A report written by FearSlave.

fearslave-160909-001Master offered my service as a pain and humiliation slave on Recon and one of the responses i received was from Sir E. His recon profile didn’t say too much about him, and Master was initially not convinced he would handle His property to the extend required. i got some chances to chat with Sir E in detail after that, and it turned out he knew what he was talking about and had a clear vision of what he was planning to do. Finally we arranged a date for me to go to him and get used. Sir E provided detailed instructions.

On Sunday morning, i prepared myself and drove to Sir E’s place. When i arrived, Sir E was waiting at the door and i followed him into his house. As instructed, i laid whips and canes of his choice and other gear on his bed, stripped to shorts and T-shirt, and stood with legs together, chest out and shoulders back.

Sir E ordered me to do push-ups while counting until failure. After about 40, i could not keep the right form any more and was ordered to stand back up. The exercise made my pecs bulge out a bit more, looking nicely under the tight T-shirt Sir E ordered me to wear beforehand. Sir E then tied my hands behind my back, and started to try the whips and canes on me one by one. In between he cut my T-shirt and ripped it off my body one step at a time, which excited me in an interesting way as i never experienced that before.

fearslave-160909-002i was ordered to kneel to take another round of whipping and caning. The torture moved from my back to my butt, thighs and calves, then soles. Sir E read my Tumblr well and knew i rated caning on soles highly painful, so he made sure i got enough of those to writhe and groan. Dressage whip was Sir E’s favorite, apparently he knew it inflicted more pain than any normal riding crop or cane. i got some good hits and some wrapped and bruised my left upper arm badly, which were some great body marks to have. Then i got whipped by the short whip, and Sir E went full-blow at the end, making sure my right side got heavily bruised too. i was ordered to count the lashes and after each 20 lashes, i thanked him for using me for his pleasure.

During Sir E’s short break, i begged for worshipping his boots and he kindly allowed. He wore his dirtiest boots and i enthusiastically licked them clean. They were a pair of sporty boots, and apparently they had been in a hiking with dirt all over them. Sir E made sure i cleaned each side of the boots. Then he spit on me, peed on my back and let me take several sip from the glass he filled with his piss. i loved the feeling of degradation when his warm piss dripping down from my back, and apparently Sir E enjoyed i smelt like his piss afterwards.

fearslave-160909-003Sir E then had me stand up in attention and started to appreciate his own work on my body, all the lashes, strips and bruises. He stood behind me and pinched my nipples, making me very excited. Sir E got verbal when he played me like a toy, talking about how i could be used by both him and his friend, or in a party as a center piece that guests would enjoy using.

Sir E then set up a camera to take a short video of me being whipped, so that my Master could also enjoy watching what he did. When he was almost done and i started to dress up. However, the “almost” part was said too soon. When i pulled up my jeans while still bare-chested, the true sadist came out of him again and he started to use me more. Sir E made me endure positions that tensed up my muscles, and he watched me lick another pair of combat boots on the floor.  A lot of cloth pins were put on my newly acquired bruises, causing excruciating pain when they bit into them. To make it worse, Sir E kept taking the pins on and off, renewing the pain and never letting it dull. i later called him evil and mean which he took as a compliment.

Finally it was time for me to go, and i was exhausted but happy that i endured another heavy use. Sir E was impressed that i didn’t shed tears in any painful moment, and i thought he was a true sadist that a real masochist would be fortunate to meet.

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