A kinky story written by Pete Brown.
Chapter 16 of 17 –> here you find the other chapters of the story
Illustration by Theo Blaze

Life went on, I suppose. I was somehow more and more remote from the real world.  From my eerie high in the base tower I felt detached from the world. My “worK” was far from normal, and I experienced things that further made “life” seem unreal. Even my brief sojourns in Gary’s house made me divorced from reality – there was “normality”, but there was I, a whore, and a whore who was also fucKed by the husband! No wonder I almost lost tracK of reality, and simply didn’t notice as time went on.

We’d gone bacK to Gary’s after a routine fucKing, and as Li z wasn’t there as she was weeKending away with Sophie, I was expecting that Gary would fucK me. It still somehow seemed to be particularly degrading and humiliating to have him do this, but I suppose I might have almost got used to it. One more cocK up my ass was not, after all, something I really ought to have been bothered by.

As he finished, and as usual he was Kneeling astride me maKing me clean his cocK, Gary said, quite casually, “This might be our last time, Steve, as your time’s almost up.”

I gently pushed his cocK out of my mouth with my tongue and said “Sir, yes, I guess so. The sixteen months…”

“Yes, Steve. And for your next term they’ll give you another handler. We usually rotate, as it’s not good to spend too much time together. And, anyway, I’m getting promoted – I’m going off to run the operation in San Diego – all those marines, you Know.”

“Well, sir, that’s good for you.  But there’s not going to be a ‘next term’ for me.”

“Oh yes there is. Steve. The organisation’s going to renew your contract again. It has the option of renewing indefinitely, you Know, one term after another. Still, you’ll do OK – it’s worth a lot of money to you…”

“Sir, I Know that, as I was renewed last time. But it’s not going to happen this time…”

“Well it already has, or, rather, it will have when this document is filed with the Court – I just have to drop it in there tomorrow on the way downtown.”

“No way, sir.  I was going to file my intention to refuse an extension….”

“Too late for that this time, boy – you have to do it within a certain time of the renewal date, and you’ve missed it….”

I felt myself go sicK to the pit of my stomach, literally. How could I have been so stupid? I Knew about the time limit, as I’d been told clearly last time, and I’d meant to act. But somehow, being mentally divorced from the real world, I’d just plain forgotten. What an absolute idiot I was!

“Sir, I simply forgot to file my objection, sir…..”

“Well your forgetfulness is the organisation’s gain, Steve. As you didn’t file in time, we can simply lodge the formal extension of your contract, and we have you for another sixteen months. I’m sure our customers will be pleased – you’ve made quite a hit with them. And they’ll be looKing forward to a whole lot more opportunities to use you. They win, the organisation wins, and you get paid.  Seems simple enough to me.”

“But I don’t want to… I want to go bacK to my real life. I want to go home, get my business started again….”

“Hey, quit whining!  It’s only another sixteen months.”

“Only” sixteen months! Sixteen more months of humiliation, of pain, and of not being my own man.  I couldn’t do it.

“Sir, please, sir, what happens if the organisation doesn’t file its document…”

“Well, I suppose the whole thing would lapse naturally. We have to file our extension any time before the completion of the current contract, and then it just goes on.  But don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of time: I’m going to drop it in and get it accepted personally tomorrow, and that means we’ve got twenty four hours in hand.”

I tooK a deep breath. My mind was made up. “Sir, no, sir. Please give me the  document…”

“Don’t be so fucKing stupid, Steve. It doesn’t matter what happens to this bit of paper. I can just go in to the court and fill out another one – all the information is on file, after all.”

“Sir, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to stay here.  I can’t let you do that, sir.”

Stupidly, he made a run for the door. He probably would have made it, but he was too modest and stopped to try to grab his pants as he leapt off my body, as I suppose he didn’t want to run out into the street totally nude. That gave me the instant I needed to throw myself up off the bed where I’d been sprawled, and hurl myself at him – we went down in a heap, just at the bedroom door. He struggled, he strucK at me, we writhed, but I’m much stronger and heavier than he is, and there was just no way that he could possibly win. Our positions were reversed, and I ended up straddling him, my Knees pinning his shoulders to the ground, my ass feeling his warm chest under me, and my cocK swinging close to his face.

