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The fetish of restricting one’s movement capabilities to exert or give up control. The methods vary greatly, from confinement, steel bondage, shibari (Japanese rope bondage), vac-sealing, etc. etc. The feeling of bondage is often accompanied with a rush of adrenaline, endorphins, and various feelings, and can have a mind-cleaning-like effect.

Tested Products

Four Buckle Hand Restraint

Data Sizes: One Size Material: Padded Leather, Leather Straps, Welded D-Rings, Buckles, Rivets Ergonomically designed suspension hand restraints that support and distribute weight and allow heavier scenes. Statements These...

Puppy Tail Holster

Sizes: S-M / L-XL Lockable: No Material: Leather Belts, O-Cockring, Neoprene tail holster, Silicone Tail ring S-ML-XL 26-36 in /66-91 cm36-46 in /91-117 cm Leather Pup tail plug harness...

Lockable Fist Mitts

Data Sizes: S-M / L-XL Circumference S-M22-28cm L-XL28-32cm Lockable: YesMaterial: Leather, Leather Padding, Strap, 2 D-Ring, Buckle, Lock Pin P Statements Great design. They have good padding which makes it keep the...

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