Sex on the Beach – A Tapping (Milking) Story

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Assad has been keeping his boyfriend Laurent in perpetual chastity. After fucking Laurent on the beach, Assad decides that the boy...

Phalliminating Ethan

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. When Ethan wanted to move into his Master’s home as a 24/7 slave boy, he realized he had a big problem....

Photostory: Becoming a Fixture at Club Dominion

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Kyler goes to a secretive, private club looking for work. Although he’s heard crazy rumors about “Club Dominion,” it turns out that...

Chirenon’s “Chaste Marriage”

Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story. Bradley and Karl reflect on the benefits of their perfectly chaste marriage as they get relief the only...

How to turn a room-mate into a slaveboy

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. The interview with Chirenon Overview of Chirenon's photostories Photostory: Preparing a new boy Other kinky artists.  

Preparing a New Boy

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon.

Chirenon’s “Santa’s Elf”

A classic Christmas tale. Merry Christmas, and ‘be good for goodness sake.’

The Important Parts of a Boy

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Successful conditioning and training involves constant repetition and reinforcement until prinples are fully internalized.

Good Boys Obey The Rules

Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. Chirenon shows us his most important rules for boys.


Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story. Objectifying Kevin:  Chirenon helps a boy discover a whole new life as an inanimate object.


About a Rubber VLOG, Sensory Deprivation Bondage and Hypnosis

 Whiteout | 1994 | Detroit (U.S.) Rubber transforms me into my wildest fantasies, whether it's a sex object, a drone, a latex alien, or faceless dominant...

I Want Men To Move Me Around As They Please

Our Reader’s Fetish Life . Checkmyprostate | 1999 | 178 cm | 55 kg | Gothenburg (SE) Being submissive for an hour or two is something I...