MasterMarc: Hi Chirenon. A lot of our readers and even more of your followers on Tumblr have really missed you. What happened?

Chirenon: I was as surprised as anyone. I went to the blog and got the generic message “there’s nothing here.” I checked my email and found that I’d received a generic notice from Tumblr that they had terminated my blog because of violation of their terms of use agreement. I wrote a response protesting that I had done no such thing, but that reply has so far been completely ignored.

MasterMarc: Yes that happened to us with our sadOsam Tumblr too. I still can not understand what the problem was with our sadOsam blog on Tumblr. Do you can imagine what the reason was to put your blog down?

Chirenon: It’s only speculation, but I had begun to experiment with video-manipulation — essentially modifying videos to make them more explicit or to include chastity and other themes. This was a very minor part of my blog, but Tumblr apparently reacts negatively to adult video content.

MasterMarc: It is really funny that Tumblr is fighting against adult content because I think that a big part of their members are cause of that visiting this platform, or what do you think? Do you know any reasons why they are doing it?

Chirenon: I’ve read that as much as 25% of Tumblr’s overall traffic is adult-themed content. Obviously, they are interested in showing high traffic on their network, but on the other hand, they’d like to show that it’s not primarily a porn site. As a result, I think they have a very low threshold for terminating adult-themed blogs with the goal of pruning out that content and favouring non-porn traffic.

MasterMarc: I’ve told you before, that a lot of people have written us, asking about you and where they can find your new photo stories in the future. What can you answer to all these loyal fans or your work?


Chirenon: I’m pleased to announce that the folks here at sadOsam have extended an invitation to house my content archive and I’ve decided that this will now become the primary venue on which I release new content. My readers will now be able to find and follow my work at

MasterMarc: We are really happy to have you back online and even more that you have found your new kinky home on sadOsam. Now as you are here with us I have really to ask you, why is chastity and turning boys, even more big dicked guys, into pussyboys so fascinating for you?

Chirenon: Context of a story has always been central to what I find erotic. I’ve been generally disappointed by gay porn my entire life since some 90% of the time is spent filming two guys fucking. Often we don’t even have an establishing shot where we at least get a chance to see what the models look like naked — they just go from clothed to fucking.

My interest in both chastity stories and in guys who have had their dicks shrunk or who have been rendered into pussyboys is to get a sense of the extreme erotic feeling of helpless horniness. I like to express stories that allow readers to empathize with a lead character who is desperate but unable to cum — who is totally helpless in the arms of a Dom. In part, this is a literary way to extend the moment in sex where you are extremely stimulated before you actually orgasm.

MasterMarc: My slave is also totally into chastity. Of course I like it too. It makes him also more willing and I say often, that real submissive guys find their satisfaction in satisfying others. Why do you think that chastity was always popular and it becomes even more in such liberal times as we are living in?

Chirenon: When sex is ubiquitous as it has become in our current day, it is inevitably devalued. If you are jerking off multiple times a day, or if you are having frequent hookups, the individual experience becomes routine and therefore less special or exciting. Introducing a period of denial naturally rarefies the experience again. The idea that it’s out of your control makes it even more exciting. So I don’t think it’s surprising at all how quickly this particular fetish has taken off and become so popular.

MasterMarc: Sounds a little like a sexual Ramadan. 🙂 It seems that you love also femboys. What is the attraction of nice guys with a feminine touch?

Chirenon: I don’t believe that gender roles should be fixed. I’m personally antagonistic to traditional gender roles. Even in developed Western societies, the fact that certain clothes are forbidden to males functionally means that women aren’t considered full people. What do I mean by that? Our society says that it’s ok for women to wear men’s clothing because men are the “default.” However, it’s generally not ok for a guy to wear a skirt because it’s so transgressive for a male to “demean himself” and adopt traditional female attire. When that sexist expectation is obliterated, we’ll all be better off. Beyond the sociology and politics, I personally think men and women both look better with long hair. Long hair is attractive. In general, I’m personally attracted to guys who are slender, smooth, and have long hair.

