Bankole Arere

1984 | 172 cm | 64 kg

I was an 11-year-old boy the first time I pictured myself chained naked and enslaved. I remember I had seen a history book with an image of slaves being transported to Cuba, chained and naked in the hold of a slave ship. Suddenly I started to have teen fantasies imaging I was a slave, naked all the time. I kept all these fantasies for myself because it was not supposed to be correct. So, time passed and I always had the feeling, the need to be a black slave for a white master. Time passed, I passed school after school until I got to the university. Then I graduated with and honor degree. But, the fantasies never disappeared. They were just a part of me but I was not aware about what I really was.

I would just tie up myself in the bathroom when I was alone in my parent´s house and stayed on the floor, still and quiet for half an hour, or one hour picturing myself in the middle passage while completely naked and sweaty and wet. I felt very comfortable and turned on by being tied up on the floor. One day, I started to date boys, and had my first boyfriends so my tied up sessions decreased as I had to spend more time with my partners and my life was getting more busy than when I was just a teen, but the fantasy never disappeared. I was now 34, and I continued thinking about my teen and black slave fantasies that I liked, but that I needed to keep in secret. And time continue passing while I was still not aware of my nature.

Let me picture you more about my scenario. See, I live in a poor Caribbean country and there was no much connections to Internet and social media, so, the BDSM field was not very close to me and I was not aware of BDSM. I didn´t have much knowledge of it or had heard much about what BDSM was. The first notion I had was about sadism and masochism was as a very negative deviant sexual behaviors that were considered illness. At my time at the university I got closer to the BDSM world but looking at it as a negative behavior, not even realizing that I was brooding over the idea of it. After I graduated I just kept doing my fantasies of being a captured slave in the middle passage in a very secret way. By 2007 I met my current partner and we moved together in 2010. I moved to his house, so I was now in new grounds. I was not familiar with his house, and I needed to be familiar with a place so that my fantasies could return to me. And they did. But, many years passed before I really started to getting deep into my imaginary black slave submission.

I had no specific Massa, because I had not developed my fantasy so deeply yet. I did had fantasies of being whipped by the overseer or foreman of the plantation, a white heavy build man whose face I could never picture very well. I just focused on the feeling of being under submission. Still, I had no awareness that I was entering into the BDSM and Race play domain.

The introduction to BDSM happened while I was working on a library in 2011. There was plenty Internet and I ran into interracial porn. Then, one day I just saw a video in which there was a submissive black man at a site called Breederfuckers. He was called Benjamin. I immediately realized I was craving to be that black boy.

I was craving to be that black boy

Then, year after year, at a slow but continuous pace I started to accept more and to want more of the BDSM scenes where there could be black submissive, while I pictured myself being there in their place. One day, I ran into a BDSM magazine, sadOsam, and I immediately loved it. But I was not prepared to be enslaved. I read some articles, checked some Master´s profiles but no more.

Years passed and I realized I was more ready to be enslaved. But the concept of “being enslaved” was not still totally pictured in my head. I watched many videos to enjoy black porn stars like Osiris Blade and Robert Axel. I loved the way their skins looked while whipped, and I craved for the whip even more. However, I just looked at this thinking that I loved what I was starting to conceive as “standard bdsm”. But I was far from real. I was something similar but different at the same time. I was more like a real slave and race play nigger slave.

My experience in race play happened one day that I was looking for “black slaves” (on standard BDSM videos with no race play) on a site called ThisVid. There is a huge collection of BDSM vids there and after visiting the site for one year I discovered a video of a “black guy tied up and chained to a tree”, he was whipped as well. The image looked like if it was a slave plantation from the South. I immediately rejected the video. But then, I downloaded it. Then, I deleted it. Then, I downloaded it again. And this cycle of downloading and deleting repeated for almost a month. After that time, I finally accepted I liked the video. So, it happened with similar videos. Then, I discovered more about the “race play”, and I realized I always liked it.

