Do you like pubic hair or do you prefer your boy shaved and smooth? In this point opinions often diverge. I have to say, that I love them smooth as they are even more naked and exposed, if they are totally shaven. For me body hair is a natural protection and to eliminate it makes the slaves even more “vulnerable” and delivered to his master. Often I say that body hair is a privilege of tops, the real man, and that slaves and pussyboys should be smooth. But I know, this is just my opinion and there are also cultural differences. You can see a lot of clean-shaven bottoms in North America and Central Europe but most of the boys in Asia are wearing pubic hair.

Set Slave (Thailand): In Asia body hair is a symbol of manliness and adulthood and people wouldn’t see you as real man if they can see you naked and shaven. And as Asians aren’t as hairy as Europeans and Americans it is not so dominant. Myself i love to be shaven. It looks cleaner! But of course also hairy bottoms can be attractive.

Is body hair a symbol of masculinity? I am not really into too feminine boys but even if a slave is masculine I love to tell him “pussyboy”. But are the pubics so important for masculinity? I should ask a young and kinky female to male transgender, a gay man who still hasn’t a dick, about his opinion. I think he has done a lot of thoughts about masculinity.

Scol (Italy): I’ve never considered pubic hair as a symbol of masculinity. I have to say that i don’t really like pubic hair. Hair often irritates and scratches your skin having sex and it’s very upsetting, not to mention those that end in the mouth if you have oral sex.

That is a real functional answer and I think an experience everybody has done. Are there other reasons why some guys prefer smooth bottoms? Probably the porn actor Axel Abysse can explain it to me.

Axel Abysse (France/Japan): I don’t make distinctions between tops and bottoms as a type of guys. I play mostly versatile anyway, so I love smooth guys but I like also some hairy guys. I don’t have any idea why I prefer it smooth. 🙂

Axel, that wasn’t really helpful. Let me ask Chirenon, who is showing in is Tumblr blog that he likes just shaven bottom boys.

Chirenon (Canada): I have an intrinsic natural attraction for guys who are perfectly smooth. There is no where on a guy’s body that I find more sexy than the smooth, indented dimple that can be exposed when their pubic hair is shaved clean. If I find a guy attractive, seeing him completely smooth will elevate that attraction for me by a factor of 5 or 10; and guys I otherwise wouldn’t look twice at can be of interest to me if they are smooth.

There are a number of intellectual or aesthetic reasons for preferring smooth skin to hair-covered hide. Smooth skin represents health and youth; thus more people are attracted to tight skin than old, wrinkled skin. Shaving denotes cleanliness; hairy hide looks unkempt and dirty. Shaved body hair since the time of Alexander the Great has denoted civilization; hair-covered bodies are barbarous or caveman-like.

But beside the aspect of masculinity, why do others love pubic hair? I know that the porn actor Yoshi Kawasaki wouldn’t shave himself, so I should ask him.

Yoshi Kawasaki (Japan/Switzerland): I prefer guys with pubic hair. It’s because I like hair on men’s body in general as it makes the smell much stronger. I love smells! It Japan it is uncommon to shave pubic hair. Some people do it as one fetish. Having no pubic hair makes their entire look more child like. But of course a bit of trimming never hurt anybody.

Child like? I hope it is just a single opinion because I don’t see myself as wannabe paedophile.

DomTop (England): I prefer guys to be natural, so if they are naturally smooth or naturally hairy either is fine, if you’re really hairy it’s nice to have it maintained and neat, but I’m not a fan of the artificial smooth all over look generally. I think there’s something slightly sinister about trying to mimic a pre pubescent boy by removing all your genital hair, and I’m a fan of armpits so shaved pits I really don’t get.

Uff again… Of course that can be an aspect but it is definitely not a reason why I prefer smooth guys. I think that the body type and the face are much more important if a boy is looking younger or older. Probably we should talk to Doofer, a pup and sissyboy, why he loves to be shaven. I know that he loves to be shaven totally.