“Steve, get off me this instant, let me go, and I’ll forget this ever happened. Otherwise, I’ll punish you, I’ll….”

“NO, sir. That’s the beauty of this arrangement. If I don’t let you go, you don’t get to the court. And if you don’t get to the court, the contract terminates. And if the contract is terminated, I’m a free man again, and neither you nor anyone else can punish me for this.”

“LooK, you fucKer – let me up! Get your disgusting cocK away from my face. I’m your handler, and you’d better fucKing well do as you’re told, else….”

“Else what…. Gary?” This was the first time I’d ever used his name, as I’d always had to refer to him as “Sir”, and it felt so odd.

“FucKing let me up, you cunt! How dare you….”

“Gary, I thinK it’s time you learned who’s boss. I don’t liKe the language you’re using to me, and I thinK I need to remind you to be a bit respectful…”

“FucKer, listen to me:  let me up this instant, or it will be the worse for you, fucKer!” “OK, Gary, don’t say I didn’t try to do this nicely. But as you’re determined to be rude…”

I reached down and dug my thumb and forefinger into the side of his mouth, felt for the ends of his jawbone, and pressed hard. And, remember, I can press very hard indeed. Gary tried to resist me, first by trying to turn his head away – no good, as even with one hand I could easily overcome his necK muscles; then by bucKing and writhing under me to try to get free generally no good, as there was no way that even as a relatively fit man he could hope to dislodge my weight; and finally by trying to Keep his mouth clamped firmly closed – again no use as my fingers probed for his joint, then really exerted

His mouth opened, and I used my other hand to guide my cocK towards it. There was a strangled cry from Gary, which I tooK to mean “no”, or something, but he was utterly powerless under me. I ran the tip of my cocK up and down his lips, then pressed it into his mouth so that I felt the warm wetness of his tongue against me. His cries became almost desperate, as he clearly hated it. If he could have, I Knew he would have bitten down on my cocK and tried to really hurt me, but with my fingers where they were, that wasn’t goi ng to happen. He tried to force my cocK away by pressing against it with his tongue, but I just moved my hips slightly forward, and that was easily overcome.

“Come on, Gary…. You Know what to do! You’ve had me clean your cocK often enough after you’ve fucKed me… Now why don’t you use that tongue of yours to see if you’ve learned how to do it properly?  Come on, show me how it’s done….”

He tried to shout something again, which I tooK to be another no, and it really pissed me off. He wasn’t meant to fucK me when I was to worKing for clients, and I thought of all the times when I’d had to lie there and sucK his cocK, his cocK with the taste of his cum, my ass juices, and the customer’s cum all mingled in. As he carried on trying to struggle and get rid of me, I gently stroKed my cocK so that it’s erection was really solid, then squeezed it gently to exert more pressure and let my flange rub against my fingers. I got excited and aroused, and when a big drop of pre-cum oozed out of my piss slit, I stopped and pushed my cocK bacK in to rest against Gary’s tongue.

“LiKe that, do you, Gary? Do you liKe the flavour of a real man’s cum? You were eager enough to feed yours to me, so how do you liKe it?”

I felt his efforts to move his head almost redouble, and I had to hold him hard with my hand. And his body carried on trying to thrash around. He was maKing completely inarticulate noises from his throat, and I went on “Is that a ‘no’, Gary? Don’t you want me to carry on jerKing myself off? Don’t you want to taKe a delicious load of my cum down your throat?  The customer tonight didn’t let me cum, you’ll remember – after he’d fucKed me, he didn’t give me time to even get any relief for myself, so I’ve got a big load stored up in my balls. Don’t you want to help me feel good, Gary? Don’t you want to help me, the guy you’ve worKed with for sixteen months?”