MasterMarc: Hehe, I’m also into smooth guys but I prefer boys with short hair. But I think we can all be happy that tastes are different. But why does the dick size define the position of a boy? And why do you like to play with the stereotype of black men with huge dicks and their supremacy?

Chirenon: Dick size is a literary short hand. Size is not actually a determinant of whether someone is more likely to manifest as a Dom or sub; indeed, I find that most people are actually fairly fluid and will go through different phases of wanting to be a sub or Dom. In ancient Greece and Rome, dick size was viewed the opposite of the way we presently stereotype. The reason Greek statues (or Michaelangelo’s “David”) have such small dicks is that this was seen as a sign of control. A Dom was in full mental control of his body, so he would never have an erection, even nude and in public. The satyrs and other statues sporting huge dicks and erections were subhuman creatures given over to their lusts. I can say that in my own case, I happen to be well endowed and a Dom, so that plays to type.

Regarding race, my work is hopefully more nuanced than people might initially imagine. In addition to the standard racial power inversion stories of black Doms and white subs, I also tell stories where black twinks are locked in chastity. I don’t want to get too deep into politics, but the unexpected results in the 2016 US presidential election — where Trump’s voters were almost universally white — shows that white racial anxiety remains extremely problematic in North America.

The shorthand in my stories is generally to portray a society were traditional privilege is upended. Therefore, I tell stories where women are the dominant gender and males are expected to be submissive. Likewise, I tell stories where black males have the power advantage and white males are the disadvantaged group. The idea is always to get people to challenge their own biases and expectations.

MasterMarc: Yes your stories are various and this is one of reasons, why they are funny and interesting at the same time. I know this is a question I should never ask a “father” of so much “illustrated children”. Which is your favourite story and which your favourite character and why?

Chirenon: I’ve spent the most time on the long-form stories, with “The Resort” at the top of that list. It’s a bit amazing that it’s now spanned the whole length of the time I was on Tumblr and we still haven’t posted some of the original frames (the end of the story) that I first created way back in 2012. The nice thing is that we are finally closing in on those, so I anticipate the story before too long on sadOsam. I really like the “Logan Harrington” story turned out because I like the complete physical reversal and regression. I’ll probably add chapters there. I find the story where Anthony and William get a hold of a penis reductor and shrink each other’s cocks to microsize is both sexy and funny, as is the one where Ethan’s cock gets phalliminated (which he incorrectly assumes is temporary). An early favorite that I’d like to return to and remake is one called “Secrets of Boytopia” where a grad student encounters a tribe of lost boys who have inert micrococks and then realizes too late that he’s become one of them. I do like stories about pony boys and puppy boys and even stories where a boy has become an inanimate object because all of these continue the theme of experiencing helplessness. I also really like stories of gender role reversal, but I am aware that a significant slice of the gay male audience has no interest in exploring this theme (which is why I’ve had more stories lately involving race and ethnicity than gender).

MasterMarc: I can just say that we are all looking forward to read more of your photo stories and again, we are really happy to have you on board of sadOsam. We can just hope that you’re creativity will never end, as it brings us a lot of joyful time. Thank you, Chirenon.

Chirenon: Thank you very much, MasterMarc, and thank you and the sadOsam team for extending the hospitality of your great site to enable me to continue my work. It’s very appreciated.

 Click here to visit Chirenon’s archive on sadOsam


  1. So happy to have Chirenon back. His interests mirror my own so well. And of course I have discovered new kinks through his work. I hope he also continues his forced feminization stories.

    Thank you, Master Chirenon, for helping me find my entire submissive bottom self.

  2. Please excuse me sir, it is perhaps unworthy of me to ask this. But: When would be the new post of yours be online? I’m a big fan of your graphics and I crave for your update.

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