An interview with Logan (18), a young owned slave about his two years in chastity.

MasterMarc: Hi Logan. You will have soon your 19th birthday and you are wearing a chastity belt permanently. A lot of our readers would say now, that it is hard because it is an age, sexual experiences and wanking are important for most of the guys in your age. When have you cummed last time and how do you feel as boy in chastity?

Logan: The last time I came I was nearing 17 so it’s almost been 2 years now. Accepting that I was going into permanent chastity was easy until the lock was actually put on that final time. I sometimes wish I had never came in my younger years as I wouldn’t have had to deal with the difficulties that came with total abstinence. Now I’m fine with it. In fact, now that I’m at university and no longer getting morning/night erections I’ve become very fond of my lock. It’s like a badge of honor as well as a mark of my masters property. It’s made me far more obedient and has taken away a lot of inhibitions I used to have. I think giving up something so innately powerful and gender defining as orgasm and erection changes you. I’ve learnt to let go and trust my owner in everything whilst doing everything in my power to please him. He’s constantly on my mind because of it and I think that’s how it should be.

MasterMarc: You’re at university now but I think during schooltimes before you’ve had also sports classes. How have you handled it, that nobody has seen your chastity belt?

Logan: I never had to get naked. The most we would do is change into shorts and t-shirts so as long as I was wearing boxers and was facing away it was fine. I was scared someone would find out though. Boys in school often try to hit each other in the balls and so I had to be pretty careful to avoid that. Though it had more or less died out by the time I was locked. The only other people that know of my chastity: my masters other boi, who was older and has since moved away and a couple of his friends. Hiding it in general is easy, I don’t worry about it at all out in public now. At first it was embarrassing but you get used to it pretty quickly and realise no ones going to notice it, no matter how big and clunky it feels!

MasterMarc: What kind of feeling is it to wear the chastity belt? Doesn’t it disturb you and have you never had problems with it, for example a sore cause of the rubbing?

Logan: At first it was pretty awful. I would wake up in the night to a burning sensation as i had got a night erection and because of the rings trapping everything it takes a long while to abate. Plus you’re really horny! Morning were bad as well and it ruined any chance of having a lie in. I did some research and found out that any kind of lubrication can help with the burning and so tried out the baby oil we had in the bathroom. Now I swear by the stuff! Morning and night or after showering and it really takes a lot of the pain away and keeps everything from getting dry and chaffiing. Nighttime and morning erections can still hurt but it’s not as bad. Now I don’t get erections anymore. It’s like my body has adapted to it’s new purpose, which I find pretty awesome. So I don’t get woken in the night and can get lie ins! The feeling of it is a clunky weight that you’re constantly forced to think about. Especially when sitting down, studying or just lazing around. It’s fantastically horny.

MasterMarc: Hehe. I’m sure now our readers would be interested to know which chastity device you’re wearing and if you have also had experiences with others?

Logan: I’m in the CB6000 and it’s plastic, though it looks metal. it’s my second. I had a smaller one before that I wore temporarily but it ended up breaking during a particularly rough session with my owner. It was more flimsy too. I don’t know what the make or model of it was sadly. It hadn’t been bought for me, I think it was just another one he had for his other boy at the time. This one (that i’m wearing) is all mine.

MasterMarc: Why do you think that a life in chastity is the right one for you? As what do you see yourself and what is the life you’re looking for? 

Logan: I’m not sure how to answer that… I mean, it’s not something I had ever considered for myself. But once I accepted slavedom it was kind of spiritually liberating, in an odd way. Now I basically live for my owner, seeing myself as an extension of him to use as he pleases. When he cums he cums for both of us and i guess it’s because of that acceptance of role that means it’s right for me. Chastity isn’t for everyone and for those that do it I guess they and their masters prefer it temporary because the release is part of the fun or the ‘training’. My master is very domineering, once he makes a decision it’s final. There’s no uncertainty or indecision and that takes away any of my insecurities. So by being his slave I feel like I’ve got purpose and that I’m fulfilled.

As for the future? Who knows, I’m really quite a day to day thinker. I’d say I’m quite happy where I am.

MasterMarc: How would you describe the relationship you’re living and what kind of life do you want to live in your future?

Logan: It’s an odd but happy relationship. I’m very much a slave and my dad is very much a slave owner. Outwith sex we have a pretty normal relationship and sex is not spoken about, as if it’s taboo. Even during sex very little is said, it’s really more of an active-passive role play. He gives commands and I comply. I don’t question anything and he takes what he wants. I would say that the lock has strengthened that, Ive certainly lost a lot of my younger rebellion and inhibitions characteristics of that age and become more like a compliant piece of property. As for the future I have no idea, I just really live day to day. I can’t claim to know what’s coming and I’m quite happy currently so I’ll try to stick to that.

MasterMarc: What kind of sexual action do you love and are them also kind of sexual action you don’t really like but you love to be forced to do? And is sex just something you have with your master or also with others?

Logan: Well sex can either be a necessity in which my master quickly relieves himself or it can be a lengthy event that goes on for hours. It depends on what we can do and what time we have to each other. I personally never initiate anything, if he wants to use me he does and I have to try to predict and prepare for that as best I can. There have certainly been times i’ve squirmed or resisted but those days are behind me and I’ve never felt it was me resisting, just my body. Personally i love being face down and bred fast and hard, which is most casually what happens. However, if we get the house to ourselves then it can turn into a day or two long ordeal. Leather, handcuffs, rope and blindfold. I’ve been left tied to a couch for hours while my master went out and came back in throughout the day.