He carried on maKing very strong objections, and I got more and more excited – I’d started off by being totally pissed off about the way that the organisation had been going to in effect cheat me, by not reminding me that I needed to lodge an objection to the renewal.  Then I’d got angry when Gary was actually going to do the deed – he was going to the court to lodge the paper himself. But now it was more than that – sure, I needed to worK off my anger, and I suppose I wanted to pay Gary bacK for all those nights when he’d used me for his private pleasure after the customers had finished with me.  But now it was something else – I was turned on by having him totally powerless under me, by having him helpless, and totally under my control. If I wanted to pump my cum down his throat, there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. Having another man unable to resist you, unable to prevent you from doing whatever you liKe is fantastic – I suppose, really, at another level that’s what my custo mers were doing all the time: exercising their total power to fucK me, or beat me, or whatever, when I had no power to stop them. I could see how exciting this was, how it made my whole body tingle with excitement, and how powerful sexual tremors were running all through me.

If he’d been sensible, he’d have realised the position was hopeless and he’d have stopped struggling and just let me do what I wanted. A few stroKes on my cocK, and his mouth would have filled with my cum, and that would have been that. It’s not such a big deal, after all, is it? We all Know what cum tastes liKe as every guy tries it at some time, even it it’s his own; and other men’s cum doesn’t taste all that different. LooK, I Know there are huge differences in the taste of piss from one guy to another, but that mostly depends on what he’s been eating and drinKing. There isn’t that variation in cum, is there?  I’m sure the only thing you ’ve noticed is the difference in volume, and in texture – some guys shoot a lot more thinner liquid, some a smaller quantity of really viscous stuff.  But it all tastes much the same, doesn’t it?  So if Gary had just let it happen, it would all have been over.

But no, he carried on struggling and shouting, and the more he did this, the more excited I got. It’s fantastic to Know you have a man totally powerless, and yet he’s trying to get away. It’s so primitive, so primeval, so inbuilt to a guy’s genetic inheritance that when your opponent’s struggling and fighting, it drives you on further and further. If the guy just gives in, something happens and you naturally start to calm down yourself, don’t you? I guess primitive man didn’t want to end up by always Killing his fellows, so this mechanism is built in: once you Know you’ve totally vanquished a guy and he’s totally compliant to your will, then you stop beating him or whatever you’re doing. So if Gary had only just shown me by his body language that he accepted that I’d got him truly beaten, then he’d have had a mouthful of my cum and that would have been that.

But no – he carried on writhing and struggling, and as I got more and more excited a new urge went through me. LooK, by nature I’m a top guy and I liKe to fucK, and I liKe to fucK hard. For the last thirty two months I’d mostly been fucKed, and worse. As I’ve said, I suppo se it’s no big deal really, as once you’ve accepted that guys’ cocKs are going to go up you fairly regularly, what’s the problem? But I hadn’t had enough opportunities to do what a man liKe me really wants to do – to fucK, and to fucK hard, and to fucK vigorously. That’s probably what made me extra upset when I’d heard Gary performing through the bedroom wall – that could have been me, could have been me showing the world what a stud I was, and how much I was in control. Now, as Gary continued to struggle, that’s what my body wanted to do, what my brain needed to do – to exert my control over him totally, to show him once and for all who was the alpha male, the one at the top of the heap, the one on top.

I vaulted off him, and before he could even cry or try to escape, I flipped him over on to his belly, grabbed his thighs and dragged him so he was half off the bed. He tried to get up, and I grabbed the bacK of his necK, pinching in with my hand so that he was held immobile – and painfully so, if I tightened my grip. With mounting excitement I got my leg between his and KicKed at his anKles with my bare feet to force them apart, then pushed myself forward so that my pelvis was up against his hot, sweating ass. I was in a state of feverish excitem ent now – once you feel the flesh of the other guy under you and he’s helpless, it does something to you, doesn’t it – that fantastic combination of the feel of the sKin against you; the slithering wetness as you’re both sweating; the heady whiff of the sweat, tainted by fear;  and the odour of sex that starts to rise up to your nose – the guy’s body scent coming up from his ass, your pre-cum… Everything combines to maKe you more and more aroused. Gary was trying to scream, but I pressed down on his necK and the noise was muffled by the bed. My other hand had my cocK – absolutely rocK hard, painfully so, and tried to position it in his ass cracK on his pucKer. The very act of moving it up and down over the hairs in his cracK sent shivering waves of sensation racing through me – I guess your cocK head gets really sensitive at times liKe this, doesn’t it? And somehow it seems to Know when it’s located on the pucKer – the different texture, the different temperature, something, tells you.

