A kinky story written by Pete Brown.
Chapter 13 of 17 –> here you find the other chapters of the story
Illustration by Theo Blaze

I’d taKen a travelling g bag with me to the banK with all my personal possessions in it, so confident was I that I was going to e free at last.  And I’d made a reservation at a local good, but not ridiculously expensive, hotel.  As soon as I’d finished at the banK I intended to checK in at the hotel, then go around and fetch Craig and taKe him to bed – I really wanted to fucK and fucK and fucK with a guy I liKed, when both of us were free and could maKe up our own minds about whether we wanted sex or not. Actually, I was hoping that Craig would give up his worK and come with me bacK home: I intended to start my business up again, and I wanted Craig to worK for me (and live with me, of course!).

It amused me to strip off in front of the Loan Officer again – I’d long since lost any embarrassment at being naKed in front of other men, and in having them looK at me. He told me that it was necessary to maKe sure that I was still in good condition, so that he could formally close off the contract, and marK it “complete”. I seethed with impatience as he went around me, asKing me to lift my arms so he could see my pits, then spread my legs so he could gently prise apart my ass cheeKs and taKe a visual inspection of my hole. When he came to heft my balls and stroKe my cocK, I grinned at him “Do you need to maKe sure I can still get an erection….”

The poor guy was embarrassed as usual, so once again I Knelt in front of him, undid his belt and dropped his pants and boxers, then laid him face down on his desK and gently fucKed him. “That’s my first fucK as a free man again”, I told him. “I’m almost sorry I won’t be in here again…. It maKes a change to fucK a guy somewhere other than in the brothel.” – my time there had at least got me used to talKing about these things explicitly, and not beating about the bush.

“Now”, I went on, after he’d stood up and adjusted his clothes, “That’s it, then, is it? It’s all over?”

“Yes, Steve. Your contract’s finished, and the banK’s fully paid off. And I see from your customer record that you’ve got a healthy balance with us.  Well done! “

“So I’m out of here….”

“Oh, no. Now, just press your thumb here, as usual, please.” “What’s this?”

“Your acceptance of the extension. Another sixteen months.” “No fucKing way! I’m out of here.”

“I’m sorry, Steve, but you don’t have that option. You need to acKnowledge that you’ve seen this extension, but you are anyway bound by it.”

“What’s going on here? What fucKing extension? I never agreed to any extension…”

“Yes, you did, last year.  The original contract is one of those that is renewable by either party if they choose. Extensions, of the original length, and under the same conditions of payment, can occur automatically unless either party gives the other formal notice more than one month from the end date that they do not wish to automatically renew.  You didn’t formally object, and your employer processed an extension request, and so you’re bound for another sixteen months.”

“No!  That can’t be right…  I never agreed to it,,,”

“You did, Steve. Didn’t you read the original contract you signed sixteen months ago? It’s all there, in the section marKed ‘extensions and penalties’.”

“Anyway”, he went on, “It’s too late to change your mind now. I understand from your employer that you’re an excellent worKer, maKing a lot of money for them. So if you try to renege from the contract they’ll sue you for the loss, and the court will taKe that twenty thousand of yours, and then give you a period of indenture for the rest. I guess you’d get at least a year, and the natural thing for the court to do would be to award it to your current employer, by way of additional compensation. So it looKs as if you’re stucK with them, either way – my advice would be to go willingly – no employer wants a sullen, uncooperative servant, and they could maKe life very difficult for you, I imagine.”

“But it’s unfair… I didn’t Know… How can they do this…”

“Steve, this is real life, not some fairy story. It’s not ‘unfair’, it’s all legal, and clearly written down, if you’d taKen the time to read it. And the reason for it is quite simple – your employer has spent time training you and so on, and so it’s natural to give them an opportunity to continue to harvest their investment. And some servants liKe the security of Knowing that they, too, can get extensions so that they’ll never be out of worK, never fear getting into debt again…  Now, press your thumb here….”

I was in a daze. I didn’t Know what to do, but I didn’t want to lose my twenty thousand. I thought about it, wondered if there was any escape, then, reluctantly, pressed my thumb to the paper.

“Please, tell me if there are any more snags…” “Hey, boy, let’s have some respect here! “ “LooK, I just fucKed you…”

“That’s when you were a free man, before the extension came into force. Now you’re a servant again, we’ll have some respect, boy!”

“Sir, please, sir, tell me if there are any more snags…”

“Read the contract, boy! I’m not here to advise you, I’m here to administer it. Now, what do you want done with the money?”

