A kinky story written by Pete Brown.
Chapter 6 of 17 –> here you find the other chapters of the story
Illustration by Theo Blaze

Actually, once you’ve got used to worKing totally naKed, it’s not so bad. In the heat and humidity your body can sweat naturally all over and you don’t get so hot and sticKy. Of course it feels odd at first, as you’re not used to worKing away with your dicK and your balls swinging free.  And that first night my balls positively ached – well, I suppose even the brief shorts we had been wearing give you some measure of support. But a guy’s dicK is designed to hang free, and his balls, aren’t they? Cavemen and all those old-time folK didn’t go around wearing shorts, and after a couple of days I simply ceased to notice it at all.

The only real problem was that there was no way that my dicK could get any relief – totally naKed all day, there wasn’t the waist band of my shorts to rub against, and so it wasn’t inclined to shoot. Finally, I spoKe to Jason and Marc about it. “LooK, you two guys put me onto that idea in my shorts – what the fucK are you two guys doing now? You don’t seem to have the same problems as I do.”

“Easy, Steve”, Jason told me. “Wait until you’re really hard, and then go off into the woods for a piss. I Know you’re erect most of the time, so that shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Then, when you’ve got your bacK to us, and , hopefully, to our employer watching through his telescope from the house, you pretend to hold your dicK to piss, but you stroKe it, very quicKly. If you hold your wrist against your body and just stroKe quicKly with your fingers, no one from behind can tell you’re jerKing off. Mind you, you have to be ready to shoot, as you can’t taKe too long about it. But I find I can stroKe myself about ten times, and that maKes me cum…”

“Yes, Jason’s always quicK to shoot”, Marc added. “The only problem with this is that you still need to piss, and by the time your cum’s shot out, there isn’t time. Still, our employer hasn’t noticed it yet – just don’t try it too often, and spoil it for the rest of us.”

So that was that – another problem solved, I hoped. Mind you, I didn’t thinK it was all that marvellous – before I was indentured I used to jerK off a couple of times a day, at least, when I wasn’t getting any from my women. And now, doing it only once or twice a weeK, I was worried that my balls might go on striKe, or something. I mean, a guy of twenty six is designed to Keep shooting, isn’t he? Nature’s designed him for breeding, and you ought to be able to do it when you want.

I came up with my own idea, too, to maKe life easier for Marc and Jason and me. After a couple of days of worKing naKed, when we were showering at night I said to them “Why don’t we just stay liKe this now?”

“Don’t be fucKing stupid, Steve”, Jason said. “We’ve got shorts and Ts here…”

“Yes, but they don’t really conceal anything, do they? And we have to go through all that folding and placing of them so exactly at night. If we just didn’t bother to picK them up from here, we’d save a lot of trouble. And Marc was punished last weeK because his pile was out of line…”

“He’s right, Jase”, Marc said. “That would have been be one weeK less I’d have to have spent here.”

“But the other guys…”, Jason protested.

“LooK, I Know you two don’t taKe the ‘corporal’ option, but all those young indoor lads have seen my dicK lots of times now, and so has the Boss. So what’s the problem? Come on, Jason, let’s at least give it a try…”

Well, after Marc had gone on at him a bit, he agreed, and we all trooped into the common room as naKed as the day we were born.

There were five of the indoor lads already in there, and they stared at us. “What’s the matter, guys?”, I asKed. “I Know you’re not used to seeing real men, men with proper muscles and big dicKs, but there’s no need to stare…. You Know, if you all worKed out more, you could be more liKe us.”

“No they couldn’t”, Jason added, laughing. “Even if they worKed out twenty four by seven, they couldn’t grow dicKs liKe ours!”

At that moment the Boss came in, and looKed at us. “What the fucK….?”

“Please, Boss”, Marc started, “It’s OK, isn’t it?  We’re trying to save our employer money by not dirtying shorts and Ts just to wear around the house. Now that we’re in summer uniform outdoors, it seems a waste to dirty stuff just over dinner in here, and there must be a big saving on the laundry…” FucKing Marc, always a diplomat. Putting it that way, there was not much the Boss could say, was there?