I then remembered I felt turned on while being called “negro” or “negrito” in Spanish (my mother tongue) by some specific white friends of mine, which I felt attracted to. One of them used to play with me a lot by calling me “negro pal corte” while whispering this into my ears when he was close to me. I know he felt turned on immediately by this. And I felt the same. There was a rare chemistry in the air when we were both close just after he would say those words slowly and low while he was near me.

Just to explain more, this phrase in Spanish “negro pal corte” (used to order a black slave to start or speed up his work cutting sugar cane at the plantations in Cuba) was very used in movies and TV series from my country that dealt with the issue of slavery in this island. But, for my friend and I, there was no violence in it, because he didn´t want to harm me but to flirt, to play sexually with me… but ok, it was in a very strange and kinky way, yes, but his words sounded like kissing me. He felt it and I felt that too.

He always called me “negro”, always (in Spanish). Our paths separated and we never had sex relations at the university or later. However, the effects of his words on me didn´t. So, after some years I realized I had tasted race play and I liked it. I was now ready for my next step. Taking things into real. Neither my friend or my current boyfriend are masters. They play with it but they don´t really get deeply into it. So, I realized I needed to contact a real master. But I was a little scared and not prepared by that time. It was 2016.

I had always been wanting to be a plantation black slave, and not a regular BDSM slave

Three more years passed until I finally decided to give it a try and make contact with a real master. Once again I read articles on SadOsam, and I finally found something interesting. There was a Massa, not a Master, that got my attention. I had previously seen many profiles of Masters, but they lacked something: the need to train a black slave, as a real black slave, with race play and real slavery like in colonial times. I felt that I really wanted a different kind of domain in the BDSM scene. I realized I had always been wanting to be a plantation black slave, and not a regular BDSM slave. I read the profile of the Massa, read his articles and realized he was a match. He had this article in which he explained the joy of training a black slave. And I realized he liked black boys like me. I immediately grow this need to know him, and to see what could happen next. I needed to contact him and let him know I would like to become his slave, to be enslaved by him. But first, I had to be accepted.

I was not sure if he would answer but I sent him an e-mail. I made a short description of myself, but left some pieces of information left like pictures of me, etc. And I felt that he might not answer because I had missed some information… but he did reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡I felt so nervous!!!!!!!! I didn´t know what to do when I saw his message on my Whatsapp. Fortunately, I had given him my phone number, so he could reach me on it. By that time Internet in my country was better and the service already included smartphones. So, we were able to chat a lot on Whatsapp. Then I learned a lot from him. Well, first I got immediately enslaved. I didn´t know why, but I just obeyed his orders since the first sentence he wrote to me. He couldn´t see my face but I just picture myself immediately kneeling down to him, with my eyes looking at the floor. His words tasted so good to me, like the Massa I was waiting for, that I just submit immediately. I felt we were a Massa/nigger slave match since the first day. It was 3.00am my time, but there I was, chatting with my Massa and learning the ways of becoming a slave.

It was July 13th, this year 2019. That day I got enslaved by my Massa Ferdok. I´m now white owned and a property of his plantation. And I have to say, I was craving for this moment since I was 11. My Massa showed many things about my nature as a nigger and why I felt that way, and that need of being enslaved. I had told him that I had the fantasies of being enslaved, chained, whipped naked, and being in the hold of a slave ship since very little. Then, while chatting with him for the first time I just pictured myself at the auction block and being sold to him, a plantation owner, and being taken naked by him to the plantation barracoons where I should live.

I have to say that despite I had been always turned on by this constant fantasy of mine, I had always put it in a dark corner of my life. I treated it like something that although would give me much pleasure, needed to be kept secretly and never shared to anyone else. The first person I showed a glance of my black slave fantasies was my boyfriend when one night I asked him to call me a “negro” and tell me he was my foreman, while asking him to whip me. His reaction was not bad, but he was a little surprised by this, and I realized he did whip me because he loves me very much, but he didn’t know how to be a real Massa.