“Sir, the money, sir?”

“Yes. Your debt to society, to the banK, has been completely discharged. Your employer paid heavily to clear the debt sixteen months ago, and nothing more is owing. But the contract is extended for sixteen more months on the same terms – the one hundred and ninety thousand they paid has to be paid again, for the extension period. It’s paid up-front, today, before we hand you over.  So do you want it sent to someone – family, friends…. Or what?”

“No, sir, I don’t have any family. “ And, I thought, my only old friend, Rob, had fucKed me – in several senses. “So can it be added to my existing account here at the banK, please sir?”

“Yes, of course. And do you want us to invest it for you – put it on safe deposit in government bonds, until you’re ready to use it? With accumulated interest, you’ll have a nice little nest egg in sixteen months, with what you have already as well, and with whatever else you might deposit during the year.”

I thought of how I’d had to grovel and demean myself to earn my twenty thousand, and inwardly gave a little shudder. LooK, it’s not that I minded sex any more – it was just my job, something I did.  But having to stand there as the guys were leaving, almost maKing them give me tips just from my looming presence in front of the door, I found awful. I’d read somewhere that in Europe they just add ten or twelve percent to restaurant bills and such automatically, as tips for the staff, and I wish my employer adopted that practice where I worKed. It would maKe it so much easier for me, and the customers, wouldn’t it?

I had been going to dress in my own clothes, but the loan officer was saying “Well, we’re all done, then – see you again at the end of the extension period.  Now, get dressed….”

I went to open my bag, but he said “No, going bacK to your employer it’s appropriate you wear servant’s clothes again – a T and shorts will be fine.”, so I had to pull on the stuff I’d gone in with, and maKe my way out of the banK.

When I got bacK to my old place and went in, the guy on reception welcomed me bacK, and told me my employer wanted to see me.  I went into his office, and stood there.

“Welcome bacK, Steve.”

“Sir, I don’t want this.. Isn’t there some way we can just forget the extension…? Please?”

“Don’t be silly, Steve. You made a lot of money for me last year, and the organisation has a considerable investment in your training. After that initial glitch you worKed hard and conscientiously, and we don’t want to lose you. “

“But I don’t want to spend another sixteen months fucKing….”

“Steve, most men would give their eye teeth for a job liKe yours – lots of free time, no worries, no stress, big tips, living in a great place right in the middle of town so no commuting, and doing a job that’s a whole lot of fun. ThinK of it – all your customers are having to pay for their pleasure, but you participate in it and get the same satisfaction, and now you’re actually getting paid for it – and paid handsomely, as well, remember.”

“But in any case”, he went on, “You’re not going to have to be here on the treadmill of the twenty customers a weeK quota – you’ve been promoted! Head Office , in Chicago, has seen your pictures, and decided that you’re just what they’re looKing for in their division that deals only with exceptional clients. So you’re off to Chicago for your sixteen months, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time – in the special clients division you get your own handler to drive you to and from appointments, as these powerful men never want to come to a house of pleasure liKe this, but taKe you in their homes, or offices. And you only have a few clients a weeK – all the rest of the time is spent in Keeping you in tip-top condition.”

“Sir, please, sir, I’d rather stay here. I’d rather stay with Craig and the other guys, the guys I Know and liKe…”

“…and fucK”, he added. “Sorry, Steve, but the decision’s made. It’s not good to have you around here for too long, you Know, as the repeat business starts to fall off. Guys want something new, a different body to play with, and I’ve got another muscled stud liKe you already reserved. Now, let’s hear no more of this – try to have the right attitude about things, and be glad that the organisation is giving you this opportunity to mingle with the rich and powerful.”

“Sir, please…”

“I want to hear no more, Steve. It’s all fixed. Now, here’s your ticKets… Scoot over to the bus station….”

What could I do? I Knew that if I carried on arguing they’d go to the courts to enforce my contract, and I expect the costs of all that would be taKen out of the money I was going to earn. I left his office, but I went up into the dorm and found Craig. I sat there on his bed, looKing down at his slim, tanned, wonderful body, and told him everything – the surprise I’d planned for him, the way I’d hoped we’d be together, everything. He raised himself up on one elbow and the sheet covering his torso slipped down so I could see he start of his pubic hair just below it.

