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To feel that weight around my neck and look up and see someone who I knew I had to obey… and in that moment I just realised that all those preconceived ideas of how sex and relationships are meant to go didn’t matter.

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MasterMarc: Today we are visiting a kinky illustrator in Down Under. As a small child I was always thinking that people in Australia are living upside down, so the normality there has to be totally different to ours. Of course I’ve had to revise this image as my teachers have told me about gravity but some days ago BoomerSM posted an illustration about normality in the kinky world which motivates me to talk with him about this topic. Hi BoomerSM, what is your subjective normality in the kinky world and what are you into?

BoomerSMHi Sir! Subjective normality? I don’t like even considering normality in most things. What’s normal for me is crazy for you…. but in the kink world in particular I think it’s important not to assume normality by any stretch.

As for what I’m into? Uh…. lots. In no order – master/slave/gimp, rubber, leather, bondage – especially mummification, ABDL, breath play, watersports, humiliation… and crazier fantastical things like mind control

My kinky Beginnings: Piss Games

MasterMarc: When have you realized that there is more than just vanilla and that you have kinky desires? And what have been your first steps into the kinky world?

BoomerSMFrom a very early age. So many cartoons gave me that weird feeling you didn’t realise was arousal until later in life… My first kink was pissing my jeans and hurriedly cleaning up. By 15 I knew I was a sub at heart.

My first sex experiences tended to be quite vanilla with others. Kink really got going as I got older, 18 or 19. The first time I took another dudes piss I was on school holidays, freshly 18…. we were on the beach and I said I had to pee… he said just go in my shorts. I did… and before too long he dragged me in the to ilet and peed straight down my throat. No asking permission. Just a finger to tell me where to kneel.


MasterMarc: Hehe. Sounds as you would know what your place is, boy. But let us talk a little about the first experience with 15 years. I am sure you can remember that you’ve had a strange mix of feelings at this moment. A feeling of satisfaction but at the same time also a strange feeling because you felt a little pervert and you don’t want that somebody else can see it. Can you tell us a little about the mix of feelings you’ve had?

BoomerSMWell, the feelings I had were never judgmental or freaked out. I was fortunate to have a very open house that taught me that being gay or whatever wasn’t bad. So when it came to kink, I extended those lessons to those feelings as well. I wanted to be peed on? So be it. Wanted to kneel? For the best

What is wrong with me?

MasterMarc: It seems that we have been both very lucky to have such an open family, but I have to say that I’ve struggled with myself first. I felt like it isn’t normal to have such desires. I am quite sure that as you have hurried to clean up the piss mess, it has had its reasons, or not?

BoomerSMWell, certainly there were moments of ‘oh god what’d I do’, and I understand that feeling of wondering if you’re normal. In your darker moments you might wonder just what is wrong with you. I had moments like that. Certainly if anyone ever talked about fetishes I always got embarrassed and got out of there…

MasterMarc: When do you have started to accept your own desires? And has there been a key moment?

BoomerSMThe first time I really went ‘okay, this is who you are going to be’ was the first time someone else put a collar on me. It was humbling, it was powerful. To feel that weight around my neck and look up and see someone who I knew I had to obey… and in that moment I just realised that all those preconceived ideas of how sex and relationships are meant to go didn’t matter. That following the alternative path is just as valid

To be inferior just feels so right

MasterMarc: Can you tell us about the attraction of being in this inferior situation? What does it give to you? Why do you love to get used for the satisfaction of other guys?

BoomerSMIt just feels so right. Feeling myself dehumanized, degraded. Feels like that’s where my life was leading me. Even beyond the sexual thrill, it just feels right in myself to kneel to superior men. To make their lives bettter at the expense of mine… It’s when I feel most like myself. When all the fakery of life falls away..

MasterMarc: So SM is for you also more than just a sexual desire. Can you tell us a little how you integrate the SM into your non sexual life?

BoomerSMWell, I wear my chastity cage as much as I can around the place. To work, shopping, whatever. Same for diapers or stealth rubber under my clothes. It’s been a long time since I had a full time master/slave relationship to make my every day life one of service…. but those doms I do play with cram in some short term play beyond just the sex. Cleaning for them, carrying things. Little stuff to keep me in my place.

