While not being a complete newbie, in a way Darklands was still a new experience for me as I was rather sick last year missing out on most of the competitions and parties. Needless to say, I was super excited this year I get to go again. At the start I knew it was going to be a long journey, but I could not have imagined it would be such an adventure to get there, 40+ hours of travel with flight delay and cancellation, missing the Eurostar connection followed by problem on intercity train. Eventually leading to me missing the opening party on Thursday.

Refusing to let it be ruin like last year, I got up super early the next morning to get a hearty breakfast. Always heaps of fun to walk around Antwerp Central Station and play spot the kinkster. Heading back to the hotel, it’s time to check out who is nearby on Recon, what do you know, pages and pages of guys nearby. Knowing Darklands isn’t open till the afternoon, I try to take it easy. Wrong! When I check the time again, it’s already 3pm. PANIC!!! What am I going to wear today? Two suitcases filled with gear is almost a curse, should I go as a rubber pup, or something warmer such as leather. Eventually, decision was made to go with leather.

I was rather anxious walking into Darklands in Leather; no one have really seen me in leather before. My concern was alleviated when someone asked to take a photo of me shortly after I walk in. Without a moment to waste, I did a quick walk around to my first experience – fetish black box with Georg Kroneis. When I reserve a spot initially, I didn’t know what to expect. This turned out to be a rather sensual experience as we removed some of our clothes inside the box. Details, you may ask, well what happened in the box stays in the box :P. Georg was a great guy and I found out later he was in Sydney for Mardi Gras as well. Small world. Rather than rushing around I decided it’s time to relax and soak in the atmosphere. Darklands was a unique experience whereby everything is under one roof, bar, cafe, shops, darkroom, demo area and stage performance. One minute I was catching up with friends from US and Europe, next minute I was dragged into the darkroom area for some private fun. They say time flies when you are having fun, this is certainly true as I drag my exhausted body back to the hotel.

RAGE, the party on Saturday night. The biggest party for Darklands. Wow, talk about a party. A whole room of hot guys in rubber, leather, fursuit, or just a harness and shorts. Music blasting, lights, flames, booze flowing and darkroom full of guys enjoying themselves. Felt like a kid in a candy store. The room was so packed it’s hard to get around without body contact with others :p. It took a while to finally finding some familiar faces. Using the term loosely as they were drones/gimps in a S10; I get to be the meat in the sandwich as we grinded to the music. Just like previous night, the night ended on a high note with me so exhausted I fell asleep in gear.

Sunday was the last day of Darklands. Having so many outfits yet to been worn, it took another two hours to find the right outfit. It’s always more relax on Sunday as guys starts to make their way home.  Finally having the chance to pup out and jump into the ball pit, I manage to meet a few of my Twitter followers. I only consider myself an average pup and welcomes anyone who want to bark at me to say hi. A memorable moment was when a mischievous pup runs around me and flicked my tail a few times. At the time I had no idea who the pup is, later on I found out his name and it turns out to be a pup that I would have love to chatted with. Guess I will have to chat with him or take my revenge next time 😈. Highlight for the day, having Pup Nirru assist in getting me mummified in the demo area. Public bondage is one of my favourites, I was glad the duct tape was unyielding and hide the wet patch. Hehe, Nirru even made me sniff his sneaker.

Overall, Darkland is just pawsome. I enjoy the social aspect of meeting and sharing a drink with friends, also the chance to make new friends. The set up of the stage and darkroom given its temporary nature is very professional. New this year, it’s great to see the dedicated program for those in sports gear and sneakers. My wish is I get to participate more in the future as sneaker fetish is such a niche outside of Europe. Yes, feel free to push me to the ground and make me sniff your socks/sneaker or lick it if you see me around kink events. My advice for anyone that’s thinking of going, try to go with friends or at least connect with a few guys before heading over, otherwise just do it!

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