Alex Nehling

Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling has been into ballbusting ever since he can remember. He has published hundreds of stories on his website In addition to testicle torture his stories feature themes like wrestling, chastity play, edging and milking, muscle worship, small penis humiliation, oral and anal sex, public humiliation, domination, and many more. In 2017, Alex wrote his first ballbusting stories in his native language and started the German blog in collaboration with another author. In 2018, he has teamed up with fetish porn producer Toby Springs to produce a series of ballbusting video clips. Alex lives and works in Germany.

Father and Son


New Balls Please!

Ben’s Wrestling Match

Stag Night


Il n’y a pas de mal à être inférieur et apprécier servir quelqu’un

Slave FFag is into a lot of kinks like ballbusting, pain, piss, dirty, but first of all he just loves to serve superior men and to make them happy.

One on One: David vs. Ben – The Rematch

A kinky story written by Alex Nehling Provided by | Illustration by Theo Blaze

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