Elis Ataxxx

Elis Ataxxx
My name is Elis. I am an artist, writer, and sexual deviant. I like to explore the souls of people and know what makes I, along with others, tick. I do fetish porn because normie porn sucks, and I cross dress and play music because I semi-don't give a fuck. I want to be received by the world and adored by the masses, so you sure as hell better pay attention to me! I eat pussy, I suck dick, if it's right, I'm fucking with it tonight. I need to party, I need to be heard, I need to be loved, you name it. I'm full of emotion and politically active, and I seek to strengthen my education. Martial arts, education, physical health, self expression, these are things that mean the world to me, that and goofing around and getting spanked and smacked around of course!


Not Only My Ropes Create A Special Connection!

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