An inerview with the bondage master BJtriplex from China.

: Hi BJtriplex. It is a pleasure to have you here with us. You’re a Chinese bondage master and you have real a great collection of pictures which are showing your “work” on tumblr. For how long are you into fetish and how does it come?

BJtriplex: Hi MasterMarc, thanks for having me here. I have always been into bondage since I was little. I clearly remember all the excitements when I watched the ancient Chinese heroes being tied up or even put into wooden cage from those traditional Chinese comic strips before I went to elementary school. It’s just so natural to me and I can’t really figure out why. But if you are talking about how long I have been in the “real” fetish world, I would say more than 12 years and it’s been a fun journey. Well, when it comes to explore sexual activities that really turn you on, it’s always fun and adventurous.

MasterMarc: Before we talk about your kinks it would be really interesting to know more about the gay fetish community in China. Is it difficult to find guys for kinky action, how do you find them and are there also fetish clubs and communities in China?

BJtriplex: That’s a really good question. And the answer is pretty much the same across the globe, I guess especially in those developing countries. The mighty Internet. When I started my SM activities, there were some online SM forums where people can find each other and arrange sessions. Nowadays with the social networks becoming so popular, it’s even easier for you to subscribe to people who share the same fetishes and join their online groups. But of course, China is still a relatively conservative country and those can only happen online. There’s no actual physical fetish clubs or communities here, except for some small groups which were built upon personal relationships.

MasterMarc: Do you think that the situation for gay people is becomming better? I know from other Chinese friends how important the family is and that there are big expectations about having own childs, etc. 

BJtriplex: Definitely better if you compared it with 20 or even 10 years ago. China has gone through tremendous changes within the last two decades, both economically and socially. The word homosexuality is quite often mentioned and discussed openly. In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, there are some huge gay bars that would dwarf those in western countries. And there is a huge group of girls who fantasize what they call “Boy’s Love” and even turn it into an online literature genre. However, the change is still superficial and hasn’t really reached the society’s core. Most gay people still hide their sexual orientations at work and at home; government still doesn’t allow gay-themed TV and movies being openly released; most parents still don’t really accept their LGBT sons or daughters. You are right that family is important in Chinese culture. Another main factor is Relation. Family’s relation with relatives, friends, and the society. The fact that your family’s member might be gay would make those relations vulnerable and your family discriminated. Things are getting better for sure, but still there’s a long way to go.

MasterMarc: Thank you BJtriplex that was interesting to hear about. But now we’ve talked enough about China. Let’s talk about you! What kind of boys do you like and what do you like to do with them?

BJtriplex: LOL. Yes, let’s get back to the main topic. To be honest I don’t have a fixed type. I have a wide range of tastes for boys, 18 to 35, short to tall, slim to athlete body type. They are all good with me. But I do have a hard requirement for boy’s face. 🙂 At least he needs to be 20% above average. LOL. There are two things I always do with my boys: rope bondage and head shaving/buzzing. Both are my favorites. I prefer aesthetic eastern rope bondage than western leather restraint bondage. Yes, when you tie your boys up, it’s mostly sexually satisfaction. But the beauty of eastern rope bondage also evokes some kind of zen feeling that would mix with your sexual desire. Anyway, it’s hard to explain by words. Maybe you’ll know what I mean when you see my rope bondage pictures. Another main turn-on thing for me is head shaving. It’s much less common in BDSM world and not a lot of boys are willing to be shaved. But again, it’s something that might have come with me since my birth. I always find a beautiful boy being tied up and shaved as beautiful and erotic as hell. The transformation and humiliation always give me a boner during the session. Not a lot people understand it and it’s hard to describe too. Besides those two, I also make my boys do a lot of others such as dog training, feet licking, gagging, spanking, suspension, or even water sports.


MasterMarc: I can understand that with the head shaving. I’ve done it several times. But there is a difference between our two motivations. For me it is less a sexual experience but more a humiliating act with which I bring the boy, who is comming to serve for a longer time, to the position he has to live during the time he is with me. It is like a symbol to show him, that he is out of the “normal” society. But that is just possible during long term services. How long do you have your boys with you? And how do you motivate the boys to agree with the shaving?

BJtriplex: Yes, I understand. A lot of head shaving occurs in terms of commitment. But for me, it’s a sexual turn-on. I don’t usually do long term service thing due to work and relationship. What I normally do with a boy I like is to have different sessions across a couple of weeks, months or even years. I know some people don’t like the word “session” and are more serious dealing with BDSM activities. But for me, due to a lot of reasons it’s the best scenario for me to enjoy SM. When boys chat with me for the first time, I always make it clear that in order to play with me, head shaving/buzzing is a hard requirement. If you are not sure about this, maybe we just don’t waste our time to go any further. A lot of my boys are college students and it’s much easier for them to shave their heads. Some of my boys have their head buzzed instead of totally shaved, and it’s not that weird to wear a buzz cut here at all.

