Pup Cobalt

1989 | 177 cm | 75 kg

Limerick (Ireland)

Cobalt’s Twitter

Hello readers, we got an adorable pup here today. Cobalt, tell us a little about yourself. How did you get sucked into the world of Kink and pups? Did you get abducted, a hood pulled over your face and assimilated? 😉

Hi hi hi! Firstly, thank you so so much for wanting to interview me. I can’t for the life of me figure out why though, haha! Long story short – I’m Pup Cobalt… The Irish one! I’ve always had a passing interest in the world of pup play. I don’t really know how to describe it other than that it looked so fun and playful and I wanted in! I also just ADORED the aesthetic.

There were a couple of pups I was anonymously following on Tumblr and I would just get lost in a deep dive of all things pup related for hours at a time. Then I’d stop, go away for a bit, and then always wind up back at square one! Then the Borg came; resistance was futile, and I was assimilated.

Haha, no but seriously, I ended up just buying a hood, created a Twitter during the mass exodus from non-pr0n Tumblr, and kind of went from there! I got speaking to some amazing pups from Pups & Handlers of Ireland (@PupsOfIreland) who kind of just.. absorbed me into the group. And I’ve been having a blast since!

What do you like about pup play? Does your behaviour or mindset become different when you pup out?

At the start, pup play for me was always about the pup aesthetic and self-expression of myself and of other pups insofar as the colours they choose, and the type of materials they wear (or don’t wear *_*). After that was the pup headspace. In real life, I’ve a PhD in a design-related area, so I’m always drawn to designery aspects of things, but like not in a pretentious way, haha!

I’m also a total idiot with the attention span of a flea, which is where I feel my mindset goes when I pup out. It’s a great way to be the silly version of me as a means of destressing and having fun without a care in the world, if that makes sense. Now that I have am more firm and confident in my colour choice and overall look (although I’m working on a kind of hybrid blue/pink thing as can be seen sometimes on my Twitter), I feel the pup headspace is now coming to the forefront more.

Did you yourself, all in all, change because of pup play? Or your lifestyle?

Do you mean like in real life? Yes and no, depending on the situation. In work – no. I’ll always be stressed out me (but I am TRYYYYYING to work on that). However, I’m also a fitness instructor, and my approach to that has definitely changed because of pup play.

The confidence and silliness that I’ve gotten from pup play has seeped in my fitness classes, and I feel they’re better because of it. Everyone has fun and gets a good workout, and they keep coming back! So yay!

Oh, and also, I marched in my very first Pride parade in Dublin this year, as a pup! It. Was. Amazing.

How was it when you changed your colour from white to pink? Was that just a design change? Or did it actually also change your pup behaviour a bit?

I started off with white because I knew no better and I wanted one that was somewhat neutral. But I LOVE pink. I mean, how can you not? It’s just such a strong colour in its own right. I think black and pink work so well together with pink as the secondary colour. Blue and pink work together so well too, with either serving as primary or secondary.

When I wore my pink hood for the first time I was just like “Yep this it is, this is the one,” and then went and painted my white one blue and pink (RIP white hooded Cobalt).

So yes, you’re a pink pup. But these days this colour is often associated with femboyism. Is that often immediately assumed about you as well? Or do they just see it as normal colour?

Is it strange that I see pink as a masculine colour too? I mean it used to be the original colour for boys as it was thought of as the stronger colour, whereas blue was seen to be the more delicate and dainty colour. I’m bringing that back! 😛

Haha, nah but seriously I don’t see myself as strongly masculine or femboyish; I just really like pink! Although you do raise a very interesting question. I have no idea what other people’s perceptions are of me, whether they see me as a femboy or not. I would be proud either way 😀

Hehe alright, we’ve talked a lot about pup play now, but do you have also other kinks? And if not, did pup play maybe make you more inclined to try them out?

Is mayonnaise a kink? Haha… I have to think about this one a lot as it is difficult to answer. While I was interested in a lot of kinky stuff, I never followed through on any, being the sheltered, shrinking violet (pun, kind of) that I am.

However, since I’ve become interested in pup play, I’ve definitely become much more open to trying new things, but I still feel there are lines I would find very difficult to cross.

What would some of that stuff you feel open to or wanna try out be and what would be the requirements for you to try out this new stuff?

I’ll answer the second part of the question first! Put simply: trust, respect, no permanent damage (D:) , and good after-care! 😀 As for the first part.. I’d love to try out tons of different toys! I know what a Bad Dragon is now, and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi butt plugs!!

Also.. OK so I don’t know any of the proper terms for this stuff but I’d like to try being 100% submissive, and I’d definitely love to give the whole hypnosis thing a go!! Also, I’d like to be blindfolded and headphoned and tied up and have naughty things happen.

In saying that though, I’d also like to try the exact opposite of that too. I can be a dom! Am I being too lewd?

Haha no don’t worry. That’s hard with us. But it seems we’ll have to end this interview now. Although I’m sure we’ll have a talk again once you experienced some of that cool stuff 😉 Thank you for taking time for us and we wish you a great puppy time.

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