Part 2 of 12 (Here you can find the other published parts):

Having spent two weeks arranging their affairs for a three-year hiatus, Joel and Barb check into the hotel at the Resort’s recruitment center in Michigan to ready themselves for their upcoming trip to the island.  During their prep time, they’ve followed Mr. Lawrence’s instructions to refrain from any sexual activity, even masturbation, prior to their departure.

(Although the scenario is Mfm, the focus will be on the journey of the submissive males. Fetishes explored will include: male chastity, CMNM, humiliation, fashion, diapers, mind control, white slavery, black supremacy, medical fetish, cuckolding, and more.)

Part 3 of 12:

During their last night in the United States before their three-year stint working at the Resort, the Warners take care of the various instructions on their to-do list, which causes Joel a little embarrassment.


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