A talk with Wolfgang, one of the orgainziers of BLACK VIENNA about the upcoming fetish weekend.

sadOsam: Hi Wolfgang. From October 28 to November 1 the LMC Vienna organizes again a fetish weekend in the capital of Austria. What can visitors expect that it will happen during the weekend?

Wolfgang: Vienna in Black offers a couple of fetish parties meeting a wide range of fetish interest. There are two main parties – one of them with mixed genders – for a mixed fetish crowd and special offers for guys who are addicted to something special, like the BLUF hour, a leather night, a rubber & sportswear party an evening that is more orientated towards s&m activities and even a naked party. A supporting program accompanies this event framework with cultural and social activities like a guided tour through the exhibition “Sex in Vienna. – Desire. Control. Transgression”, a meeting with a local fetish artist, fetish dinner in Vienna’s famous Prater or a fetish brunch in the historic ambient of a typical Viennese “Kaffeehaus”.


sadOsam: The big party of Saturday evening is the “Black Fetish Night”. Can you tell us more about the party? Is it just a dance party or will you have also shows and playrooms to have fun?

Wolfgang: Actually there are two big parties. “perv!club miXXXed fetish night” on Friday is open for mixed genders, mixed sexual orientations and mixed fetishes. This event takes place in a club that is situated in a former public subway what gives the location a very special touch. At this party we have two DJs and a dancfloor but we also prepare darker zones to have fun. Black Fetish Night on Saturday is men-only and it is hosted in our own club location “HARD ON”, which is fully equipped with darkrooms, a bondage and a sm-zone, a yellow zone and lockable booths.


sadOsam: What makes the “Black Vienna Weekend” unique? Why should people from outside travel to Vienna?

Wolfgang: Of course there are the parties and there is the supporting program. But much more important it is the vibes of the city, the vents and the community. The whole event is not commercial and organized by volunteers. You not only visit cool parties you also feel the personal touch and will definitely win new friends. And not to forget: this all takes place in a great city that is a unique travel destination by itself.

sadOsam: Can you give also some advices about accommodation in Vienna?

Wolfgang: Vienna offers a wide range of accommodations of all classes. But we can definitely recommend our partner hotel that is located in walking distance to our club location (and the gay area) and that offers special packages for Vienna in Black visitors. Just have a look on our website and you will find the details.

sadOsam: You are a board member of the LMC Vienna who is organizing the fetish weekend. Can you tell us a little about your Association and about the team who is organizing the event?


Wolfgang: LMC Vienna (Leather and Motorbike Community) is a NGO supporting the gay fetish-community. Our club was founded in 1985 and is (measured by the number of members) by far the biggest organization within the LGBT community in Austria. We are all volunteers, organize more then 150 events a year and run our own club location “HARD ON” located in the main “gay area” of Vienna. Additionally we support social, political and health activities within the LGBT community.

sadOsam: Thank you Wolfgang, Vienna is really a city which is great and even better during a weekend full of fetish events. Have also seen that guests can also meet Sepp of Vienna, a great kinky illustrator and artist. I am sure your fetish weekend will be fun as always and we wish you all the best. Have fun guys!



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