Interview with Sebastian, the boss of Boynapped about SPANKING and the PORN BUSINESS.

MasterMarc: Hi Sebastian. Before we start to talk about spanking we have to talk a little about you and your business. You are running several porn labels and you act in several of your movies too. But first I would be interested to know more about you and your kinks. What are you into and for how long are you living and enjoying your kinky side of life?

Sebastian: I was a late starter really, I was always very ‘vanilla’ about sex until I filmed my first bondage DVD which was called Cum Bound. This was in August 2008 and starred Sebastian Kane (myself), Bailey Onice, AJ Chambers and Yoshi Maxx a handsome, hung, 20 year old British boy who also discovered his interest in kink at the same time as I did. Cum Bound followed a dark theme, Sebastian kidnaps each of the guys, tapes them, strips them and torments them over three days of intense filming at an old, derelict warehouse in the beautiful city of Manchester, England.

This movie awoke my dark side and sent me on a path of discovery which lead to the award winning BoyNapped website and to hours and hours of scene development and amazing moments. In 7 years, I have produced 700+ exclusive movies for the site, starred in more than 235 as Sebastian Kane, received hate mail, fan mail, compliments and abuse. I have had the privilege to have filmed with some top porn stars, hundreds of kink newbies and have a production team which is second to none. In the last couple of years Manic Dante and Ashton Bradley, my very talented production team have stamped their mark on BoyNapped and together they bring an outstanding level of fresh, creative, often spectacular kinky themes to the website.

MasterMarc: You’re telling us that you have explored your kinky side in front of the camera. That means that you have started to act in a kinky porn without knowing, what you are into it. But then I have to seriously ask you if porn movies are just show or if there is also a part of real horniness in such productions?

Sebastian: I am totally hooked on kink, I have learnt a lot and developed new interests as a result of filming but the mind has been into kink for some time before the site was started and the first movie filmed. The best part of the day is dreaming up the next amazing shoot, to bring an idea to life, there’s nothing better. In every scene, a part of myself is left and my devotion to BoyNapped shows in each and every scene that we film. Looking into the eyes of a fresh newbie as he releases his hard earned cum load is horny beyond any other emotion. I remember Cameron James who told me that his first ever BoyNapped cumshot was the most intense climax he had ever had, that means such a lot to the me and drives the whole team’s commitment and passion for the site.

MasterMarc: What are you into, Sebastian? Is your fantasy even harder and more humiliating than you show in your films? 

Sebastian: Absolutely harder and more humiliating, UK rules have become more restrictive over the last couple of years which has held us back a little bit. In truth, the bit that I love the most is the development, rehearsal and team chats about up and coming scenes and who we should abuse. You might have noticed that Sebastian Kane no longer stars in quite as many of the latest scenes. My team of younger doms, Ashton Bradley, Sean Taylor and Mickey Taylor have all but taken over. Sebastian can now afford to do guest appearances and hand pick which twinks he would like to film with.

MasterMarc: Hehe, can I send you also a list of boys I want to have for sessions at my place? 🙂 In several films you are spanking guys. Can you tell me why spanking attracts you?

Sebastian: Sebastian always takes his time to select the right boys. I’m not about to hand over a list to anyone, even someone as important as you MasterMarc – find your own boys! I love to spank boys, not always in spanking scenes, sometimes a quick slap on the arse feels right in all kinds of scenes. Red bottoms, the fact that it’s linked to school life (back in my day) the fact that boys like to be spanked all makes spanking a real thrill to do.

MasterMarc: I’m happy to have my boys. But of course you have some nice cuties in your movies. Oh, you still have experiences with the old English education? Why do you think is to spank and to get spanked such a turn on for a lot of guys?

Sebastian: I spent quite a lot of time in the sports teachers office, headmaster’s office and deputy headmasters office being caned, slippered and spanked. I think it started then, a boyhood crush on a male teacher who all really likes to spank you or that’s how it seemed to me at the time. There is something very erotic about the power relationship between teacher and boy which is made even more toxic by the slow undress to a naked, youthful, male bottom during a spanking session. Often I have spanked a boy only to find his cock getting harder and harder, that’s the ultimate to achieve with spanking.

MasterMarc: It’s really funny because at the end spanking hurts and is also kind of humiliating but a lot of boys get hard and they are proud about their marks after a hard spanking. How would you explain these reactions of the spankees?

Sebastian: I do spank hard and I like to leave marks. It’s like a badge of honor for the boy and warning to others that this boy is owned. Boys like to be humiliated and feel safe in the hands of a strong, dominant male. Life can be stressful for boys, being in the hands of someone dominant is an escape, that feeling of being safe, also humiliated and also a warm hand is a turn on to boys, that’s how I see it to be.