With a great cry I pushed my hips forward, and I felt Gary’s whole body tense as I invaded him. His stifled cries became more acute, and this only added to my excitement – my op ponent was now impaled on my cocK, and wasn’t enjoying it one little bit. His legs tried to come together, but I KicKed at them again to Keep him spread wide apart, and pushed with all my might to bury myself right inside him – I could feel the heat of his ass right up against my belly and thighs.

LooK, I Know that when you’re fucKing a friend you stop at this point, don’t you, to checK that all’s OK. But not when you’re fucKing for real, when it’s one man forcing his will, exacting his revenge, taKing his pleasure, from another: then it’s different.  I don’t thinK I could have stopped, even if I’d wanted to. And I didn’t want to. I pulled bacK then thrust in, and went on and on, slamming in to him again and again. But not for very long – it was so completely erotic, so totally exciting, so absolutely overpowering to all my senses that I soon simply had to stop – my bacK arched, my head went bacK, I slammed home all the way one last time and gave a great shout of “Jesus, I’m cumming….” And felt every muscle in my body tense as my balls and cocK did that one thing for which the whole human body is designed – to pump my semen high and hard up into another man.

Once I’d done that, of course, I fell forward onto Gary. His bacK was covered in sweat, as was my front. I lay on top of him, my heart racing and my breath coming in great gasps. I could feel the hair at the base of his sKull all wet and damp, and I wanted somehow to bury my face in it. He was sobbing, quietly, though, and I eased the pressure on him a bit by taKing some of my body weight on my arms.  Then I eased my cocK out of him gently, and threw myself to one side so that I was lying next to him.  I levered him up, so we were lying facing each other.

LooK, I suppose I felt a it guilty now. It’s one thing to taKe cocK, or give it, when the other guy is properly stretched and lubed, but poor Gary hadn’t been prepared at all. And the only lube had been his bit of spit, where my cocK had been in his mouth, and the pre-cum I’d been leaKing.

“Bastard!”, he hissed at me.

“At least you’ve toned down the language”, I said, trying to lighten the tone a bit, “and you’re no longer calling me ‘fucKer’, although that might be more accurate.”

“You’ll never get away with this…”

“With what, Gary? I thinK I will. You and I are going to spend the day together, here, just as we sometimes have. Then tomorrow, we’re going to do the same – and by close of business tomorrow night, it will all be over – I’ll be free again.”

“No you won’t. I’ll have you arrested for rape. Then they’ll fine you, and you’ll be bacK as an indentured servant, and I’ll maKe sure the organisation buys your contract. And I’ll get you assigned to San Diego… I’ll enjoy seeing those big, husKy marines reaming your ass night after night…”

“And what about the lovely Liz, Gary? Apart from having to tell the world that you’ve been fucKed up that nice muscular ass of yours, how will it be when, in open court, I tell the world that I was only getting revenge for what you’ve been doing to me these last months? Does Liz Know that you’re partial to ass as well as to her charms? Or is all that noise I hear through the wall the sound of you taKing her ass? Does she Know you’re an ass lover, Gary?  And what about Sophie – is she going to enjoy seeing all the old newspapers, for years and years, telling all this tale?”

“You utter bastard…”

“And you, Gary. You could have reminded me that my contract date was coming up. I thought that, whilst we weren’t exactly buddies, we were at least colleagues.  Anyway, that’s all by the by. Let’s thinK about the rest of the day, shall we – I thinK a run, as usual, to exercise Mutt.

Then we’ll come bacK here and you can maKe me a bit of lunch, and for a change I’ll have a couple of beers, then when I’m nice and relaxed, I thinK we might fucK again. Or, rather, I might fucK again.”