MasterMarc: For how long have you been in a full time master/slave relationship and can you tell us, what was different during this time to the life you’re living now?

BoomerSMI’ve never been in any for particularly long, sadly. My longer term relationships with doms always had some distance or something that got in the way. But for those I have had, it made me stronger in day to day life. I knew I had someone to look out for me, to help take pressure off, to make things simple. I obeyed my master and that was all I had to worry about. It made me more sure of myself at work, with friends. It was great.

MasterMarc: I say often that a life without a slave would make me feel incomplete. What are you missing most atm?

BoomerSMStructure. A person to focus all the crazy strands of my life on. That companionship that is real and sometimes even somewhat romantic, but is still ‘unequal’. Keeps me in my place and lets me know if I fall someone will catch me. With chains. And tape.

I am a stronger person by living my inferior life

MasterMarc: Would you say that you are a stronger guy when you’re living an inferior life? Do you think by loosing liberties you’re earning freedom?

BoomerSMI definitely am. I’m more confident, my self esteem – though often shattered within individual scenes – goes through the roof. I always work better with constraints, with something coaxing me on where to go… and a good dom can provide that. It’s the freedom to obey. To follow. To let my dick lead me where I know I will be happy.

MasterMarc: To be yourself and to live your own desires and needs is always something which makes you feel better and stronger. We have now really to talk about your illustration about normality. What was the motivation to draw it?

BoomerSMWell, I get messages on tumblr a lot asking for requests or saying what they like etc. I love getting messages from followers. I love interacting with people…. but this one guy said, and I quote… “I love your rubber drawings…. but that diaper shit is gross” I go on his profile… he regularly dresses in quasi cross dressing rubber and drinks piss from a urinal hood… and he is calling DIAPERS gross? It made me so mad and I drew that comic in a single night… the balls it takes to judge someone elses kink while indulging in your own is the height of hypocrisy. We are all weirdos in what we like. Every kink has someone thinking us freaks, so why can’t we learn to accept others for what they enjoy (provided its all consensual and legal and what not)

MasterMarc: I totally agree, and it is an important point that you have to accept the desires and needs of others if you want that others also accept you. The fetish life and your own kinks are mostly an evolution. There are moments in which you’ll reach to a point to open a gate from which you thought that it will always be closed for you. So to be open for new things is something which should be “normal” for kinksters. Or what do you think about?

BoomerSM: You definitely should be up for new things. Diapers for example where always a hard limit. When I was young I thought, ‘that’s so stupid’, just like this guy that messaged me. Turns out, I love them, and they tie so many of my kinks like piss and humiliation together.If I had stayed like this guy, I would miss out on so many great friends and new experiences.

Not to say you won’t ever have your limits or things you can’t stomach of course. We all have limits. But to have a limit doesn’t mean you have to be a dick to the people who do like that thing. Or else you’re the king or queen of hypocrites

My kinky illustrations are not constrained by actors or budget or realism

MasterMarc: There’s nothing to add! You have really done a lot of kinky illustrations and we are happy that you want to share it in sadOsam too. Can you tell us, when and why have you started to do such a kind of artwork?

BoomerSMWell I was always drawing but never particularly well. A few years ago when I started work I had a lot of down time that I filled with reading. But it wasn’t fulfilling. So I decided to really try and improve my drawings. I studied theatre and writing at university but turned out I was pretty good at comics! When I started to get better than stick figures my mind quickly turned to porn. The good thing about art porn is you’re not constrained by actors or budget or realism. With enough effort I can draw the craziest of things. Drones of rubber and monsters and the weird sex you both wish and don’t wish were real.

MasterMarc: Last but not least I really have to ask you a stupid question: Would you like to show us the illustration you like most and tell us why?

BoomerSMAt the moment it’s this one. For one, I’m just really happy with how it turned out. The colours and the shine on the rubber. For two, I love the mix of kinks. Rubber and dom/sub, public humiliation and diapers… and lots of onlookers. Plus I bothered to do a background for this one

MasterMarc: Thank you boy, it was a pleasure to talk to you and I’m looking forward to see much more of your illustrations on sadOsam.

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