Sunday, April 11, 2021


A slim, smooth gay guy with a love of exploring the many different ways and new experiences I can to stimulate my sexual senses! My first love, as my screen name suggests, has always been watersports. From a young age I was fascinated by bodily functions, so piss along with scat have developed into my main fetish loves. A hard cock pissing, the wet warmth splashing over myself, the taste and even the smell of piss I find irresistible! I love sharing my fondness of fetish and expressing my exhibitionist streak through my artistic videography and delight in exploring the depths of male sensuality in new fun and erotic ways, more recently getting into ABDL, rubber, prostate, and more extreme hole play. Outside of kink, I'm a clean living, introverted guy with a love for nature and continuing my creative streak with photography and writing music. I suspect most people I know would be shocked to learn just what a kinky, dirty boy lies beneath my innocent, placid facade!