Doofer (England/Switzerland): I love to be shaven or waxed from the neck down, including my legs, pubes and butt. There’s the look of it, I’d say it’s more towards the mainstream idea of beauty – youth and cleanliness. It certainly looks messy and unkempt when it’s not at least trimmed (the same goes for a beard or any other hair really). There’s the feminisation and youth aspect, speaking as a bottom. Plus there’s a slight submissiveness in the act itself; hair is manly and so shaving it off is somewhat subservient. Then of course, no one likes hair in their mouth, when either giving blowjobs or rimming.

Now I’m really curious how Sebastian Kane, the boss of the porn label Boynapped, thinks about this topic.

Sebastian Kane (England/Spain): I’m a fan of smooth boys but I don’t care whether that’s naturally smooth or shaved in fact both have their good points – naturally smooth boys have a better touch but I’m a fan of shaving and don’t mind starting any kink scene with shaving. Totally smooth has to be the best, arm pit hair shaved, pubic hair shaved and shaved bottom makes a boy perfect. Shaving can be a sensual experience if time is taken with lots of breaks to message the boys sensitive areas, by the time a boy is totally shaved/smooth, I like to leave him erect, aroused and feeling edgy.

Ahh, I see he is a connoisseur. 🙂 And how is it in the porn business? What do you think that your Boynapped watchers prefer?

Sebastian Kane (England/Spain): It’s not easy to pull together a really good understanding of our members’ viewpoints and I prefer not to bother them with surveys and questionnaires so I stick with my core principle, I create what I like and believe that this comes across to those that share my likes”.

Ok, I see the tastes are different, so that also the porn industry hasn’t any standards for pubic hairs. How about slave boys? What does Pu, a Chinese slave, living in Italy think about?

Slave Pu (China/Italy): Slave boys should be smooth. It makes boys look even more submissive and of course it is more hygienic. Hairs are difficult to wash and it can have an odd smell. It makes it also difficult to have fun if your mouth is full of hair and some are resting between your teeth. I would say it is even better if tops are clean-shaven too!

Really? No, I really don’t think so. As I have told you in the beginning Tops should have some pubs, but they should be cropped. Bushes are really ugly and as several guys have mentioned, it looks dirty. Probably that is something people like but I definitely don’t like it. What do you think about the pubics of tops, Jasper?

Jasper Rhodes (England): I wouldn’t say shaven necessarily, just trimmed, I like a bit of hair just not too much. I prefer a guy to look clean and tidy then treat me really dirty I guess! If people are topping it is nicer if there aren’t too much hair. Even more important if you’re doing porn as people want to see the penetration and not just bushes.

I am happy Jasper that you see it as I do. And of course you’re right, dirty action doesn’t mean that the guys have to be unkempt.

Are you thinking now if you should go to be bathroom to shave you? Some will like it, others not. Everyone has his own opinion about shaven, cropped or long pubic hair. It is a general characteristic of the fetish and SM world, that there aren’t any standards. But there is one condition which has always to be fulfilled: Lived fetish and SM has to be consensual and it is up to the involved people to define what is possible to do, what they like and what not.

Btw. Feel free to leave a comment. We are interested to know, how you like it!


  1. Definitely prefer smoothies. Natural if possible, but waxed or depilated (cream hair remover, leaves no stubble) is nice, too. It makes a bottom look so helpless, and feels wonderful to the touch. Also, makes a bottom look younger longer.

  2. In general I prefer the crotch be smooth or closely cropped, especially for guys locked in chastity. I have a thong fetish and prefer those guys to be smooth or have some “intentional” pubic hair (like shaving but leaving a narrow, closely cropped “treasure trail” from his navel to his dick). I’m a fan of hairy guys with all over chest and ab hair who trim it down close so it doesn’t look like a thicket. I don’t really have an opinion on the masculinity or non-masculinity of body/pubic hair. I don’t find shaved tops to be any less masculine.

  3. I generally prefer to be more smooth, but a little bit here and there can be nice for a Top.
    1. Full head of hair.
    2. Facial scruff if done right.
    4. Underarm if sparce.
    5. Treasure trail is sexy.
    6. Hair on Legs, Arms or Chest are okay.
    7. Hands, Feet, Back or Ass nope.
    8. Pubes trimmed.

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