MasterMarc: Yes that’s true. You can see more shaved heads in China than here in Europe. 🙂 What kind of feelings do you have when you shave the boys head? Can you describe them for us?

BJtriplex: LOL. It’s quite difficult. I don’t think I can describe it clearly by words. Sex is always the most difficult topic in writing. 🙂 Maybe I can find some comparison. When a straight guy catch a dream girl with perfect body, lay her in bed and strip her naked; when a “normal” gay guy hook up with a handsome trainer in the gym, get a boner and start inserting his penis into the trainer’s ass; I guess that’s how I feel when I shave my boy’s head. 😉 Again, it’s different for me as it is for many others, it’s a sexual thing, a fetish, although lots of people don’t understand it.

MasterMarc: To describe feelings is allways difficult. 🙂 If you bound your boys is it for you more a tool to immobilize the boys to use them afterwards for your pleassure or is it for you also kind of artwork?

BJtriplex: Both. Some masters here in China don’t do any sexual activities after they tie up subs, what they do is just to take pictures, nothing else. I take pictures too, because they just look so beautiful and aesthetic. I don’t use any professional cameras, just my iPhone. But lots of people told me my SM picture can form an art gallery (LOL, I know it’s exaggerating). However, I also use them after they are firmly restricted and have no where to go. I love to watch my boys kneeling before and sucking me while being tie up by hemp ropes. From upper position seeing them shaved, bounded and obeyed is fantastic. Of course, there are feet licking, spanking etc. happening after the bondage. I don’t do anal that often, but when I do, it’s hot, because your boy is totally tied up and more like a immobilized human tool for you to enjoy.

MasterMarc: I understand that totally. I love to fuck bounded boys because they become just an object to use for my own satisfaction. 🙂 The nice thing is, that this is also that what gives the satisfaction to the boy. Yes, your pictures are good. I love them too. How have you learned the bondage technics?

BJtriplex: A lot of people have asked the same question and wanted to learn from me. But to be honest I just taught myself all the techniques. It’s been long enough that I don’t really remember all the details but I gradually studied some Japanese SM videos and pictures, as well as some Chinese ones. I guess when you are really into something, such as appreciating both the sexual and aesthetic beauty of rope bondage, you would be a fast self learner.

MasterMarc: Wow, an autodidact. What you’re doing looks really like good bondage work. Can you to tell us, what your hottest experience was and if you still have phantasies you haven’t realized till now and what kind of phantasies that are?

BJtriplex: Thanks. I hope I can do better bondage work in the future. Well, to answer the question, it’s quite hard to define the hottest experience. I’ve had some hot sessions and I can’t really draw a clear line between which one is the hottest and which ones are behind. But one thing for sure, my hottest experiences always involve rope bondage and shaving. As for my fantasies, yes, I still have one. Although all of my boys are great, usually they accept head shaving as a commitment or humiliation, not as a sexual turn-on. I fantasize a beautiful boy who also get huge turn-on by getting his head shaved during bondage session. That will be really hot. Yes, there are some boys on my social networks who are just like that, but not “beautiful” enough. (Remember I said earlier about my hard requirement for the face? ;-))

MasterMarc: Hehe. Where should send you boys who love to be shaved and with a nice face send their application? It seems that you love also to share your experiences in your tumblr blog. Can you tell us why your blog is important for you?

BJtriplex: I have a couple of social network accounts and that’s usually where slaves find me and chat with me. Tumblr, Instagram, Weibo (Chinese Twitter clone) and Wechat (Chinese What’s App clone) and my ID is always @bjtriplex. And to be honest, the reason my Tumblr blog is so important to me is that it’s the only social networks that allow X-rated pics being published! Chinese government has a strict and somewhat ambiguous policy on what can and cannot be published online. Nude pics of course are forbidden. But other than that, SM related contents are often removed even there’s no nudity at all. Both my Weibo and Wechat accounts have been banned many times. And thank God there’s Tumblr!



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  1. Love your pics of tied up slaves and seeing getting their heads shaved smooth, or sucking Master while getting headshaved. I also love total bodyshaving (give & get) All tis is also my erotic fetish! By day way, I love seeing and admiring specially Asian men with smooth shaved heads!


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