When it comes to sex with others then it’s a tricky subject. I’ve only ever been bred by my master but I’ve been ‘loaned’ to others that are allowed limited use. I’ve never penetrated anyone else and wouldn’t want to, it isn’t my role, and I’ve never done any more than kiss anyone my own age.

MasterMarc: What kind of feelings do you have if he loans you to other guys and have you ever been used by a guy you don’t like and how was it?

Logan: Well, and this is getting a bit personal but, the first time was more or less a surprise. I think being thrust into the situation is a part of being a slave: you don’t know what’s coming next and you trust in your masters decisions. Because I didn’t know it was going to happen I didn’t get a chance to formulate any kind of argument against it so it more or less just happened. After that I was fine with it. If i can make my master happy as well as some money then that makes me all the more purposeful. Now I just see it as part of my role as a slave, though it doesn’t happen often. As for how it is? Well, easier if anything. I’ve yet to experience anyone as ‘masculine’ as my owner, and so long as I do as I’m told, it passes easily enough.

MasterMarc: Do you want to have a more intensive slave life in the future, what are your fantasies about it and how would you live out your kinks in the future?

Logan: I’m not sure that past being paraded round on leash and collar I could have more of a slave life. I think this is where people blur fantasy and reality. I’ve not spoken to anyone that I would say is a real day by day slave. Yes people can go to extremes and be exhibitionists about their relationship but i think that as far as real life goes that isn’t really possible and wouldn’t really be tolerated by society. At least not where I’m from.

My relationship is discreet and real. I don’t see how it could be much more intense without becoming public knowledge and I don’t really fantasise about that because I don’t see it as plausible. My owner works in law and I have friends, none of which know I’m even gay (if I am) and I don’t think either of use would like to disturb those environments. Having said that, I know that if it was his wish I would happily go public. I just think that through some sense of interpreting his will I don’t want it to happen as he wouldn’t. if that makes sense?

MasterMarc: I write in several of my essays that there aren’t standards how to live the sm. Important is, that all involved are happy with it. What do you think about your chastity? Is that something you really want to live longterm and why?

Logan: This is a question i get asked a lot, and I think it’s a fair question that becomes unfair by asking it. As I’ve said, I live day to day. I know I’m going to grow older and what not but I don’t really think about it. Right now, as I am, I am a slave. A respected piece of my owners property,. What is there more to consider? Why should I think of the future?

As for long term, I think i’m already there. I no longer get erections, I doubt I can, and I’ve had the lock on so long now that my behavior and body have adapted to it. This is my owners mark, his collar, his tattoo. I would feel wrong without it, especially as I’ve put in so much effort to get to this point. Taking it off would ruin that, so I don’t want to. Personally, i don’t see it ever coming off. And though people might wish to project their idea of time onto me and my situation, I don’t think its a necessary question to ask of a slave because a slave should only ever see the here and now.

MasterMarc: Hehe. It was just a question to know more about your own desires if you think that you’re a pussyboy who doesn’t need to use his dick and if you think that you, even if you wouldn’t have master, see yourself as guy who is made to please, to be responsible for others satisfaction and if you find your satisfaction in satisfying others?

Logan: I feel no need to use my dick no, but at the same time I do feel male. I’m straight-acting around friends (as the term goes) but I don’t feel like I want to have sex with anyone. I used to get turned on by the idea of submitting to other men but the lock changed all that; now I’m constantly horny but only for my master. I guess I am a pussyboy but I wouldn’t refer to myself that way, I’m not really sure why. But yes, I am made to please my master, in every way. I don’t think i’d be happy outwith our relationship and therefore I’d say that makes it a part of me. The gentlest he can be is after we’ve bred and the feeling of happiness I get out of that is better than anything else, it’s almost spiritual. So i guess to say that this is what I’m made for, for whatever reason, is true. I think I’d fall apart without it.

MasterMarc: Sounds as have you really found the right master for you. I’m happy for you. If a young boy in your age would ask you, if he should start a life in chastity, what would you advice him? And can you explain us the reasons for your recommendations?

Logan: I’m not really sure. It certainly isn’t for everyone and I can’t say my ride hasn’t had it’s bumps but overall I’m happy with my situation. I’d guess it has to be on a person by person basis. A lot of people like being locked up temporarily, either by self or by a key holder but it doesn’t get any further than that. I never really had a choice in that matter and I never really questioned it – I guess that’s my personality. I certainly can’t think of anyone i know that’s my age that would understand or tolerate it as I have, but then again, just as I have, people have their secrets.

If anyone was to ask my advice I’d first have to ask them of their commitment. A permanent chastity lock isn’t just a horny toy to wear, take off and masturbate too: it’s permanent. Its the thought of never cumming again. To give up that entire aspect of your biology and reproductive/masculine purpose. If you want to play with it fine, it gets you off: cool, have fun. But if you really want to do permanent chastity then you have to be able to accept that you will not cum again (at least not in the traditional sense) and that you can’t just decide you’ve had enough or are too horny or can’t take it anymore. It really is an uphill struggle. Though through perseverance, if it’s right for you, then you can reach the summit of your efforts and happily live with permanent chastity.

But to those that are to be locked by their masters then I say and swear by this: baby oil. Morning and night. It really helps with the painful erections.

MasterMarc: Thank you Logan, it was  a great pleasure to talk to this little bastard and i wish you all the best for your future with your master.

You can find Logan on Tumblr.


Logan used by a friend of his master


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