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Dear Followers

Apologies to our readers for the lengthy wait for this family update. It’s been a very busy time for us, we have had an extended Easter holiday here in the UK and I have been away with work.  So, where to start. We’ve had two major events to deal with as a family. One fantastic, the other less so.

Firstly, I’m sad to say that lil Joshy is spreading his wings and will be leaving the family nest. He is ambitious and driven and has been spending a lot of time in London with friends recently. He has found a pad to share with friends and will be moving away. It is time for him to make his way in the World and of course I support him and have to let him go.

I am sad to lose my son, but he will visit often and we have already set a date for him to return later this month. So you will still see a lot of him in our pics and vids and he will still be in constant touch. If you bump into him in London…. Say hello. He’s a very friendly boy. He’s still Daddy’s boy, but I will miss him greatly.

But we also had reasons to celebrate. It was Max’s birthday last week too. The ever bubbly and fun lad was up to mischief and high jinx as usual.

Apart from the usual presents ( YES… SOX!) we went to the Cinema, enjoyed a family meal and even Pete managed to drag himself away from Uni and his X-box to join us. We had been asked to make a feature video of  ‘A DAY WITH MAX’.

So we came up with a special video called ‘WAKE UP WITH MAX’ It chronicles a day with him from waking up in my bed, being punished (he’s always a bad boy and a handful) and then fucked all day by Dad.

It was great fun to make and has been well received by our fans and followers. He also tried sox and trainer worship for the first time which he loved. He’s turning out to be a very good sub indeed. And I’m proud of his versatility. That was his main birthday present!

We have some more news to share soon, a new family development, we may have a new ‘son’ joining us. Look out for updates about ‘Mark’.

Finally, I would like to thank MasterMarc for hosting this blog about my family. And to thank you for following me and the boys on tumblr and via my own site. We truly appreciate you taking the time to read about us and watch us.



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