Defeated Jock

Taylor had always been a dick, to his classmates, girls, and especially his rivals. A chance encounter with one of those rivals leads to a series of bets that Taylor loses. The forfeits grow more embarrassing and difficult each time, and Taylor cannot believe how a man he used to overpower is able to so easily defeat him. Wracked with humiliation and wondering how he got into the position, Taylor sinks lower and lower until he realizes he belongs to his rival, and there is nothing he can do about it.


Bondage Basics Tutorial: The Chest/Body Harness

Presented by The Puppeteer | Model: Cassy Last time we showed you...

Dirty Delights 

Mention scat or ‘scatophilia’ - sexual arousal from contact with human excrement and you may imagine older guys getting sleazy and depraved together. However...