A report written by slave 437353.


last night was a hard night.  my MASTER has a Buddy who has used me on numerous occasions, and had me at His house for parties and to serve His friends.  He has always been rough and dominant, but never very public – He always wants me dressed in conservative clothes when we are out, He has never done anything anywhere except at His house or at the house of my MASTER.  But all that changed last night.

He took me to a porno bookstore in Oakland, where i serviced Him along with a friend of His for hours.  It was Saturday night, and so of course, many Men were around.  The Men who watched certainly seemed to enjoy the show, and they took pictures with Their phones or jerked off on me.  Several used me as a urinal, i sucked some off, and a couple Men fucked me.  it was painful and would have been humiliating to me before, but i accepted what was happening as a natural part of the life of a slave, and took everything that came my way.

Finally, He decided it was time to leave, and i was glad to pull on my clothes and wordlessly follow Them out of the store.  We walked to His SUV, and He told me to get in the back and to kneel between the seats – i was not allowed to sit on the upholstery.  The back of the car is very roomy, and i was not uncomfortable kneeling there.

On the way back, He suddenly pulled over.  There were two young Men, obviously drunk, hitchhiking. They looked like football players, solidly built, big Men with large muscular arms and legs, and i felt a shiver of fear as They ran to the car.  He opened the passenger side front window and said, “What’s going on?”  They said, “we’re trying to get back to El Cerrito.”  El Cerrito is quite a ways out of the way from where He was going, so i was a little surprised when He said, “I’ll drive you home – on two conditions”.  The Guy looked at Him and said, “What are the conditions?”   He smiled and said, “first, you’re okay with sitting in the back with my slave.”  The Guy who was talking said, “slave?  That’s your slave?” and gave me a disgusted look.  Then the Guy said “What does he do for you?” and He said, “it’s a sex slave.  it services me sexually, along with anyone else I want it to service.  So the first condition is, you have to be okay with sitting back there with it.”  The Guy said, “Yeah, okay, what’s the other condition?” and He said, “You have to let it suck your cocks and service you.”  The two Guys laughed, and the one who had been speaking said, “Are you shitting me?”  He said “no, you’ll fucking love it, trust me.”  The Guy said to His Friend, “What do you think?” and the other Guy said, “Fuck, we need the ride.”

Illustration by Theo Blaze

So They got in, and had Their Cocks out within seconds.  i got Them both hard, and He finally pulled the car over onto a quiet street, where there are no residences.  He and His Buddy turned around and watched, then said, “Why don’t one of you fuck it while the other gets sucked, then you can trade positions?”  The Guys were by that time totally into it, but one of Them said, “Wait a sec, I gotta piss firs.t”  He said, “Another good use for a slave.  Use its mouth as a urinal.” The Guy said “Really?  FUCK!” and He said, “Yeah, and if it spills a single drop we get to beat the shit out of it.”  i knew that was a warning, so i made sure i swallowed every drop of the Guy’s Piss (there was a LOT) and then His Friend also used my mouth as a urinal.  They both fucked me, i sucked Them, and They both finally came, at the same time, one in each hole.

What is interesting to me about Men is how They can fuck a slave, and be really into it, and once They Cum, Their attitudes change.  For the rest of the ride to where They lived, the two of  Them slapped and kicked me, called me names, told me what a fucking piece of shit i was. He tried to get Them to humiliate me more, have me clean Their Assholes, but They were not into it, and merely kicked and punched me routinely as He drove.

As we got to Their place, He said, “Hang on a second,” and He scribbled something on some paper, and then handed a scrap of paper to each Guy.  One said, “What the fuck is this?” and He said, “That’s the slave’s cell phone number.  Any time you, a buddy, any guy you know needs to dump a load, or use a urinal, you can text it.”  They both acted like They were not interested (“yeah, right!” one of Them said) but He watched Them as They walked back to Their place, and He smiled (He has a very evil smile) and said to His Buddy, “See that?  They both stuck the paper in their pockets.”

By this time, the two Men in the front had gotten totally turned on by watching two young Studs use me, so They drove down to Aquatic Park, and took me out of the car.  We walked to the bushes, and i was ordered to strip.  it was a cold night, and though it had rained hard it was not at the moment raining.  Fortunately, i knew i would not be cold for long.  He said, “First we have to punish it for being such a fucking whore” and He took off His wide leather belt and started whipping me, having bent me over a tree stump.  the beating went on and on, and i heard what sounded like footsteps.  i did not look around, but i felt sure that other Men were gathering to watch. Finally, He stopped beating me, and i heard Him breathing heavily from His exertion.  i got on my knees, and there were 5 Men there, along with the two Men who had brought me there.  All of them had Their Cocks out. He again smiled in His evil way and said, “Two lines, gentlemen, one for its mouth, one for its cunt.”  All five Men went to line up behind me, so He pulled me back over the stump, put His Cock in my mouth  and said “you may begin” and one of the Men shoved His Cock in me.  it was cold and we were outdoors, so it was  definitely a pump and dump situation, and the Men did not try to make it last long – i was there to get Them off, and that was all They cared about.  As each Man shot His Cum, He had the Man come around to my face for His Cock to be cleaned.

Finally, after the fifth Man dumped His Cum, The Man who had brought me there took His place behind me, and His Buddy (who had been watching) took over at my mouth.  They started pounding me rhythmically, banging me harder and harder, until They both Came in me again.  it took a few minutes for Them to stop breathing so hard, and They noticed two more Men were standing watching.  He invited Them to partake too, and one let me suck Him off, while the other watched a few more minutes and then walked away.  Finally, He and His Buddy both Pissed in my mouth at the same time, which was very very difficult to swallow, but i did my best.  Then They both slapped me in the face with Their Cocks and said, “Let’s get this latrine home.”  i stumbled after Them, unsteady on my feet and trying to pull on my clothes.

When we got home, He walked me down the path to the sty, and stripped me there.  The sty is a dirt pen outside by the gloryhole my MASTER built for me, and when i have misbehaved or am unfit company (such as when my MASTER has HIS gf over for the night), i sleep out there.  sometimes HE provides blankets or a plastic tarp for protection from weather for me, but  there were no blankets, no protection, and He took my clothes.  i heard Him toss them up onto the front porch, which i think He knew would be agony for me – i knew my clothes were close by but could not reach them because i would have to talk out in public naked (something i am forbidden to do except when ordered).  so i lay in the mud, and the rains started.  i huddled against the house and kept as warm as possible, until HE let me in this morning.  by that time i was very very cold and wet, but HE fed me HIS morning Piss, and whipped me hard to warm me up.  Then HE had me start my daily chores.

After i had made HIS breakfast, served it and knelt by the table, HE asked me about the night.  As i have been taught, i kept count, and i reported the results to HIM.   i took 10 loads in my mouth (7 at the bookstore, one of the young Guys, one Man in the park and the Buddy), i took 11 loads in my fuckhole (5 in the park plus Him, the one Guy in the car, and 4 at the bookstore) and i drank 14 loads of Piss  (10 at the bookstore, two Guys in the car, and the Man and His Buddy).  HE rubbed my head and said “good job, latrine”

Now it is 10 PM, and i have three texts on my cell phone: one from Him, telling me He wants to use me again this week – and two from numbers i do not know.  but i know who the messages are from – the two Guys who were in the SUV.  i guess i will be serving Them both, soon.

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