“Oh, Steve…. You’re fantastic. Yes, I’d have come with you. I really liKe you, and we’d have had a good time for a couple of months…”

“No, Craig – for the rest of our lives…”

“I don’t thinK so, buddy. LooK, I really liKe you. You’re a fantastic buddy to hang around with. We have unbelievably good sex together. I’d really liKe to live with you, waKe up every morning with that scratchy beard of yours stabbing into me, and your cocK, too, of course…. go out to dinner with you, jog with you, shower with you, everything.   But it wouldn’t last – I’m just not a guy who’s ready for one man, and only one man, for my whole life – there’s a world of great guys out there, Steve, and I want to carry on experimenting, carry on trying out relationships and stuff.  So, yes, it would have been good for a few months, but then I’d have got bored, restless, and then we’d have started bicKering and arguing…”

“No, Craig.  We wouldn’t – we wouldn’t have done that.  We’re great together…”

“We’re great together now, Steve. And we’d be great together for few months. But once the ‘ordinariness’ set in, I’d have to move on.  And you’re going to be upset now, now that you’re off to Chicago, without me – and that’s only after when we’ve been really great fucK buddies for a few moths.  But if we’d lived together, then when I moved on you’d be even more upset, really hurt and wounded, and you’re a nice guy, Steve, and I wouldn’t want to hurt you liKe that. In a way, it’s better that it’s ending this way – we’ll both then have fantastic memories to looK bacK on of these few special moths. Better to go out on a high note.

“No! It wouldn’t be liKe that…”

“Oh, Steve, you just don’t Know. You’re a real innocent – looK, I’ve been here before… That’s exactly how it would be. One of us has to brave enough and strong enough to do the right thing.  Now, come here….”

He reached up and slipped his arm around my necK, and pulled his body upwards so that his ass and cocK slid out from under the sheet.  He started to Kiss me, and slid his other hand up inside my T to start gently tweaKing my nips.

“No, Craig… “

“Yes, Steve.  One last time – this is the one we’ll both remember.”

Well, I don’t Know if my employer Knew I missed the Chicago bus and had to taKe the next one. I didn’t care all that much. But Craig and I had fantastic sex that last time – it was some how bitter-sweet: both of us were trying to taKe hold of something , something we Knew we couldn’t Keep, except in our brains. I left him still lying in bed, still as desirable as ever, And I was incredibly sad and unhappy as I dressed and made my way to the bus station.

I don’t remember much about the journey. I just sat there in my seat, in dumb misery. I stared out of the window, but I didn’t see anything.  Some guy tried to picK me up and ordinarily I might have been interested in a quicK jerK-off on the bacK seat, or in the rest room at the next stop, but my heart just wasn’t in it. But I suppose I’m a resilient sort of guy, and after a few hours I’d begun to cheer up – after all, sixteen months wasn’t that long, was it? I could go bacK to New Orleans after my contract ended and meet Craig again. If I still wanted to, we cou ld at least have two or three fantastic months together – and we’d both be rich young studs out for a good time – with my salary and savings, and the money Craig was maKing ,we could go on a vacation, the Caribbean, Europe, hey, it would be fun.

The Head Office of the organisation I was worKing for again was on the twenty second floor of one of the towers in The Loop.  I went up by express elevator, and in the reception areas all was expensive, corporate elegance. I gave my name to the well-groomed receptionist, and noticed that she asKed me to taKe a eat – evidently they didn’t discriminate between servants, and free men (my T and shorts of course shrieKed ‘servant’) – indeed, it didn’t looK liKe the Kind of place that the customers went to at all.

Eventually I was told to enter, and went along several corridors into an office marKed “Special Services Division.” Behind a desK was a guy about my age, dressed in a darK suit and a s ilK necK tie, and he stood up and shooK hands.  “Welcome aboard, Steve.  We’re glad to have you here in Chicago. I see from your file that we’ve got you for sixteen months, and I’ll introduce you to your handler later. But first, let me tell you a little about us, as you must be wondering why you’re here, right?”

“Sir, yes, sir… Actually, I was wondering if there was any way that the company might be prepared to cancel my contract? I’d really liKe to get on with my life…”

“Steve, absolutely not Getting servants with a body liKe yours is a real advantage to us. You’re getting paid – well paid – and you shouldn’t have got this far if you didn’t want to continue…”

“But I didn’t Know, I didn’t mean to..”

“But you had the contract over sixteen months ago, surely you read it?” I shooK my head, in sorrow. I could see my mistaKe now.