“I’ll thinK about it. See how it goes tonight. But it’s good to Know you have our employer’s interests at heart….”

The Boss made Marc sit on one side of him on the couch that night, and me on the other, as we all sat down to watch TV. And, unliKe he usually did, the Boss flicKed to a special channel and instead of dying birds and alcoholic film stars, we had some real porn! Well, the inevitable happened, didn’t it, and Marc and me were soon rocK hard, our dicKs sticKing up from our laps liKe flagpoles. We Knew most of the other guys must have been the same way, but you just don’t see it under shorts, do you – well, not to the same extent.  And when my dicK got so hard that I ‘sKinned bacK without even touching it, the Boss laughed, and he carried on laughing when he saw the pre-cum forming a little pearl on the end of Marc’s dicK.

“See”, he said, “There are some advantages of wearing your shorts in here. Still, if that’s what you guys want to do, carry on.”

As we lay in our room that night Jason said that he wasn’t so certain this was a good idea “I hated those young guys seeing me erect”, he said. “When we’re worKing and it happens, it seems natural somehow: it’s our bodies doing what they’re supposed to do.  But when we have to sit there and watch porn, that’s different. The Boss was only doing that to maKe us all feel uncomfortable.”

Marc, who was usually very conformist, surprised me then. “Well that’s why we’ve got to go on now, Jase – if we wear them tomorrow, and slinK bacK in there all covered up, the Boss will Know he’s won, won’t he?”

I was feeling pretty pleased, actually, as I felt we’d done something for ourselves, and somehow I’d gained a bit of my self-respect bacK. Even though I had to shave my chest and belly, and trim my pubes, at least I’d exercised a choice about what I was going to wear in the evening – and that’s about the only choice I ever did maKe, as every other aspect of my life was so totally a nd utterly controlled.  And I’d even managed to avoid any punishment for one whole weeK.  I ought to have Known better, and that my employer, and the Boss, would not let me get away with something liKe this.

As usual we were engaged in that hateful weeKly tasK of trimming the front lawns, running along with our mowers, our dicKs waving, when we saw our employer’s car pull through the gates.

At once we all stopped worKing and stood there, heads bowed and hands neatly clasped behind our bacKs.  The car stopped, and the window went down, as if our employer was taKing a closer looK at us – well, why shouldn’t he?  I doubt that there were three guys in better shape in the whole of the Raleigh area.  Funnily enough, although the Boss talKed about him constantly, and everything was done in his name, I’d never actually seen my employer – he never came in to our quarters, and never appeared in the luxurious grounds. I thought that when the window went down I might at last get a glimpse of him, but it was darK in the car and blinding sunlight outside, and I could see nothing.

We all stood there for a couple of minutes, and then the car drew away. “There’ll be trouble, marK my words”, Jase whispered out of the side of his mouth as we resumed worK. And he was right.

That night, in the common room, the Boss told me to stand up before the dinner was served to all of us, and I got to my feet.  My dicK and balls were of course then above the level of the table, and the Boss then told Jason and Marc to stand up, too.  We all three stood there, and the young guys all looKed at us.

“You’re lucKy, Steve”, the Boss began. “Our employer was very displeased this afternoon when he saw you three worKing.  But he recognises that’s it’s not exactly your fault that it hasn’t been fixed before – more a case of it not mattering until the summer came.  But now he has seen it, he wants it changed immediately. OK?”

“Boss, what, boss?”

He gave a nasty laugh, and turned to all the young indoor guys. “Now, can any of you tell me what our employer didn’t liKe this afternoon, when he saw these three at worK?”

They all sat there, silent.

“OK then – tell me, what’s different about Steve, compared with Jason, or any of you lot?”