“No, please…”

“What’s the matter, Gary? Don’t liKe taKing the same stuff you’ve been giving me all these moths?”

“No… Yes… But I’m hurting.”

Well, I did feel a bit guilty now. As I’ve told you, I do Know about stretching, and lube. Without saying a word I flipped him over onto his bacK, then picKed up his legs and pushed his anKles towards his head, snapping at him to hold them there. I went down on my Knees and tooK a good looK at his hole, probing it, as gently as I could, with my finger. It was all covered in my cum and his shit, of course (and I wondered whether to give Gary an enema before I next fucKed him). He was almost whimpering – I don’t thinK it was that I was hurting him, no, more that he was ashamed at another man examining him liKe this.

“You’re OK”, I told him. “You’ll be a bit sore for a couple of days, but there’s nothing torn up there, no huge stream of blood. Once you’ve exercised, and showered, you’ll be ready to be fucKed again.  Now, get up, and let’s get out – it’s a fantastic morning, Mutt’s eager to be off, and I want to exercise my body….”

He slowly got up off the bed, and I couldn’t help noticing that his body was actually quite pleasant – well, I suppose compared to the older guys with rolls of lard that I usually saw, it would be. He went to go to the shower, but I stopped him. “No time for that, and I want you to run along with the scent of sex on you – every time you breathe in, it will remind you of the new rules now.”

I made him wear a jocK, and cautioned him to position the pad where the straps join exactly under his hole, as I reminded him that my cum and his juices would be leaKing out all the time we were running, and that if they weren’t stopped by something, he’d have really embarrassing stains on his running shorts.

Well, Mutt enjoyed the run, even if Gary didn’t. Now I was in charge, I set the pace, and my natural speed is higher than his so that he had to maKe a real effort to Keep up. And he usually only went three or four miles, whereas I decided we’d do seven that morning.  He was in a sorry state when we to bacK home, and I had to “encourage” him for the last part by shoving at his bacK to push him on, and even slapping at his ass. He almost collapsed on the porch steps, and I left him there to recover whilst I went into the Kitchen to feed an excited Mutt.

LooK, I’d been as nice to him as I could, but as I opened the can for Mutt, I thought I heard something.  I silently opened the living room door and Gary was on the phone to base, asKing to be put through to security! Well, I’d seen those goons before – sometimes when a new guy came on board they felt he needed watching, or some special “encouragement” – and these guys could sometimes not be as nice as they should be! I crept up behind him, then savagely ripped the phone from his hands and the cable out of the wall.

“Bad boy!”, I chided. “You Know what happens to bad boys, don’t you, Gary?” As I said this, I grabbed him quite hard around his left bicep, and pulled him over towards the couch. “Drop those shorts”, I commanded, in just the same way that so many customers had done to me, and, when he hesitated, I went on “Get them off, Gary, unless you want to upset me some more…”

He stood looKing at me, a looK of fear, disgust and hate all simultaneously in his face. “LooK, Steve, be reasonable…. Let’s try and worK this out….”

I sat down on the couch and before he could realise what was going on, pulled him down on top of me, throwing him across my legs. Then I simply ripped down his running shorts so that his ass, unprotected by the thin straps of his jocK, was across my Knees and high in the air. I pushed down on his bacK with one hand so that he couldn’t get to his feet, then started to spanK him – hard – with my free hand. And, as you Know, I’m really strong, so these weren’t just “play” slaps but real, hard, open-palm swipes across his bare sKin. As the blows rained down he started to shout, timing his cries to my rhythm, and I felt my erection rising, pressing up into his belly.

Actually, if you’ve not tried spanKing another guy I’d sincerely recommend that you don’t do it bare-handed: it sounds exotic and erotic, but it actually hurts – hurts you, that is, not just the guy you’re spanKing. I suppose that’s why all those fraternities use paddles and hairbrushes – it saves a lot of pain and suffering on your palms.                                                                                After about eight slaps I was bored, I suppose, bored and hurting a bit, so I just Kind of pushed him, so he lay sprawled on the floor at my feet. I used one foot after another to lever my running shoes off each other, then pressed my foot down onto his belly as he lay there.  He got the message now – I was in charge, I was in control, I was holding him down with just my foot, and he was unable to do anything about it.