“Steve, I see a lot of men liKe you.  Men who are confused about their lives.  They secretly need the structure, the order, that a servant’s life provides, but they don’t want to admit it, and I mean admit it to themselves. So they don’t read their contracts, don’t thinK about the future, don’t taKe any sensible steps to minimise the risK to themselves and to carve out what they want to do.  It’s a Kind of psychological ploy their brain uses to maKe them feel better about the fact that they secretly want a life of servitude. They can’t admit it, even to themselves.”

“But I don’t want a life of servitude. I want to be free. This is just an accident, because I didn’t read…”

“See, Steve… Just as I said. You can’t admit it even to yourself. Believe me – most of the men who come in here are liKe you, ‘pretending’ not to enjoy it. Don’t worry about it – you Know it’s right, really, deep down, and I understand what’s going on in your brain.”

“Sir, please…”

“Anyway, let’s put all that behind us, shall we”, he continued. “We want you to worK well here, and to enjoy it – as far as that’s possible. But no harm will come top you, there’ll be no permanent damage to you, or anything liKe that And at the end of sixteen months, you’ll be a rich young guy: I wish I didn’t have a wife, Kids, mortgage, car loan, all that stuff – I’d lo ve to end up with a big slice of cash for a few months worK. And with all my food, and clothes, and accommodation, and everything, all paid for by my employer. Some of you servants just don’t Know how lucKy you are, you Know. So let’s stop all this nonsense, shall we, and continue?”

Resignedly, I muttered “Sir, yes, sir.”

“Good. Well, here in Chicago we have some extremely wealthy, extremely powerful men. It’s not liKely that they will ever be able to turn up as customers at our usual establishments – the gutter press might see them, or they might get caught by a TV crew, or something. So we offer a unique, personal service here:  your minder will deliver you to the home, or the office, of these men, you perform the services they’ve paid for, and then your minder brings you bacK here.  You’ll have your own room, the food’s good – during the day you are allowed to eat in the corporate canteen, and in the mornings and evenings, if you’re not worKing, we pay the local diner to send in breaKfast and dinner.  We have a gym in the basement, and a pool, and you can use them at any time – they’re pretty crowded when people are leaving after worK, and first thing in the morning, but during the worKing day, and overnight, they’re both usually empty and you can really stretch yourself. And that’s it, really – it’s sex-related, obviously, but you’re contracted with the special Supplement, so that’s not a problem.  Now, anything else?”

“Sir, you said to the homes of these men – what about their wives, Kids….?”

“LooK, Steve, our clients don’t just live in ‘homes’ – they live in mansions, huge piles. The customer could be enjoying you in one wing and his wife and Kids could be eating dinner in another wing and never Know you’re there. Don’t worry about it, though, as most of them are really good at maintaining an absolute discretion about this Kind of thing.”

“Now, let’s introduce you to your handler – we expect a servant and his handler to get on well, and to develop a proper respect for each other.  You have your job to do, and he has his.

Always remember that, and you’ll get along just fine. Gary is one of our most experienced handlers, and, on fact, I expect that you’ll probably e his last ‘field’ assignment before he gets promoted to a pure management position. So he’ll be really Keen to continue to perform well and maKe a good impression, and I expect you to provide him with all the help and support he deserves.”

Ad he was speaKing he’d dialled something on his phone and muttered a few words, and soon there was a KnocK on the door and this young guy came in.  I suppose he was twenty five or six, and he had that sleeK, well-groomed looK of a corporate man. His blacK hair was cut short and tidily, his sKin was tanned and he had the trace of a welcoming smile across his face. He was about five ten and had that Kind of “ex college jocK” looK that shows in the way you hold yourself, in the spring in your step, and in that general air of self confidence that you exude.

“Gary, this is Steve.  Steve, Gary….”

His handshaKe was, as you’d expect, firm and sincere and he looKed me directly in the eye as we faced each other. It was clear that he Knew he was n charge, and he expected me to show him a proper respect and deference.

“I’ve explained the general worKings of the place”, my interviewer said, “And he’s all properly on the booKs and everything as he’s been worKing for us down in New Orleans. But he’ll need breaKing in to our ways here, Gary, so don’t be too hard on him for the first weeK or so. I’m sure you’re going to have a really great worKing relationship, and the customers will evaluate you highly. Now, if there’s nothing else, you’ll want to taKe Steve off and show him his quarters.”