MasterMarc: If a guy wants to become a good spanker, what are the most important advices you can give him out of your experience?

Sebastian: Develop a trusting relationship with the boy, understand how he feels about getting spanked, give him a short, of camera spanking session and discuss possible positions before the scene gets underway. BoyNapped always aims to forge long lasting relationships with boys that star on the site. Quite often a boy will star in upwards of 20 scenes, often many more. This long term relationship fosters trust and confidence to try new ideas and to believe in the crew’s ability to produce a stunning scene with real action without accident.

MasterMarc: What kind of positions do you like for spanking and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the positions?

On the knees

Advantages: This for me is the best position. I love to feel the subs cock get harder on my knee as I a spank him. Over the knee is the ultimate humiliation spanking position taking it back to the basic roots of CP.

Disadvantages: I really don’t think there are any.


On the bed / bench

Advantages: This is normally more comfortable for the sub and as a result they really focus in on the spanking itself. Every moan and facial expression is caused but the power of my hand and not them trying to hold a position.

Disadvantages: This is normally more comfortable for the sub haha. And it can be hard to get a good swing in.



Diaper Position

Advantages: You get to see EVERYTHING, and so does the camera. Face, nice red ass and the boys hole. I love to watch them tighten their hole as I hit.

Disadvantages: This position can be hard to keep for the sub, they can get distracted but holding themselves and not focus in on the punishment they are getting.



Advantages: You get to look down at the bit between the boys balls and a his arse, see his balls hang backwards and move about with every slap.

Disadvantages: Hard for the boy to do. Can be hard to get the boy into the position because you have to left him and secure his legs before you can start to spank.

MasterMarc: Which spanking implements you like to use and can you tell us a little about the differences?

Sebastian: My personal favorite it the good old hand. But if I had to pick an implement it would be a cane. The noise it makes when it comes into contact with skin really gets me going. It’s a short sharp direct hit and I find it amazingly sexy.

MasterMarc: What are your favourite three spank movies? 

Sebastian: I have two favorites on Boynapped. Working with Olly Taylor and Milo Millis was great. Both boys really vocalized every feeling. I love it a sub is vocal. My other favorite is Casey Tanner and Troy Ryan on SpankThis, I’m a big Helix fan, Casey in particular so for me seeing his butt take a beating was a pleasure.


Bad    Boy   Olly   Needs   A  Caning !

Olly has been naughty, and that deserves stern punishment. Sebastian knows what to do, using his trusty cane (one that’s seen plenty of bare buttocks in its time) as he spanks the boy and gets him naked. Once there are enough welts on his bum and back, it’s time for the master to really enjoy himself, turning the chained up twink and wanking and sucking the boy to the limit, making his uncut cock spew juice against his will and then increasing the discomfort by continuing to play with his sensitive and spent erection. That’ll teach the boy!

Teaching  Naughty  Boy  Milo  A  Lesson

Milo has been a very naughty boy, and you know what that means. Master Kane explains to him that bad boys need to be spanked, and although the boy is reluctant, no pleading will save him from this onslaught of bum pain. First clothed, then naked, our gorgeous twink takes a beating from Kane’s bare hands, a belt, a cane, a leather paddle and a shoe too! Being suspended places the twink in an even more vulnerable position, but at least a cock stroke will give him some relief. With his arse red and sore and his cock drained, Milo is finally allowed to leave, no doubt to sit in a bucket of ice for an hour!

Spank  This : Punish  Me !

Being roommates can be rough. Learning to live with another dude’s habits and clutter can be downright frustrating at times. So, it’s good to be able to find ways to release all that pent up energy in a satisfying way. When household conflict arises between hot roomies Troy Ryan & Casey Tanner, the sexy and submissive Tanner is quick to apologize. He also knows the perfect way for his young strapping stud buddy to take out his anger and teach him the lesson he desperately needs to learn. Breaking bad habits can be tough, but when your education comes at the hand & over the knee of Troy Ryan, it can really hit the spot.


MasterMarc: If I am talking with a porn label owner than I really have to ask a question, a lot of our readers are interested in: What has a good looking guy to do, to become part of a movie cast and what kind of qualities does he have to have?

Sebastian: They need to be young, cute, and interested in kink, even if that is just curiosity. Many models develop their kink sides here on Boynapped and watching them push their boundaries further really works on camera. The best advice I can give is to jump straight in and send us an email

MasterMarc: Thank you Sebastian, it was great to talk with you. I am sure we will continue our conversation soon. I wish you all the best for your future and a lot of sexy guys to spank.


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  1. Absolutely great
    So nice to hear how you started the dark side and explored a wonderful fantasy

    Like you , i love the sadistic side.
    I am a little less adventurous than you but,
    Its a fantastic way to go.

    I am a very much older guy so now just love to be used and abused

    Please keep on keeping on

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