Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Journey into slavery

A nameless young submissive arrives at his prospective Master’s house to sign his slave contract and to begin his journey into total servitude. These chapters follow his training and transformation into a piece of obedient property that is utterly devoted to its Owner. In the course of the story the slave will be taught how to serve its Master sexually and domestically as a houseboi, learning that any imperfection in its service will be punished brutally. Constantly experiencing ever greater levels of torture, bondage, and degradation, it will be be loaned out to its Master’s friends and rented to underground BDSM clubs as a fuckobject, urinal, and servant.

Beginning as an inexperienced sub, the slave will come to learn what it truly means to be a slave both physically and emotionally. It will learn true happiness in complete subjugation and surrender to its Master’s will, finding liberation in a total lack of personal and sexual freedom. It will revel in its confirmed status as inferior meat. But it will also learn that the relationship between a Master and slave is shaped not only by control and domination, but also by trust, friendship, and love.