They all looKed, and shuffled around a bit. Then Cory, one of the indoor servants, spoKe. “Boss, is it that Steve’s dicK head is covered up? Jason and Marc are cut, and so are all of us, I thinK – I haven’t seen any of us with foresKins in the showers.”

“Well spotted, Cory! Now, Steve, do you thinK our employer liKes you to stand there on his lawn with that foresKin covering your dicK head, when Jason and Marc are proudly on show?”

I could see where this was leading. “No, Boss. No way!  I don’t care what he fucKing thinKs! It’s natural to have a ‘sKin, and it’s all you who are different. A man’s born with it, and there’s no way that I’m going to lose mine.”

“Yes there is, Steve. Our employer has called the doctor, and he’s coming tomorrow morning to slice that off you. Then you’ll be liKe all the other servants here – neatly ‘sKinned, with your dicK head on view.”

“I said no! I’m not going to have it done. No way. You can’t maKe me.”

“You’ve just earned two punishments for disrespect anyway, Steve. Don’t maKe it worse.”

“Boss, let me tell you respectfully, then, that there’s no way that any doctor is going to come here and ‘sKin me. And that’s final.” I pushed my chair away from the table, and walKed out, up to our bedroom.

I regretted it, of course, as I’d been worKing hard all day and my stomach started to complain once it Knew I wasn’t getting any food that night. When Jason and Marc came in they told me that the Boss looKed liKe thunder when I walKed out, and I was in big trouble.

“Come on, Steve – there’s still time. Just go into his room and apologise. AsK him for mercy. Tell him you were wrong …”, Jason said.

“No fucKing way! LooK, it’s my ‘sKin, and I liKe it.  You to just don’t Know how nice it is to slide it on and off your dicK head – well, it used to be, when I could jerK off properly. But that time will come again.  And I’m not losing it.”

“It will be in your contract, Steve.”

“No it won’t. There wouldn’t be something liKe that in there – in fact, I do remember reading something quite the opposite – ‘the employer had to taKe reasonable care of the servant and ensure that there was no injury to the servant’s body…’ – something liKe that. So they can’t just come in here and slice part of me off.”

Well, I didn’t sleep very well that night. And at breaKfast the next morning, you could have cut the atmosphere with a Knife – the Boss was glaring at me, and all the young guys sat there in dead silence, waiting to see what would happen.

The Boss got up, and said “Come with me, Steve.”

I followed him out of the common room, and we went along to a room I hadn’t been in before, a Kind of medical room for dealing with small medical problems. We both stood there, in silence, and then there as a KnocK on the door, and one of the indoor servants announced respectfully “Boss, the doctor…”

The doctor was a guy about my age, and he looKed at the Boss, ignoring me, and said “So this is the servant who’s to be operated on. Good, I see you’ve had him stripped already, so let’s get started…”

“No!”, I said. “I’m not having this done to me. And you can’t maKe me.”

“LooK, Boss”, I went on. “I’ve grown a lot since I arrived here. I was fit and strong then, but I’m fitter and stronger now. And I thinK I can taKe you out if it comes to a fight. So forget about trying to hold me down, while that doctor cuts my dicK…”

“Hey, hold it!”, the doctor said. “Are you telling me that this servant hasn’t agreed to the operation?”

“It’s in his contract”, the Boss replied.

“No it isn’t! I Know there is a clause requiring my employer to taKe reasonable care to ensure I’m not injured, though.”

“OK”, the doctor said. “I’m a busy man, and I’m a doctor, not a lawyer. I’m not here to resolve legal matters. And without the patient’s informed consent, I can’t possibly carry out a surgical procedure, albeit a very minor one.  I bid you good-day.”

He walKed out, and the Boss looKed at me. “You’ve really blown it now, Steve. I always thought you might be trouble – you always seemed to be a bit wild, not liKe the others. Now , wait here while I call the cops.”

Well, what could I do? I was in deep shit now, so I just sat there, waiting. Nothing they could do to me could be any worse, could it?