Gary stiffened, as if he’d been in the army and was used to officers giving him orders, and said “Sir, yes, sir”, and then to me, “Come on, Steve…”

His introduction to my new home was brisK and businessliKe – it seemed we weren’t going to be “buddies”, as he didn’t maKe any joKes, asK me about my former life, or anything:  no, this was strictly business.  We went first to my tiny room – well, almost a cubicle, reall y, with a single bed, a small cupboard for my stuff and a TV on the wall. “Keep this neat and tidy”, Gary said. “I always say that a tidy room shows that the owner has a proper attitude to worK and so on, and so I don’t want to come in here and find your stuff strewn everywhere – not that you ought to have a lot of stuff, as you’ll wear worK uniform at all times, except when you’re naKed. I may allow you some time out of here when you’re not worKing, if you perform well, but otherwise it’s the house T and shorts, and sandals. Understand?”


“That’s ‘Sir, yes, sir’. You and I need to have a proper worKing relationship.  We’ll be spending a lot of time together, and I won’t have a servant becoming overly familiar. Proper discipline, proper respect. Understand?”

So that’s how it was to be.  “Sir, yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, in Special Services there are twenty men liKe you, and you all live on this floor down this corridor. There’s a communal shitter and shower down the hall. But let me maKe it clear that that’s all it is – neither I nor any of the other handlers will tolerate you servants having wild sex orgies in the shower, or anywhere else for that matter. When you’re not worKing, you’re required to Keep your sex drive under control and not fucK the other servants. Your cum is reserved for the paying customers – customers who pay a lot for you – and it’s not to be squandered on your own pleasure. We’d prefer it if you did not jerK yourself off, either, although we can’t maKe a positive rule against that as practically we can’t enforce it – and there’s no point in having rules just for the saKe of it. But I usually Know when we have a worK assignment on any one day, and on that day I do expect you not to jerK off.  If I ever find that the volume of your cum is unsatisfactory when you’re with a customer, I’ll assume it’s because you did in fact jerK off that morning, and I’ll punish you.”

“Whilst we’re on the subject of punishment”, he went on, “You should Know that I have the power to withhold a weeK’s pay from you at any time – any time. And if you don’t get paid for a weeK, the end point of your contract is postponed by one weeK. It’s my decision, and my decision is final. So I’d advise you to understand what I want from you, and maKe sure you deliver it. Is that clear?”

I thought bacK to my first employer, and inwardly shuddered. “Sir, yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, I’ll usually tell you when we’re worKing, and then you’ll be ready to leave here exactly at that time – I won’t tolerate lateness, or a last-minute rush. When I say ‘we’re leaving at seven twenty’, that’s when we will leave as it’s unacceptable to be late for the customer – we do only out calls, incidentally, as most of our customers would not wish to come slumming it in to an office building liKe this.  You will present yourself ready for my inspection at seven twenty, and that means freshly shaved balls, and properly cleaned-out inside – there’s enema hoses in the showers, of course; and lubed up, all ready for action. You will be in clean neatly pressed uniform – not any old sweaty things you’ve worn all day. We sell a clean, respectable image, and you servants are an important part of that service proposition. I am responsible for you, and you are going to be a credit to me, or else I will punish you.  Is that clear?”

“Sir, yes, sir.”

“Now, one more thing – your face. My customers usually want a ‘thug’ – it maKes them feel less guilty about what they are doing to you. So in general you are not to be clean shaven, but neither are you to be slovenly.  You’ll find an electric razor in the showers, and you use that set to number two – that should leave you always looKing as if you have two days of beard growth.  If it’s any different for a particular customer, I will tell you in advance.”

“Sir, yes, sir.”

He then led me to the elevators, and we plunged down to the basement.

“Right, this is the gym, the pool, and the sauna.  You’ll be spending a lot of time down here.”

We went into the gym, and it was bright and extremely well equipped. Six or seven other guys, all in the house uniform, were pounding away on running machines.

“Strip off, and let me looK at you.”

We’d attracted the notice of all the other men by now, and I felt slightly embarrassed as I pulled my T over my head and dropped my shorts. I don’t Know why – after all, by now so many guys had seen my body. I suppose it’s the ‘competition’ thing – most of the men in the past two years had not been in as good shape as me and I was almost proud to show them what a real man looKed liKe. But here, all the guys around seemed to be in good shape, and were looKing at me with interest – they were comparing me to them, I Knew, and I wasn’t used to this:  I was used to being absolutely the best.

Gary started an examination of me. I Knew at once that he was an expert at this by the way his hands passed over almost the entire surface of my body, sometimes quicKly, sometimes stopping so that his fingers could probe my ribs, or feel how my nips rose to a little stimulation. He spent some time rubbing the palm of his hand over my stomach, and then he Knelt so that he could taKe my ass cheeKs firmly and try to press his fingers into them to test my muscle tone. My thighs and calves were probed, and then he returned to cup my balls and separate them and generally feel them, and finally my cocK was erected and examined. Standing up, he once more ran his hands over my necK and shoulders, then came to face me.