The second person I talked about my fantasies on black slavery was my Massa indeed. He helped me a lot understanding how can a black boy dream and have a fantasy of being enslaved and brought to the Caribbean on a slave ship. Something very contradictory and difficult to assimilate. My Massa, told me why he is not a Master but a Massa. This last word is the way in which black slaves called their masters in antebellum South because they did not pronounce English in a proper way, so they created a vernacular variant of English. My Massa then, let it very clear he was into real slavery, as I was. He was not a regular Master and I was now sure I was not a regular slave: he was a Massa and I was his nigger slave, his property. The relation between both is obvious. He has helped me a lot understanding why I had these fantasies in the first place.

my ancestors were enslaved without their consent. This is different because I have asked for being enslaved

See, and this is something other black boys like me need to understand. We deal with the guilt of thinking we are traitors to our race because we willingly crave for being chained back and put into slavery and be whipped again as our ancestors did. But, this is far from real. See, my ancestors were enslaved without their consent. This is different because I have asked for being enslaved, and I know there are many niggas who feel the same as I feel. Don´t worry, these feelings are ok. There are plenty white slaves too, and they are as inferior as we are. Being a slave is not a exactly matter of race, although we blacks are slaves by nature. Why? Because there were black slaves long before the Europeans arrived to Africa, there were slaves while Europeans arrived to Africa, and, nowadays there are still slaves in Africa, and Africans are still being sold out of the continent as slaves. Why? Because there is a culture of slavery in Africa and in the Middle East, and black slaves are very much appreciated everywhere and by all other races. Our history as blacks is more, much more than slavery, but slavery is an important part of it. Because we were taken as slaves in four directions from Africa. There was the Atlantic Slave Trade, the Saharan Slave Trade, the Red Sea Slave Trade and the Eastern Africa Slave Trade. There are many black people in Africa and in the Americas that are not aware of the extent slavery had in our genes.

So, we also have to deal with the fact that our physique was fit for slavery, and our continent was in the perfect position for slave exportation. Black slaves were purchased and sent to the Americas, to Europe and to the Middle East, and even to Asia. If you look at a map, you will note that Africa is in the middle. So, it was easy to take slaves from there. We, blacks were exactly in the perfect climate for resisting diseases (then, good for being enslaved), and in the perfect place for being sold out everywhere. The nature of Africa made us the perfect slaves too, apart from being resistant to diseases (more than American natives did), there was this big desert, the Sahara, which partially blocked any contact with Europe and the Middle East for so long that, the continent´s peoples developed in disadvantage in terms of technology and society. So, when the Arabs and the Europeans appeared, we were then the perfect slaves. Also, Africa was mostly in a slavery stage, so Africans, unlike American native peoples were more aware of what a slave was. So, let´s put it this way: we had developed enough for not trying to massively kill ourselves like American natives from my island did, but to be enslaved and resist the harsh conditions of slavery.

So, instead of being ashamed of your ancestors, we have to be proud that we come from such a resistant race. Even though we were slaves and even though we are still slaves and in an inferior position if compared to whites in any aspect of life in the Americas and even in Africa, our mother land. It doesn´t matter. Think of yourself as a strong black boy. No one can say we are weak. Then, you have these fantasies too? Just give them a try. You have these fantasies inside because our genes are those of a slave. For around 400 years we were brought to the Americas, and passed by a process of breeding. Yes, there was an artificial selection applied to our race here. So, if you are a black boy today it means that your genes passed through the genetic selection process enhanced by the slavers. How? The first selection was during the capture of slaves in Africa, then, during the Middle Passage only the fittest could endure such harsh conditions in which 15% died. Still, 85% survived. See how strong we are? Then there were the hard conditions of working at the master´s plantations, so another significant amount of blacks died.

