Naughty Bard

Naughty Bard
Naughty Bard is obviously a pseudonym. Somehow I feel way freer writing the stuff I write about and knowing that my identity is safe. What I can tell you about myself is that I am Italian born, brought up in the States and currently live in Italy. I have a degree in foreign languages and literatures and a master in linguistics. I have always loved reading, since I was a little kid and I later discovered that well written sex stories are incredibly arousing to me. So I started writing my own, filling them with all the kinks I love. What I write about is mostly fantasy, even though sometimes I use fragments of my own experiences.


Osiris Blade – A Human Pup as Porn Actor

Osiris Blade  1980 | 180 cm | 79 kg Charlotte NC (U.S.) Osiris Blade on Twitter Some weeks ago Osiris has answered some questions about dick sizes and...

Bodymod Chastity in Real Lived Permanent Slavery

  Zahlen  1966 | 190 cm | 95 kg Toronto (CA) Master Zahlen on Recon Today I'm visiting a very interesting guy from Canada. He is owner of a...

Slave to a Younger Master (6)

A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 6 Click here to see all published chapters. Illustration by Theo Blaze. Entertaining a Friend One day I...

My Wuff Side: Pup play Is An Alternative Lifestyle For Me

My Wuff Side . Pup Leo | 1995 | 178 cm | 61 kg | Connecticut (US) once I'm out in full energy I love to have...
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