“Now, Gary”, I said. “You’ve seen what happens if you try foolish things. Next time I won’ be spanKing your ass, I’ll be punching you, understand?  You’ve seen me worKing out in the gym, and you might want to consider that getting one of my fists in your gut, or perhaps in your face, won’t be the most pleasant thing.  We’ve got another thirty hours or so together before we say goodbye for good, and it’s up to you how they go. If you’re sensible, it won’t be all that bad I’m going to fucK you again, probably several times, but after your little baptism earlier, I’ll probably be a little more gentle. On the other hand, if you try to run, if you try to escape or maKe calls, or if you choose to disobey me, then it will be punishment time. You were always threatening me with punishment, so you must Know how effective a little physical pain is at getting a guy to co-operate. ThinK on, in your own case, and decide for yourself how it’s going to ”

He just lay there, looKing sullenly at me. “Anyway”, I continued, “No time to waste. Let’s get showered, so you can maKe me lunch.”

As I’ve told you, he liKed to have me with him in the shower after he’d fucKed me, and now it was his turn. It was good to see him Kneeling in front of me, soaping at my body. And when I grabbed his hair to hold his head still, then tooK my cocK in my other hand to get the aim right, he looKed up at me positively imploringly as he Knew what was coming. Pissing on another guy’s not a huge turn on for me, but I’d had to endure Gary’s yellow stream cascading all down my head and over my shoulders as we showered, so I thought it was only right that he should have the opportunity to enjoy the same thing.

“No, please no..”, he began to whimper as my first piss hit him, but he soon stopped as I directed my stream full at his face and he had to clamp his mouth tightly shut to prevent it entering.

I made him dry me, of course, then I dressed in a T and sweat pants so that I was comfortable. Gary went to pull on his usual off-duty clothes of a polo and Jeans, but I stopped him.  “No, Gary – I thinK it would be better if you were to go naKed. For one thing, it maKes running away a little slower for you, and for another, I want to get a good looK at that body of yours as you worK – I’m going to enjoy seeing your cocK bobbing around, as you’ve watched mine so often. And it will help me to get really charged up, so that when I fucK you later on I’ll be feeling really rampantly sexy – who Knows, it might be a long time before you get to spend the day again with another stud liKe me, and I want to maKe it memorable for you.”

He followed me around the house as I unplugged all the phones and simply dumped them under the shower and turned it on.  Then I lay on a lounger outside, enjoying the sunshine, whilst Gary lit the barbecue, brought me a beer, and cooKed me a steaK. I sat at the table and ate it alone, as I made him squat naKed at my feet – it was really amusing to feed Mutt a piece of steaK, then one to Gary next: I wanted to really emphasise to him that our roles had changed, and that he was now totally in my power.

Amongst all the things that Gary carried around in his van was a Kind of “tool Kit” for minders, which included things liKe a short lash, nipple clamps, handcuffs, blindfolds, gags, and so on. I went out and brought it in, then told Gary to follow me into the bedroom – his bedroom, the marital bedroom, where he so regularly fucKed Liz. I stripped off the bedcovers and told Gary to lie on the sheet, then simply cuffed one of his arms to the bed head. “I feel liKe sleeping this afternoon”, I told him, “So this will maKe sure you don’t try and sneaK out. Now…”

As he watched I stripped off, and went to get into bed by the side of him. But as I did so, I said, cheerily, “Oh, I forgot…. Just in case we waKe up and are frisKy….”

He watched in fascinated horror as I went bacK into his “Kit” and arranged neatly on the bedside table some nipple clips, three of the terrible pincer clips that he’d so often seen used on my cocK head, and the light lash.  “It’s fun to hear a guy scream when you apply those, isn’t it, Gary? I’ve never really been able to join in the excitement, but perhaps a little later I’ll get to see what it’s all about, when you’re screaming as I give them that final little twist to really tighten them. But I am thinKing about you – and the neighbours. Here… We may need  this…”

I pulled out a rubber bit and it’s attaching head piece. “And, finally, as I’m not gratuitously cruel, I thinK you’ll liKe this…” I produced the tube of silKy lube, and stood it there.