“Very acceptable. You’ll find a gym schedule here for you tomorrow, with all your settings, reps, and so on. MaKe sure you sticK to it – there’s a log in most of the machines, and we can checK that you’re putting in the effort demanded. I’m pleased with your body generally, and it’s important that you Keep it liKe that – whilst we want you to exercise, we don’t want you to over do it, either:  none of our clients really liKe over-developed muscle men:  you’re their ideal, with long, lean muscles and a complete absence of fat, and as they’re paying premium prices, they expect premium man flesh.”

Without giving me time to dress he led me through the gym, and I saw all the guys grinning at me in welcome, and admiring my cocK and balls as they bounced up and down in tune with my steps. Next door was a “proper” swimming pool. By which I mean a pool a man can really worK out in – really long, so you’re not always turning, and no sign of special areas for Kids or any of that other crap.

“Do you swim?”

“Sir, yes, sir!  I love it.”

“Good. Well, there’s no requirement for you to us the pool as we taKe care of your exercise needs in the gym programme. But you are allowed to use this as often as you liKe, as much as you liKe – it strengthens and tones the muscles, without adding bulK, so it’s acceptable.  The only rule is that after you’ve used the pool you must use the sauna – even if you shower, ther e’s still some lingering traces of the chlorine on your sKin after swimming, and some customers don’t liKe that if they want to licK you. So maKe sure you have enough time for a sauna session after the pool, always, so the last traces of it get sweated out. Understood?”

“Sir, yes, sir.”

“There’s also sun beds next to the sauna – you need to Keep up the tan, but don’t overdo it. We don’t want you burned a disgusting very darK tan – customers who want darK meat have a choice of proper blacKs – but we don’t want deathly white sKin, either. I’ll tell you if you’re too pale or too darK, and you taKe corrective action. Understand?”

“Sir, yes, sir.”

“Now, one more thing, communication. There’s a phone in your room connected to our networK. If the light is on, it means I’ve left you a message and I expect you to l isten to it promptly. That illuminated board on the wall of the gym also lights up with your number – 23 – and you go to the phone and picK up the call.  If you need me, dial 223 and your call gets routed to my cell or my home or wherever: but only do that if it’s a real emergency as I don’t liKe taKing worK home with me, and it pisses me off. It’s not for social calls, just for emergencies: I will call you when I need you, and I can’t believe there can be too many reasons why you need to initiate contact. Understand?”

“Sir, yes, sir.”

“Right, then.  That’s it for today.  You’re on your own for the rest of the day, so worK out a bit, meet the other guys – remembering the ‘no fucKing’ rule – watch TV, relax. We’re worKing tomorrow, so no jerKing off tomorrow morning. Wait for my message. Oh, one other thing – going out.  We discourage servants from going out in the city here, as we want you focussed on your worK. So if you do need to leave the building for any reason, you must asK my permission. And it will need to be a good reason, I can tell you: not just because you liKe a breath of fresh air! We’ve had some servants trying to maKe a little money on the side, by meeting customers privately, and that’s just not on. Your services are here to maKe profits for the company, not for yourself.”

I blushed slightly as I thought of my “uncle” at the Athletic Club, but said nothing. “Right, then. I have paperworK to do, calls to maKe.  I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

He strode off towards the elevators, not even bothering to asK me if I’d got any questions – it was as if I didn’t count at all: he was in control, and he thought he’d explained all I needed to Know.  I wondered what this was going to be liKe – there sounded as if there were a lot of rules, and he seemed to be a sticKler for following them. But on the other hand he seemed to be approaching it from the point of view of a professional, a manager, who just wanted everything to run smoothly. It wasn’t liKe my first job, where my employer had rules just for the saKe of them, as he enjoyed the exercise of petty, arbitrary power just for the saKe of it. This life sounded a whole lot different from that I’d enjoyed in New Orleans, though – a rigid gym schedule, no going out, no recreational fun sex with my co-worKers… I was effectively totally controlled in how I spent my time. How was this going to turn out? I suppose it would depend on the other guys here, and how well I got on with Gary.

LooKing bacK, it’s funny how it never occurred to me that the worK might be a problem. I guess I was so sure of myself, so certain of my ability to cope as my body was always under my control, that it just didn’t occur to me that this might be the area that I should be really worrying about.

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