you need to understand we are really strong

Many could not reproduce under those conditions. Still, here you are and here I´m. There are still many blacks, around 150 million here and 800 million in Africa. There are many who die of hunger, wars, and diseases but still we do exist. So, you need to understand we are really strong. And slavers understood very quickly how strong we were. So, they had us passing a breeding process here at their plantations. The “breeding farms” were everywhere. In the South, in Brazil, in the Caribbean. Well…actually, there were no “farms” exactly conceived for black reproduction, but there were pens in most plantations were the owner could have his own “ebony production” when slave arrivals were scarce. There they mixed muscular and fit black males with healthy and submissive black women. Why? Because they needed a more perfect slave: a muscular and healthy and submissive black slave. So, our race passed by two artificial selection processes. Each of them, secured a more fit and strong race, and the second one ensured that there were very submissive genes put into the black genetic pool in the Americas. So, from a crowd of blacks, many are very submissive to white orders. Not, all, but the genes are there. Ok, we can fight against it. But it would be fighting against yourself. See, from this genetic artificial selection came the genetics for being excellent runners and excelling in sports too. Our muscles and bodies need heavy duty work, and exercise. Otherwise we get sick. Also, for 400 years our ancestors were slaves in very hard conditions and this passed to our genes. So, yes, we are still slaves in our genetic pool. We are still slaves in the inside. No matter how politically wrong this could feel, you, as a black boy, you know yourself and you know what you are craving for.

Then, don´t be afraid of your fantasies. This is a prove that you are strong so to experience similar conditions to those of our colonial slavery. It is true that we all niggas suffer PTSD, and other slavery-related health conditions which were passed generation after generation, continuous stress is one of them. We are very prone to depression and other related psychological disorders. So, the best thing is to face your fears and accept yourself as you are. You are a nigga, ok, you are craving to serve a white Massa, ok, just do it. When I accepted my desires, I accepted who I´m: a nigga slave craving to serve his superior Massa.

A Massa is not racist, nor he is a white supremacist

Don´t be afraid of race play, or being called a nigga, nigger, coon, darky, inferior, even ape or monkey, if called this way by your Massa. A Massa is not racist, nor he is a white supremacist. I have to point out something else here. There are indeed white racist and evil people who want one thing in life: wipe the entire nigger race from earth. That´s their plan. That´s why there are hate groups like KKK and similar, especially in the USA. Ok, let´s deal with this, we have to make sure these people are far away from us. NEVER surrender yourself to a supremacist, but to a superior. But, how do you know a white is a superior and not a supremacist?

A white superior will just love you the way you are: he will love your smell, your kinky hair, your fat lips, he will whip you hard, yes…but that´s just for training you into a good nigger slave. He will never put your life in danger or make anything you are not ok with. Why? Because he loves you. A Massa or superior white likes to be surrounded by nigger slaves rather than killing us. His best desire is to see as many niggers in town as possible because he wants us to serve him as a Massa, but always taking care of us, of our health and needs because a Massa protects his slaves from anything that could harm us.

So, that´s the basic difference from a Massa and a supremacist. I have been enslaved since almost two months ago by Massa Ferdok and I´m just counting the days to go to his plantation and start my training as a real nigger slave. I already have my slave certificate as an evidence I´m a white owned nigger slave. My Massa keeps it off course. My Massa changed my name into Bankole, so that I would feel more like a slave since their names where changed when they arrived to the Americas and they had to get used to answer to that new name given to them. So, I have no other name than Bankole. My last name is Arere.

This is me since two months ago, and I feel good and comfortable being enslaved by my Massa. He also changed my look as slavers did. I had to cut my hair and my beard to look like a colonial nigger slave. I have grown my chest hair, and learned how to worship my Massa in the mornings so I get used to my future life in the plantation when I get there. I´m still learning and I hope there are other niggers like me who accept our own nature and try to taste for real what they have been dreaming about. So, you boy…yes, you…if you had these submission feelings since you were a teen like me, you can give it a try and discover more about your real nature and the purpose you have in life.

I will be back with more articles on my enslavement and share my experiences with my nigga brodas.

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