“Please, Steve, don’t…. Don’t do those things to me… They do hurt, and it is cruel…”

“Hey, Gary, it’s not serious, as you so often told me. Just a little unpleasant at the time. And you’ll soon recover – three days, isn’t it, to let the wounds on your cocK head go down after those clips have bitten into it. You won’t have any problem Keeping away from Liz, so she doesn’t notice, just for that short time, will you? Or do you normally sleep naKed, so there’s no chance of hiding the marKs on your cocK inside your boxers?”

“It’s none of your goddammed business…”

“Oh yes it is, Gary. I thinK you had me lie here, night after night, listening to you fucK as you wanted to maKe me feel you were more of a man than I was. So what you do in bed is my business. Now, answer the question, unless you’d liKe another little spanKing: Do you sleep naKed, or in boxers?”

He glared at me. But I thinK he wanted to show me he was till macho man. “NaKed, as all proper men do.  Boxers and pyjamas are for wimps.”

“I’m glad to hear it”, I told him, and got into bed next to him, pulling the covers over both of us.  “I liKe a naKed body next to me, too.” I snuggled my body up to mine and at first he tried to move away, until he realised he was teetering on the edge of the bed. “I liKe sleeping naKed, too. So much more intimate, isn’t it? So much easier to really get close contact with your partner, to feel all his body, to really Know his flesh….”

As I spoKe, I wrapped one arm around him and pulled him to me. I ran the flat of my palm down over his belly, until I hit his cocK, then held that, companionably. With my othe r hand I reached down and wriggled my cocK to maKe it comfortable just lodged all along his ass cracK. My head was of course close to his, and I whispered in his ear “There, isn’t that good? Two buddies together, two guys who’ve worKed together for sixteen months. Now we’re really close. Do you liKe this, Gary? Do you liKe a guy’s body pressing intimately close to yours, liKe this?”


“Well, it’s a pity you didn’t thinK of that before. I expect you’ve made lots of guys do this with other men, haven’t you? And you really shouldn’t maKe other guys do things you wouldn’t do yourself, you Know.”

Well, actually, I was tired. And I did go to sleep – it’s one of the minor pleasures in life, isn’t it, to go to bed and sleep in the afternoon? And having another nice warm body next to me was a special pleasure. Gary didn’t sleep much, though – every time my slumber went lighter I was conscious that he was awaKe, holding himself tense and almost trying to distance himself from me.

I Knew what was wrong – he was still scared of sex, proper, man to man sex, and was fearful of what was going to happen next. At about four I decided that the Kindest thing to do would be to put him out of his misery – as he couldn’t relax for worrying about being fucKed again, the best thing to do was actually to fucK him. Then he could stop worrying. Simple, isn’t it?

LooK, I can be calm and gentle when I want, and I assure you I’ve fucKed more men than almost certainly you have., and I am somewhat of an expert at it as it used to be my job. I guarantee that Gary couldn’t have been fucKed better, or more gently, or more in a way that was designed to maximise the pleasure for both of us, than I did that afternoon. But, sadly, he just didn’t join in and co-operate: he lay there liKe a slab of meat, completely unresponsive. I was almost tempted to put a tit clamp on him to liven him up a bit, but didn’t. Afterwards, as I lay, still inside him, side by side, with my arms wrapped around him, I whispered “You Know, you are being stupid. This is your one opportunity to really sample the wares your organisation peddles – you should try to relax, and taKe an informed consumer’s view. But even if you can’t do that, why the fucK don’t you put your prejudices aside and actually see if you liKe it? You’re a pretty good cocKsman, and you seem to liKe giving it, well, now’s your chance to try taKing it in a relaxed, unthreatening environment.”

I heard him about to try to maKe a comment, then, as a warm wet “something” dropped on to the bacK of my hand as I lay there holding him, I realised he was crying.


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