Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story.

Kyler goes to a secretive, private club looking for work. Although he’s heard crazy rumors about “Club Dominion,” it turns out that the truth is much more extreme than he’d imagined.

Kyler has met the owner, Master Chirenon.  Chirenon shows him one of the club’s “Fixture Rooms.”.

Master Chirenon explains to Kyler the role of being a fixture at Club Dominion and offers him a job.

Kyler has accepted a job being a fixture at Club Dominion.  Having read all the Rules and signed up for a 6-month contract, he’s now prepping for his new life.

Stripped of all his clothing and shorn of his body hair, Kyler is nearly ready to begin his new life as a fixture at Club Dominion — and with a fully clothed, dominant master holding his new leash, he can’t help but be a little excited at the prospect.

Denuded of his body hair, Kyler has now been physically attached to a wall in the Topping Fixture room.  He’s now well on his way to becoming Fixture T-8: a helpless fuck toy for the members of Club Dominion.

Master Chirenon has inserted the final attachment — a urethral sounding wand — deep into the root of Kyler’s helpless penis.  Kyler is now completely immobilized and totally prone, unable to defend himself from anything that might happen.  As a Fixture T-8, he has been transformed into a helpless fuck hole for the pleasure of Club Dominion’s members.  And now, even if he starts to enjoy being fucked and gets aroused, his swelling cocklet will just impale itself on the sounding wand!.

Now that Kyler has been transformed into Fixture T-8, he’s no longer even allowed to talk.  It’s all happened so fast: the enforced nudity, shaving, chastity, immobilization, and sounding… his head is spinning.  Is he still a person or just a fuck hole?. Time will tell…



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