Pup Jackson

1989 | 162 cm | 48 kg
Washington (U.S.)

As a newbie to Folsom and my first trip to Europe I have to say it was quiet amazing.

I arrived Friday evening after flying from Washington DC, I was unsure of what to expect was it going to be like every other event I have been to? Granted most of the events are unique in there own way. I decided I was going to check out the street Folsom is hosted as that was where friends were, as a rubber boy I of course had to put on some rubber. I made my way to Fuggerstaße street, I stood in aw at the site of many rubber/leather/gear people filling the street at night. It was truly an amazing site, after meeting up with friends they even explained this wasn’t anything as I would find out Saturday. My first night was filled with meeting some amazing people and working on coming out of my shell.

The next day the streets were filled from edge to edge with kinksters from all walks, freely walking around the streets fully geared, eating at restaurants all over not just near the event. I’ve been to many events in America but I’ve never seen the kink scene that widely spread and casual. Truly an amazing experience.

The other side of this was the lead up to the event, I was extremely nervous traveling to a foreign country I have never been to with only knowing a few people going. I found myself feeling super self conscious upon arrival, I think we all struggle a little with self esteem issues but mine was rather high leading up to this event. I quickly found myself enthralled around beautiful people some I recognized from Twitter others just seeing for the first time. It was a bit overwhelming at first, kept telling myself to stay and put myself out there.

My second day I met many puppies from the UK who made me feel so great about myself and gave me the boost I needed. I know its hard but if you ever go to events put yourself out there not to try and hook up but just to meet new people because you meet some pretty amazing people who you may end up making a friend or maybe even randomly end up in a rubber sleep sack while they have their way with you.

Every trip has a funny story and important lesson learned, mine came on Saturday during the street festival that can either be a chastity boys dream or nightmare… Leading up to the event I had been locked for 3 weeks (self locked) I was talked into keeping the only key I had brought (forgot the spare at home) on me. Now if you are a rubber boy you know pockets can be hard to come by at times especially when your going out as a puppy/gimp. The only logical place I could keep the key was my sock but like a subby boy who probably needs told what to do and to be smarter about things I put it in the same sock I was keeping my phone, at one point I must have pulled the phone out and not heard the keys fall into the street.

Took me a few hours to realize I had lost the keys (also same keys to my chain collar both keys on that ring no spare) in a bit of panic I looked in the streets as others helped, by this point they were for sure gone and no way I was finding them. Had a good laugh about it, a few people tried to push my balls through the ring and one dom even grabbed my cage and tested 5 of his keys on it didn’t work but I did get pretty tight when he was messing with that cage and though it kind of hot when he said you’re fucked boy *drool*. I decided to go back to my hotel where an adorably cute puppy came with to help me out of it, both trying finally I decided to suck it up and accept my punishment…. No not leaving it on, with a lot of lube and my experience with CBT I had the most intense CBT scene with myself and squeezed my balls through that cage, I was one determined boy to get off that weekend.

After escaping the cage I had a pleasant and probably my favorite part of the whole trip I played with the adorably cute puppy who was around my size (a hard thing to find) like I said boys put yourself out there if I hadn’t I probably would not have met this hot puppy. After all that, I still did not get off at all but for some reason it turned me on a bit that the doms didn’t let me cum. Maybe we will see the return of Jackson being locked for long periods of time again.

I had other scenes where I started back into pain play with a very talented dom who had clothes pins, nipple clamps, wax and spanking in the scene was a very hot scene (pics on my twitter) I was also padded in public, got new gear and made new friends. If you are ever thinking about going to Folsom EU I highly recommend it, something every kinkster should experience at least once. See you next year Folsom! As always keep it kinky, be you and be proud of yourself!

With love



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