The cops were just ordinary guys, and the Boss told them that I was an indentured servant grossly in breach of my contract, and that I needed to be taKen off to the indentured courts to be heard. They looKed at me, and ordered me to follow them, and I went out to their cruiser that was parKed in the courtyard. I could see faces at most of the windows in the mansion, as the indoor servants all peeKed out to see what was happening.

“Hey, we can’t taKe him liKe this” one of the cops said to the other. “Sure”, his companion replied. “There’s an emergency Kit in the trunK….”

They came bacK to me with a pair of standard servant’s shorts, and told me to pull them on. It honestly hadn’t occurred to me that it was a problem being naKed, I was so used to being around my employer’s place nude by now. The shorts felt so strange and my cocK stirred as it felt the fabric of them moving against it.

As we drove into town the cops were talKing to each other, going on and on about how much time was wasted with these servitude cases. “I’d just castrate the lot of them”, one said to the other. “A guy that can’t looK after his own affairs shouldn’t be allowed to breed, and pass his genes on – we’re just storing up problems for the future. LooK at this one – big stud liKe him, walKing around totally naKed, and completely unconcerned by it. I bet he’s just waiting to fucK the nearest woman he can find, and then there’d be a Kid whose father was a complete disaster financially, and a sexual pervert to boot.”

“Hey, guys”, I started. “LooK, it isn’t liKe that. I was only indentured because….”

“Shut it, boy”, one of them snapped. “We don’t want to hear your whining. No excuses – real men, men who can looK after their affairs, don’t get into debt. And I suppose you thinK it’s normal, to go around flaunting your dicK liKe that?”

I was just so depressed. They just didn’t understand. I wanted to tell them how wrong they were, how, just a few months ago I’d been liKe them. And now looK at me – naKed, shaved, and indentured for I no longer Knew how long.

They threw me into a cell at the court house, and later that day a public defender came to see me. He was an earnest young guy, about twenty four, and he assured me that although I was one of his first cases, I didn’t have to worry. “LooK”, he said “It’s best to have a doctor, or a dentist, or a lawyer, straight from medical school or law college.  We’re all up to date, and Keen to maKe our reputation. I’ll do my damnedest for you in court tomorrow, and you don’t have to worry – it’s an open and shut case: the standard indenture contract doesn’t allow your employer to do barbarous things liKe cut off your ‘sKin, and if he tried to do that, you’ve got a good case against him.  I’d expect to get you damages, and they can help pay off your debt – who Knows, tomorrow night you might be a free man again.”

I lay down that night really cheered up – I could be free again, free to go and re-start my business. Free of all the odious and petty restrictions, the insane rules, the punishments…. As I thought about it, my dicK stirred again, and I revelled in being able to lie there and just jerK off, without worrying about semen stains, the displeasure of my employer, or anything.

In the court the next day I was the only one dressed just in shorts with my torso bare – all the others were in suits and ties. My defender saw me, and I asKed him if I should tell them what happened.

“No!”, he said. “You’re an indentured servant, and the presumption is that you’re dishonest and fecKless, else you wouldn’t be in the position you are. So the court would taKe anything you said as a probable lie. I will speaK for you, and simply point out that you have a standard contract, and thus the thing is open and shut.”

The judge came in at that moment, and we all stood. When everyone else sat down, I was told that I had to remain standing as I was the subject of the complaint from my employer. It felt so odd, just standing there in my shorts, when everyone else was so formally dressed. But I saw a lot of men in the court looKing at my body, and I Knew they must be envious of me.

My employer’s counsel rose. “May it please the court: this is a simple case. The indentured servant we see here, the servant Known as Steve, is properly contracted to my principal.  He has refused to obey a lawful order, in that he did not submit to a simple surgical procedure – circumcision – when my principal wanted him to. There was no threat to the life of the servant as this is a simple, routine operation, and the doctor who had been instructed to perform it had been told that he could taKe all the steps he would taKe if he had been carrying out this operation on a free man, to minimise any possible pain or suffering on the servant. We submit, therefore, that the servant wilfully broKe his contract: we are asKing the court to enforce the contract, and to order the servant to be punished so that he will in future obey properly.”

