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Padded AJ | 1996 | 170 cm | 62 kg | Oregon (U.S.)

I would like to do more humiliation and discipline-oriented things

Padded AJ on Twitter.

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

Padded AJ: Diapers have enticed me as far back as I can remember. When I was younger, I could crave being put back in diapers and wish that I had never been taken out of them. When I was 6, I would take my little brother’s plastic pants and put them on. At 8, I would sneak pull-ups from my friends’ houses. When I was 10-12 I would take diapers from the church nursery.

Things really took off when I entered middle school and got a computer. Oh, the discoveries on the internet! I googled everything I was curious about. But as soon as they took off, it came crashing down. I remember being called into the laundry room when I was 12, my mom had found my searches, such as “gay boys in diapers.” Needless to say, I was petrified. As soon as I had my own computer I started exploring again, this would have been about 7th and 8th grade. I browsed blogs, chatrooms, boards, and, of course, lots of porn.

When I was 15, I bought my first pack of diapers, technically Goodnites, from Walmart. It was such a rush; wearing them, even to school, was also a rush. Having a little secret under my jeans. I finally ordered my first pack of real diapers from Amazon soon after. And I have been hooked ever since.

College brought the freedom to really explore. I stocked up on all kinds of padding and accessories. I found a boyfriend who I told about my kinks and he has been very supportive and even partakes in some of it. While I am not even close to 24/7, I love wearing as much as I can. I just finished college and I am looking to start my next phase in exploration.

To Sum up my different “moods” when it comes to diapers, there is my diaper lover (DL), which is the sort of default mood I am in. Diapers are comfy, sexy, and such a fucking thrill. Then it can get really intense and become my diaper fag mood, which combines with being submissive. Diapers can be humiliating, it mixes in with water sports nicely, and it’s also a great way to edge myself (for sometimes days). On the other hand, I have the occasional “little” mood, where it’s less sexual and more of a way of relaxing. Putting on a cute onesie, a paci in my mouth, playing games, and not carrying about responsibilities.

Whats especially important for you there?

The two most important things are communication and openness. I think this is just an extension from what I like/expect in any relationship, but with kinks it is even more important.

Diapers mean a lot to me, and being a diapered boy means different things. Depending upon the day, I might just want to chill in diapers, or I might want to be dominated and get crazy, so being able to adapt to those types of fluctuations are also important. But I also think there is a lot of room to expand to nearly every other kink from diapers, or diapers can add to other kinks.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

I don’t think I have any preferences really. It might be due to that fact I don’t have a lot of kink experience outside of diapers and some basic stuff. I guess I need to try things before I like them over other things. Either way, diapers are usually a must!

What kind of guys do you like?

My taste in guys has expanded over the years. I started out by just liking guys close to my age and hight, things I was used to. I’m excited to see who catches my eyes as I move through life. I admit that some “daddies” and even the occasional bear are hot. The biggest hurdle for me is simply my exposure to them, I’ve only just recently met gay men older than me.

What was your hottest experience until now?

My hottest experience was a few months ago. My boyfriend picked me up from the airport late at night, I was diapered for my flight home, and so horny. I gave road head, then we pulled into a parking lot in front of some dentist office. He pulled down his pants and I ate so much ass. I sucked and swallowed. But I couldn’t get off because of my diaper. It was one big edging session all the car ride home, I felt like a good boy servicing my boyfriend. The rest of the ride home I had to keep my pants off exposing my wet diaper.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

I have a very long bucket list. I really want to try almost everything. Currently, my boyfriend and I are looking for a potential threesome, something easy to start out with. I would love to do a variety of scenes, from bondage to rubber, to gang bangs and even as a public urinal. I’ve tried chastity, but it has been hard finding the correct pieces to fit my boi parts. I’ve also tried water-sports and loved it. I would like to spend the weekend as a slave or in bondage. I’m curious about pup play, as I follow a lot of pups on Twitter. I would like to do more humiliation and discipline-oriented things as well.

The biggest thing I am moving towards is experiencing more of the communities. I’ve only gotten to know a few other ABDLs, and I now that I am free from college, I hope to meet more. I also really want to go to Folsom.

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