Sev: Hello Buster, its nice to be able to talk to you. You have been quite a busy pup lately. Youre participating in events and even started organizing one yourself recently. But before we go there, lets talk about something different first. I can officially call you (Mr) Buster Pup now, don’t I? Tell us a bit, how did that came to be, and how is it and does it feel to be called that now?

Buster: Hey Sev, Thank you for the opportunity to take part in a sadOsam interview it is my privledge. In the last 8 months since becoming a pup things have got better and
better for me. Once i decided that i was happier as a pup than as a human i decided to change my name legally to Buster Pup and my former name Ryan Heart became my last name Ryan-Heart. It took a lot of getting used to at first but im fairly used to it now and very proud to be who i want to be.

Sev: I must say, that is a very brave step you took. Not everyone would do something like that, especially after 8 months. One clearly can see that pup play is a very important part of your life. Why do you like it so much? And what exactly is it to you?

Buster: For me, pup play is so much fun, its about meeting people, playing with other pups in a sexual and non sexual way. Its a sense of belonging; the community to me is like one big family, everyone is so non-judgmental and pleasant and welcoming. I’ve never felt that in any other part of my life. It’s also an escapism I feel that i can be me. I’ve not had a very easy upbringing growing up in care and experiencing a lot of abuse, physical sexual and emotional and being a pup i feel totally in control of myself and my life. I can where what i want, chose my own identity and not have to conform with society’s rules of you should wear this or you should do that. I dont have a handler or an owner i’m very independent and do things my way, i chose my own colours, i chose my own gear and i love that freedom in my life. I’ve found the community to be a place where i can feel comfortable and safe and very happy, i spent the whole of last summer going to prides and meeting other pups around the UK and everyone has been so warm and friendly and i simply can’t get enough of it.
Sev: Not having to pretend and being yourself is a wonderful feeling. Can you tell us the story of how you discovered pup play? How did you get into it? And what attracted you about it?

Buster: I have always been very open minded about things but never really immersed myself in anything kink related. I was always a bit uncomfortable but i really wanted to try it. I joined squirt on a whim and didn’t really like it as there were a lot of odd people but someone there introduced me to recon and that’s where i discovered pup play. Of course i didnt have any gear for ages and i was so nervous about the whole thing with having a tail in me as im a very nervous bottom, but with time and practise i have gotten more used to that. So i was already a pup by the time the documentary went out on channel 4 but i’d never been to any events or anything. Once i realised how big the community was my confidence level increased as i didnt feel so isolated. One day i just decided to be a pup and i have never looked back. Now i’m Buster i’m me and anything that happened in my past doesn’t matter anymore, it was like being born again.

I first discovered kink because my mum was interested in it. Growing up in care my mum is more of a friend to me than a mum to me and we openly talk about sex and how hot guys are etc. I used to be repulsed by what she was into, so i can see why some people have the view they do about BDSM and Pup Play, but once i tried it i loved it and im pretty sure that im not a lot more kinky that my mum every was
Sev: Sounds like a cool mum, I bet she must have reacted funny when you told her about your newfound fetishes 😉 You’re right, seeing that you arent alone with your desires and needs is important in getting confidence and security. Thats also something you try to show and give other pups with your new event right? Tell us bit about it, whats it called and where is it hold? S

Buster: My mum knows im a pup and have a bf and a kinky lifestyle, she saw the toys i bought him for xmas and his rubber harness. She’s seen my gear and she’s seen my twitter but we dont talk about it all that much. She’s very non-judgmental about it and finds it funny how i’ve gone from so vanilla to so kinky.

Yes, having a boyfriend (joe) who is a rubber man also helps me as he has his own community and his own interests and it’s given me the opportunity to get into things that i wouldn’t have otherwise, like getting some rubber stuff and fisting which is his thing although im still very nervous about fisting him, so he doesnt get it as much as he would like. My boyfriend and i held a pup event for my birthday back in November, it went really well. We had almost 50 pups and handlers and even a couple of fursuits come along and it was amazing. It was such a great party and also a real test of our ability to put on an event. S

Because it went so well we are now holding a BDSM pup event in Birminghmam (UK) at Underworld which is a huge converted warehouse with two dungeons, a hot tub, a bedroom, dancefloor, snooker room, medical room, cellar for water sports and much more. I really hope that its going to be fantastic. it’s on the 2nd saturday of each month we are @releashed_club on twitter.
That is just the tip of the the iceberg for us though. Next month we have our own sex superstore going online too which sells toys, bondage gear, condoms, lube, and lots lots more with thousands of products sold at RRP or less.


This business is really important to us as so many retailers charge prices well in excess of the RRP purely because it’s kinky and sexual. We believe that is wrong and exploitative so we’ve come up with our own alternative. It’s called and launches officially on 1st Feb. We also currently have an raffle where you can win 250 GBP to spend on our website on twitter, so its a good time to check it out 😉 S

Sev: Wow, you really put in a lot of effort into it, that sounds fantastic. I hope its going to be a success. From what you say about your relationship it sound like you are quite openmindend then. Probably one of the most important things if you are in anyway in the fetish community and dont want to go crazy 😉 What is some stuff that you think you could warm up in the future? And also, is there something that you would love to try out once if you had the chance to?

Buster: Well i’ve very recently spent a weekend in chastity and became a very submissive bottom bitch. Which is very rare for me. I’d really love to find a sir who could allow me to experience new things but understand that i have a very bad past and im very nervous but id love to try new stuff. I’m not sure what although i have a few hard limits like blood, scat, electro, vomit etc and i wont allow anyone to put hands around my neck as i freak out, other than that id like to try stuff. I’d love to spend a whole 24 hours as a pup. S

Sev: Now before we end the interview here, is there any advice you can give or anything you’d like to to say to the pups and people who’d like to try it once out there?
Buster: My advice to anyone about pet play is to try it, don’t be afraid, the community is a very safe and loving place but dont have any expectation just go with the flow, u will meet interesting and amazing people make the best friends you could hope for you most of all you can be who YOU want to be. You don’t need gear, you don’t need to be kinky or sexual, you just need to relax and be YOU. And if anyone ever want to give it a try and is shy then please feel free to message me. Myself and my team and my community are always happy to help you get involved.
Sev: Thank you for your time Buster, I hope you find someone you can do all the kinky things youd like to try out soon, and wish you best of luck with your projects.

Here you can find out more about Pup Buster and his projects:

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