, a customer wants to buy some of your time… What’s there for you to choose?  In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we’re popular:  some of the independent operators on the streets around here actually turn customers down because they’re too fat, too old, or whatever! A man coming in here has the picK of the manflesh this city has to offer, as all of us are hand-chosen by our employer, and then he Knows that providing he’s got the money, he’s not going to be humiliated by being refused.”

“Through this door here…”, Craig opened a further door on the far side of the bar, “are the worK rooms. LooK, each has a red light and a green light over the door, and they’re all completely soundproof. You select one with a green light, taKe the customer in, and press the button that turns the light from red to green.”

We went into a room, and Craig went on “All the rooms are basically the same. Nice big bed, not too hard, not too soft. In the cabinet at the side are lube, poppers, condoms, tissues, all that sort of stuff. The next drawer down has cuffs and ropes if the customer is into light bondage, and underneath that are paddles, belts and a tawse. If you use any of that stuff, put it bacK in the right place at the end of your session so it’s great for the next guy in here. You do the business, then through that arch there’s a shitter and a shower – you can shower with the customer – most of them liKe that – or by yourself afterwards.           You lead the customer bacK to the bar and then – most important: you come bacK in here and change the sheets and the towels, and leave everything bright and shiny for the next one of us who needs to use the room. If you don’t do this, your colleagues will get pissed off as every room is in use at busy times, and our employer will fine you.”

“That’s all there is to it, really. There’s a rota in our dorm for who’s on reception, who’s barman and who’s waiter, and what your hours are for the next few days.”


“Yes, Steve. We’re basically open from noon to four in the morning. It’s slacK from noon until about five, so only three guys are on duty then, and it’s turn and turn around, just as it is for the other jobs. Most of us don’t start worK until five, and then we’re expected to be available until four, or until our employer decides to close: it’s usually four on Fridays and Saturdays, but Mondays and Tuesdays are slow, and we’re usually out of here by midnight. If you’re not “on earlies” you’ve then got from then until five the next evening to sleep, worK out, go shopping, taKe in a movie, whatever.  We’ve got a pretty well equipped gym here and you can spend some time worKing out whilst you’re waiting for a customer – as long as there are some guys on the walKway, you can worK out down in the gym and the customers can watch through the windows in the bar.  Neat, isn’t it?  Well thought out.”

Craig then tooK me to show me the dining room – meals were provided regularly, he told me, by a lady who came in and cooKed real food. And there was a big refrigerator with a constant supply of sandwiches and salads in case we were worKing very late, or very early.  The  gym was really good, except that I didn’t liKe the way that the showers were clearly visible from the bar area, too. And upstairs we had a dormitory – twenty beds all neatly lined up, twenty bedside cabinets, twenty small cupboards at the foot of each bed.

“OK, it’s not great”, he said.  “But it’s clean, and warm, and free!  The cupboard’s where you can Keep your private stuff – the house style is white jocKstrap, white shorts if you’re in the gym, green shorts if you’re on reception or tending bar, and a plain white T or plain green polo. It’s all provided, in ‘medium’ and ‘large’ sizes. You can wear what you liKe from that selection when you’re on the walKway. But most of us have our own clothes for when we have time off, and we’re pretty liberal – if you’re going somewhere special and you Know someone else has something you’d liKe to wear, just asK and you’ll usually get to borrow it. So before you’ve got time to go shopping, if you need anything… Just asK.”

“But where do I get the money from?”

“Tips, Steve. Tips. Anything the customer leaves with you, over and above what he’s paid the house for your service, is yours. A twenty, usually. But some guys are generous, and give you a couple of twenties. And fifty isn’t unKnown. After you’ve been here a weeK or two you’ll have enough for some casual clothes, a meal out if you fancy it, movies….”

As we’d been going around I’d seen some of the other guys and they’d acKnowledged us. Craig then showed me my bed, and I was amused to see that in the next bed there was someone still asleep “House rules – no noise in the dorm”, Craig said as we tiptoed past. “Dan there’s probably been out with a customer – they can booK overnight stays, you Know. Only we don’t get much sleep!”.

Well, perhaps this wasn’t all going to be so bad, after all.

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