Pup Wilshire

Pup Wilshire
My name is Commuter Pup Wilshire (Will-SHEER), (1994 | 5’6” | 130lbs). I am a puppy that loves scritches, belly rubs, squeaky toys, and getting tied up. Besides all the shades of blue, I also flag other hanky colors such as red, yellow, black, grey, and white. I’m a ‘dual-mode’ pup which means I can take on either the dominant or submissive roles, top or bottom, and alpha or beta roles. My hood design was adopted from the color schemes of the MBTA blue line trains and silver line buses. I was named after Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. I love to snuggle with other puppies, participate in moshes, and educate others about the pup and kink communities. Besides kink I also have interests in rail transportation, urban planning, science, information technology, cooking, and travel.


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