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1993 | 180 cm | 65 kg


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Today I’ve a cute Chinese sex slave with me. A boy who really loves to expose himself as slave and to serve in front of others. Ok boy, you can stop to lick my feet. When have you felt, that vanilla sex is not enough for you and that you like to serve as slave? Can you tell us about your first steps as submissive boy?

Hi MasterMarc,Yes Sir, I’ll stop now. In my sexual beginnings I just liked to be fucked by men. But with the time I realized that I like being manipulated, guided and used by men. Normal sex has become unsatisfying. Of course, I love to get fucked but even more if the other just sees me as big dark hole which is serving for his satisfaction.

My first time as slave was after my college graduation. I was working as a gogo dancer in a club. There I had to be completely naked in doggy position in front of the audience. I was extreamly nervous but at the same time i felt excited and I wanted to have more, so I organised guys who started to train me as dog slave.

Oh you worked in a club? Seems that exposure is one of your main fetish. What is the attraction of showing you naked to strangers?

First of all it is my job but of course i love it. It doesn’t matter if it is in a club or in front of classes at the art school. It is interesting to see how people react and to make them curious. In my eyes the human body itself is a art work. It is something natural but at the same time in our society it is not normal to show it. And i think that creates for myself this mix of emotions. I am proud of my body but at the same time I’m shy and feel ashamed. It is kind of humiliating to show you naked in front of strangers. This mix is an exciting feeling. Even more humiliating it is if you show your intimate parts like your dick, even more if it is erected, how you ejaculate or your spreaded cunt. It is strange, but I love this way of exposure and humiliation.

Do you have sex also in front of strangers or with strangers? And what kind of feelings do you have if you do it?

Yes, that is what i do. Of course I love to show myself and make others horny by watching me getting used sexually and yes I do also like to have sex with strangers. I enjoy to be a sex toy. That is really my passion. My wish is to perform the best I can and to make the guys I have sex with happy but also to satisfy my audience.

Let us talk a little about the sex you like. What are you into and what is a good session for you?

During a good session what I want is becoming unimportant. It is just about the joy and satisfaction of the top. I love to be the guy on the floor looking up to a man and ready to serve him and his dick. Of course … the more guys the better. I love to to serve a group of guys. If both of my holes get used at the same time it is like heaven for me. My ass and my mouth are just made to take dicks and if I’ve been a good boy please reward me by cumming on my face.

Do you still have any sexual fantasies you want to live in the future and can you tell us about them?

To be honest I want to go further in what I’m doing now. I want to become a kind of professional slave. That means I want to expose myself and to serve other men as job and living from this job. I think that is what I’m good in and what should generate satisfaction for others.

My goal is to become a real cumdump, a boy who is ready to swallow all the cum of real men and of course also serve them as urnial. I want to be exposed and humiliated by what I am doing. I want to do it on stage but also in bedrooms but of course I really prefer the stage because I love if strangers watching me in this humiliating situations. I really look forward to become this kind of professional slave.

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