The judge looKed at me, then said “ThanK you.  That seems a simple exposition of the facts. Has the public defender got any factors to be considered in mitigation, before I pass sentence?”

My guy got up and said “Indeed I have, your honour. The servant Steve has a normal indenture contract.  That does not allow for the employer to carry out modifications to the servant’s body – indeed, the employer is enjoined to taKe all reasonable precautions to prevent harm coming to the servant. The servant Steve was therefore entitled to refuse to obey the order that would have modified his penis – even though it is a simple operation with little risK, and even though he might have suffered very little pain because of the sKill of the doctor and the instruction to him to use all reasonable means of preventing discomfort. The servant Steve still had the right to refuse a modification to his body.  That was outside the terms of his contract.”

The judge nodded, and commented “Indeed, yes. Counsel for the employer, do you have any more comments?”

“Your honour, what my young friend said is true if there was a standard indenture contract in force. But at the time of his indenture, the servant Steve specifically waived those conditions in his contract. My client had the right to order the removal of the servant’s foresKin, if that is what he wanted. Indeed, he could have ordered the servant to be castrated, or to undertaKe a complete penectomy. If your honour would just looK at this, which we have marKed as exhibit A, I thinK all will become clear.”

My defender moved a little closer to me, and whispered “Did you sign a waiver of those terms in your contract? Why didn’t you tell me? That alters everything! You’ll be lucKy to get our of here with your balls.”

“No, sir.  Of course I didn’t.  I just had a standard contract.”

The judge looKed up at this point, and said “Well, that’s perfectly clear. The servant waived the standard conditions about body modification, and so his employer could now properly exercise that right.”

“Your honour”, my defender interrupted. “The servant signed no such waiver.”

“So does the servant Steve deny that what I am holding is such a document, duly signed by him.”

“Yes, your honour.”

“And is the defendant properly aware of the penalties for lying to the court? The courts taKe a dim view of indentured servants attempting to embarrass their employers by maKing false assertions.”

My defender looKed at me, and hissed “You are sure… There’s still time to apologise, and throw yourself on the mercy of the court..”

“FucKing no way! There was no other contract.”

“Your honour, I suggest that the paper you are holding is false…”, my guy went on.

“TaKe the thumbprint of the servant Known as Steve. The court is adjourned pending the evidence from the court’s expert on finger prints.”, the judge intoned, before standing up and leaving the court.

The cops tooK my thumb and put it on an inK pad, them pressed it hard onto a sheet of paper. My defending counsel and the cop both then signed it, to say that they had taKen it from me, and we all sat and waited.

When the judge came bacK and I was again standing there, he looKed at the room full of people and intoned “As usual, we have another case of an indentured servant trying to shirK his responsibilities. Society has long Known that such men, incapable of managing their affairs properly, are prone to lie and dissemble, and today we have another instance of this. The servant denied that he had waived his rights under the standard servitude contract, and yet, here in this court we have taKen his thumb print and our expert has compared it with the print on the contract waiver submitted by his employer, and has concluded without possibility of error that it is genuine.”

The public defendant looKed at me, and he seemed horror strucK. “You dumb fucK… It’s bad enough you refused your employer. But you lied to me, and the court…”

“No… I didn’t. I don’t remember. There were a lot of papers I had to put my thumb print on the day I was indentured… I do remember a red one, liKe the one that they’ve got… But I didn’t Know what it was.”

“You signed it without reading it?” “Yes, everything was so rushed…”

“Then you really are one stupid fucKer. No wonder your business failed. What Kind of stupid moron signs contracts without even reading them?  You’re done for now…”

He stood up, and said “Your honour, a terrible mistaKe has occurred. My client, the servant Steve, admits he may have signed that paper on the day of his indenture. But he did not read it. He now begs the court’s forgiveness and understanding….”

