A kinky column by Master Ferdok about his way to live the sm with brain and heart.

Hello to my followers!

It’s been quite a while since you last could read something of me. Well, the first thing I want to tell you is that I am back in germany now and that I had a great, great time in Costa Rica. I really love this country and even more I love the ticos. They are so extremely brilliant people and even the poorest and the humblest of them treat you like a king when you visit them. Yeah and the best of course is the weather there. Even during the rain-time the temperature is soooo good. I am just back a few days but I already miss Costa Rica soooo much.

Something special that happened in Costa Rica was that two followers of my tumblr blog took the chance and visited me during my holidays in Costa Rica. One was from Panama and one from Nicaragua. And I have to admit that both served me very well. Both were very good with feet-worshipping. But the slave from panama was really a good one in that kind of service. My husby and me really enjoyed his service very much.

It was just a meeting in our hotel and no tools or toys were involved and both stayed for some hours, on different days, but it was a very good experience.

Right after my return I started a new project together with my asian slave who is soon about to move in to my place and than really become my/our next 24/7 slave. Together we tore down the isolation room in my dungeon to make the main room much bigger. We also cleaned all the walls and repainted all the walls of the main room. We also installed a new ventilation system to improve the quality of the air inside of the dungeon. The room next to the main room got a new floor. The old floor wasn’t good enough anymore. And because my asian slave also brought lots of new and old toys and tools We also reorganised all these things. Well now it looks much better and all the improvements start to pay off.

Next big change is that a former roommate finally moved out. During the last 2 years it became more and more problematic to live with him together and so this year in may I told him that I want him out. Well it took him 5 month to find a new flat but today he finally moved out and it feels so good to have finally peace again in my own house. I couldn’t stand the tensions that were here in the house for almost the last year. My husband and me need peace in our house and finally we got it back. And this feels so good. The atmosphere of the house changed completely. And it changed for good.

Meanwhile it’s mid october and we will see what the new year will bring. For the rest of the year I still hope to meet new slaves. I am already in contact with slaves that want to get trained by me for the first time in their life and I hope that at least 30% of them will have the balls to really show up here. I am so fed up with slaves that chat and send mails and chat and send mails and when it comes to meet they don’t show up. Right Ted? You know what and about whom I talk about. But as I always say it’s your loss, not mine.

Another positive experience was a meeting with three slaves at the same time. I had one slave from belgium, one from the netherlands called painslave-chris and my asian slave. It was a good weekend. I already posted some pics of that weekend in my tumblr blog. It was also stress at the same time but it was positive stress. But I wouldn’t have minded to have an other master also there. Maybe in the future those kind of meetings are possible.

Right now life is treating me well and I really have no reason to complain. And I am enjoying these moments of absolute happiness very much. I am really thankful for all the good things in life. Or as the ticos in Costa Rica would say: PURA VIDA!


Master Ferdok

I am 47 years old and I am from north-western germany. I am located in a very small city called Leer(Ostfriesland). It’s close to the dutch border. Our next bigger cities are Bremen which is at the same time my nearest airport and Emden. I am married since almost 5 years and I live openly gay. I own a house at the country side here in north-western germany without direct neighbours. My next neighbour is about 100 meters away from my property.

I am into SM for more than 25 years now. I always was a master, active and dominant and sadistic by nature. Let’s start with a very stupid thing I hear over and over again: “You can only be a good master if you have started as a slave”. Sorry but that’s bullshit. All you need to be a good master is a working brain to be able to watch your slaves how they handle things. So don’t let noone tell you that bullshit sentence. It’s simply rubbish.

Every once in a while people ask me what I like and what turns me on. Usually I am tired to answer those questions cause you just need to look at my blog and you can answer it yourself but today I feel like in a mood to write a bit about it. My favourite tool is the bullwhip. I like to tie slaves up in a spreadeagled position and to whip them. It turns me on to see the whip impacting on a slaves body. It turns me on to see the body reacting to the inflicted pain. I like to see how the muscles react and I am curious how much a new slave can take.

I like it rough and extreme. But whatever I do I always do it safe, sane and responsible.

If you want to know more about me and my other favourits so follow my column.


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