Chirenon’s Boi Soup

Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story. A houseboy left home alone for the week reflects on his Master’s rules, which include being kept naked...

The Atomic Trio vs. Triangular

Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story. The Atomic Trio vs. Triangular: An evil super-villain uses his hypnotic powers to defeat the gay super trio...


Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story. Objectifying Kevin:  Chirenon helps a boy discover a whole new life as an inanimate object.

A Boy Gets His New Protector

Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story. A boy’s tiny new chastity protector includes a urethral plug…    

Bavarianboi – One of My Chastity Slaves

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Bavarianboi was one of my chastity slaves.  He took these pictures for me.  I changed his head to protect his anonymity.    

Good Boys Obey The Rules

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Chirenon shows us his most important rules for boys.

The Important Parts of a Boy

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Successful conditioning and training involves constant repetition and reinforcement until prinples are fully internalized.

Chastity Boi Island

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Dylan realizes that different Rules apply to different guests at Chastity Boi Island.

Darius and his friends

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Darius and his friends orchestrate an orgy where the men are free to fuck and the boys are kept locked to...

Sex on the Beach – A Tapping (Milking) Story

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Assad has been keeping his boyfriend Laurent in perpetual chastity. After fucking Laurent on the beach, Assad decides that the boy...


BLUF – A community for people who like leather uniforms and breeches

MasterMarc: Hello Nigel. You're the webmaster of BLUF for six years now. I think most of our readers have seen your logo on party flyers...

Serving time as a rubber toy (4)

A report written by LukeRubberPig. Chapter 4 As i slept in my dark rubbery cell i was woken by the sound of sling chains clanging together. I...