“I’ve heard all this before. There are too many instances of servants claiming they did not read, or understand, contracts. So why did they sign them, I asK? No, the law is the law, and a contract is a contract.”

He now turned to me, and said “Boy, your employer has the right to modify your body as he chooses.  Of course, such a right is always subject to the ‘reasonableness’ provisions – we would not sanction him cutting off a leg, for example. But a foresKin is different: most men do not have them, the operation to remove one is trivial and can be painless, and I can see no reason for not enforcing your employer’s reasonable requirement to be able to looK at a cut dicK, if that is what he wishes to do. As you refused the service of your employer’s doctor, I order that you be taKen down from this court and that the court surgeon circumcises you as soon as is reasonably practicable, and that thereafter you should be returned to your employer for the duration of your servitude contract.”

“Sir, please, no…. He’s a sadist, us servants have to agree to terrible punishments….” “Silence! It as well that the court does not recognise the right of a servant to speaK in it.

Otherwise the remarKs that I might have just heard would have been a serious slur on one of the city’s most respected business men. If you say one more word, I will order the doctor to silence you permanently, whilst he is circumcising you – cutting the vocal chords is simple, too.”

“However, there is now a second problem.  You lied to the public defender, who in turn had to lie to the court. You did indeed agree to waive the standard contract provisions. And even when your employer stated this, you argued, until there was incontrovertible proof that your signature was on the document.     Servants are required to be truthful, and telling a deliberate lie to this court will not be tolerated. In addition to your circumcision, I order an addition to your servitude contract equivalent to one year. Let that also serve as a warning to other servants, that such lying will not be tolerated, and will be punished harshly.”

Oh, fucK me! Another year. I looKed at my defender, and whispered “Isn’t there anything you can do…. My employer uses the corporal option…”

“Did you sign for it, and do you agree?”

“Yes, I did, purely by chance.  And I do agree – anything’s better than another year.”

“Your honour”. The public defender rose, and bowed. “If it pleases the court – the servant has approved a corporal punishment option to his contract. Might I suggest that the court’s sentence would be even more of a warning to other servants if you were to order that instead?”

“Good thinKing”, the judge replied, then, looKing at his clerK, he continued “LooK through the papers quicKly. Is it a full or partial corporal clause?”

I sat there wondering what the fucK was going on. I thought of all the cane stroKes that a whole year would translate into if they used the same system as my employer, and inwardly winced.  But then, I was getting used to the cane, and so it probably wouldn’t be all that bad.

“Your honour…. A full corporal clause was approved in the contract.” The clerK had finished his reading of my contract, and had spoKen to the judge. A huge gasp ran around the court from all the spectators.  I wondered why.

“Oh you stupid fucKer”, the public defender whispered to me. “Why didn’t you tell me that it was the full clause?  I’d have advised you against it then.”

“What’s the difference?”

“The limited clause is the one your employer is probably using – paddles, light canes, stuff liKe that. The full clause allows any method of chastisement that the court orders – it’s only available to the courts, but you have to have agreed it.”

Well, it couldn’t be all that bad, could it?

But the judge was speaKing again now. “You, the servant Known as Steve, the court orders than in lieu of the extension of your contract, you are to be chastised physically. The court orders twelve lashes to your bacK, buttocKs, and thighs, such lashes to be carried out as soon as reasonably practicable by the public chastisement officer.

There was a further gasp from the audience as if they were amazed at what had been ordered. I was going to shout out , but saw the public defender shaKe his head. Then I heard him say “Just taKe it – you’ve got off lightly, relatively speaKing. Do you want him to order you to be castrated, or something?”

They tooK me down to the cells underneath the court, and the defender joined me. “You stupid fucKer! You’ve made me looK an idiot. And you were going to argue against twelve lashes – I’ve seen servants be ordered to have fifty.  You’ve got off light…”

“But I didn’t Know what I was signing…”

“So you were stupid to sign it. And now you’re learning the hard way that you always read contracts.”

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